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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Shadowmoon-TW Honorable Kills
1Ivane MontuShadowmoon-TW1132262Not updated
2金剛德魯伊  Shadowmoon-TW790780Not updated
3泰倫克 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW478312Not updated
4魘辣魅 不落皇城Shadowmoon-TW471860Not updated
5秋楓憶夢 一搞笑乂菁英乂黑澀會一Shadowmoon-TW439906Not updated
6薩得爾 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW436850Not updated
7Gbb 顫慄Shadowmoon-TW421213Not updated
8大竽頭 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW393001Not updated
9龍騎麥卡倫 Emerald DreamShadowmoon-TW382359Not updated
10拉西亞 Elite of HordeShadowmoon-TW379570Not updated
11湛藍朧月 白色巨塔Shadowmoon-TW376836Not updated
12Reks 啟航Shadowmoon-TW367563Not updated
13乂夜小伊乂  Shadowmoon-TW364327Not updated
14阿古德 一痕一Shadowmoon-TW340058Not updated
15一話不多一 Warm nestShadowmoon-TW298014Not updated
16徐小龍 Ready to RaidShadowmoon-TW297199Not updated
17烈斯特 深邃幻想Shadowmoon-TW290011Not updated
18光頭老人 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW288091Not updated
19Wuhua 湛藍十字軍Shadowmoon-TW287898Not updated
20母牛嗶啵 美美家族Shadowmoon-TW287778Not updated
21沉默暴走  Shadowmoon-TW285126Not updated
22僑程 MontuShadowmoon-TW280580Not updated
23Amlsy 黑手之鄉Shadowmoon-TW273274Not updated
24Oneoone Smile of AngelShadowmoon-TW267816Not updated
25織心座  Shadowmoon-TW258028Not updated
26小小郎君 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW255130Not updated
27暗影姥牧 雪焰之月Shadowmoon-TW246014Not updated
28一口香腸 雪雪女王的邪惡會所Shadowmoon-TW241938Not updated
29Ldpol Empire of heroesShadowmoon-TW237962Not updated
30燎原火 Eternal DisillusionmentShadowmoon-TW231701Not updated
31丁大毛 MontuShadowmoon-TW230644Not updated
32闇夜之森  Shadowmoon-TW226297Not updated
33蒼月夜隱 Warm nestShadowmoon-TW224290Not updated
34阿奇瑪 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW220233Not updated
35巫毒志 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW214617Not updated
36梵雲翼 LunaShadowmoon-TW208064Not updated
37影霧獵者 FRIENDSShadowmoon-TW204750Not updated
38零元素  Shadowmoon-TW202458Not updated
39天堂特使 艾澤拉斯冒險旅團Shadowmoon-TW199520Not updated
40冰火凌霄 愛心事業機構Shadowmoon-TW196871Not updated
41馬格瑞姆 美美家族Shadowmoon-TW195821Not updated
42一萬紫千紅一 深邃幻想Shadowmoon-TW192612Not updated
43可愛的蛋 可愛的蛋的寵物Shadowmoon-TW190172Not updated
44大郎君 傳奇Shadowmoon-TW188778Not updated
45約瑟王子 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW185975Not updated
46冰紫琉璃 不落皇城Shadowmoon-TW185505Not updated
47嗯免驚 Divine CrusadersShadowmoon-TW185111Not updated
48無敵大帥哥 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW182411Not updated
49曾好笑 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW181586Not updated
50石逸軒 惡魔啊Shadowmoon-TW179623Not updated
51追逐的夢 夏目友人帳Shadowmoon-TW179532Not updated
52珮姿 元氣Shadowmoon-TW178182Not updated
53雷蛇 白色巨塔Shadowmoon-TW177826Not updated
54伯棟 JoJoShadowmoon-TW175317Not updated
55Ava 提里奧之誓Shadowmoon-TW175068Not updated
56大小坤 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW174105Not updated
57一小紅莓一  Shadowmoon-TW173030Not updated
58阿猛  Shadowmoon-TW172822Not updated
59臺灣老豬哥 暴風祭壇之台灣聯盟把台客搞大Shadowmoon-TW172001Not updated
60阿米 無盡的遠征Shadowmoon-TW171438Not updated
61並駕齊驅 向日葵Shadowmoon-TW171311Not updated
62火玄玄 繽紛之夏Shadowmoon-TW170221Not updated
63紀子 The Fire PhoenixShadowmoon-TW169936Not updated
64可樂加啤酒  Shadowmoon-TW168468Not updated
65Typhon Paradise Of NocturnerShadowmoon-TW167748Not updated
66白袍甘道夫 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW167699Not updated
67哩凍咒哇行喔  Shadowmoon-TW166936Not updated
68陽光海洋  Shadowmoon-TW165915Not updated
69林溪清音  Shadowmoon-TW164867Not updated
70聖殿黑帝斯 玥的小屋Shadowmoon-TW164302Not updated
71月靈星 深邃幻想Shadowmoon-TW163475Not updated
72阿飛  Shadowmoon-TW163307Not updated
73名字被吃了 Chevaliers de la Table RShadowmoon-TW162337Not updated
74都是棍子印 Hand of JusticeShadowmoon-TW162313Not updated
75比讚會變身 愛麗絲學園Shadowmoon-TW160974Not updated
76湘伶 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW160821Not updated
77四百五 AchieVementSShadowmoon-TW160658Not updated
78真夜月 真實之淚Shadowmoon-TW159814Not updated
79風鳥苑花月 聰明伶俐好公會Shadowmoon-TW159486Not updated
80千勝軍  Shadowmoon-TW155424Not updated
81派派 鳳凰之翼Shadowmoon-TW154720Not updated
82小妖妮 STARZShadowmoon-TW154451Not updated
83Jihkiller  Shadowmoon-TW153150Not updated
84力道山 講談說論Shadowmoon-TW152748Not updated
85一國崎往人一 夢想的起點Shadowmoon-TW151938Not updated
86非夢瑱 後壁厝Shadowmoon-TW151335Not updated
87長風小野狼 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW151278Not updated
88一枝花 提里奧之誓Shadowmoon-TW151023Not updated
89時間過得真快 王國騎士團Shadowmoon-TW151021Not updated
90Hoihoisan 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW150380Not updated
91吞噬生靈 不落皇城Shadowmoon-TW149843Not updated
92阿賓哥 Evil IncursionShadowmoon-TW148965Not updated
93Blackpearl Invisible HandShadowmoon-TW148858Not updated
94梵藍 講談說論Shadowmoon-TW147124Not updated
95亞倫王子 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW146737Not updated
96寶貝小靈 FAITHShadowmoon-TW142422Not updated
97超級小旋風 MontuShadowmoon-TW140730Not updated
98不倫之背德妻 奧米利斯草莓園Shadowmoon-TW140417Not updated
99阿上 EighteemShadowmoon-TW139639Not updated
100莎韻寶貝 魔幻琉璃Shadowmoon-TW138602Not updated

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