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Shadow Council-US Honorable Kills
1Elsinore  Shadow Council-US280665Not updated
2Moribus EnigmaShadow Council-US277793Not updated
3Janjapi Royal BloodShadow Council-US277050Not updated
4Nightshlia PredatorShadow Council-US276123Not updated
5Pady Knights TemplârShadow Council-US253675
6Bendowa Heavens BurdenShadow Council-US242781Not updated
7Twisd Light BrigadeShadow Council-US225311
8Gorrebag BentShadow Council-US224581Not updated
9Natheren Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US192885
10Putríd Gnome Thugs in HarmonyShadow Council-US176901
11Nightside Black OmenShadow Council-US171573Not updated
12Maiyn No Rest for the WickedShadow Council-US169920Not updated
13Bèthrèzèn ExodusShadow Council-US168544Not updated
14Statîc  Shadow Council-US167754Not updated
15Charlay Murlocs ate my HomeworkShadow Council-US167503Not updated
16Once Dark HeavenShadow Council-US167273Not updated
17Daenerys Light BrigadeShadow Council-US163605
18Witchthree  Shadow Council-US159542Not updated
19Laciuna Slash WinShadow Council-US159428Not updated
20Andres Light BrigadeShadow Council-US159273
21Viserys Black OmenShadow Council-US158350Not updated
22Atheos Black OmenShadow Council-US157749Not updated
23Galanoth ExodusShadow Council-US156237Not updated
24Himat Black OmenShadow Council-US154769Not updated
25Rytharin Sleeping ForestShadow Council-US154045Not updated
26Azzov Light BrigadeShadow Council-US152961
27Nuxx Light BrigadeShadow Council-US152936
28Tinytots Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US152278
29Sophista Rogues Take Zero SkillShadow Council-US151231Not updated
30Eytan  Shadow Council-US151161Not updated
31Merlinii Royal BloodShadow Council-US150184Not updated
32Yeowiecaesar The Black LaurelsShadow Council-US149018Not updated
33Nixhex CosmicShadow Council-US146374Not updated
34Kamhs BrïmstoneShadow Council-US144219Not updated
35Hotshotbabe  Shadow Council-US144016Not updated
36Arthantos Knight SoldiersShadow Council-US140379Not updated
37Telluwat The Southern CrossShadow Council-US139967
38Tabitheena MortalisShadow Council-US136707Not updated
39Guäll ÆonShadow Council-US136186Not updated
40Dawnshatter  Shadow Council-US134013Not updated
41Perkulator ExodusShadow Council-US133616
42Homet Black OmenShadow Council-US132751Not updated
43Rolibar  Shadow Council-US132305Not updated
44Minh MiseryShadow Council-US129561
45Dalgrub Scars of FateShadow Council-US128623
46Shimmerr Safe WordShadow Council-US128585
47Grimmlok Sleeping ForestShadow Council-US127662Not updated
48Matsumi The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US126145Not updated
49Kodax Black OmenShadow Council-US125474Not updated
50Seetherr  Shadow Council-US123961Not updated
51Suncrow  Shadow Council-US121210Not updated
52Holice Ancient RepublicShadow Council-US121108
53Dartook Chosen by DestinyShadow Council-US119802Not updated
54Gunshin  Shadow Council-US118916Not updated
55Gully Black OmenShadow Council-US118690Not updated
56Gelanor The Black LaurelsShadow Council-US118397Not updated
57Bizzil Mystyc HopeShadow Council-US116060Not updated
58Perexis  Shadow Council-US116030
59Kranok The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US115902Not updated
60Xynfull KaizenShadow Council-US115771
61Llauqs CosmicShadow Council-US115534Not updated
62Hepticheals  Shadow Council-US115229Not updated
63Mazok Black OmenShadow Council-US114719Not updated
64Katsumo The Deepwater PiratesShadow Council-US114625Not updated
65Kapoot  Shadow Council-US114478Not updated
66Nelinar EnigmaShadow Council-US113898Not updated
67Lightfoot Light BrigadeShadow Council-US113467Not updated
68Tamlin Order of the NightsabreShadow Council-US113380Not updated
69Jullian The NightsWatchShadow Council-US112552Not updated
70Prödigious Light BrigadeShadow Council-US112536Not updated
71Abraham Black OmenShadow Council-US112500Not updated
72Gobzil League of OceaniaShadow Council-US110963Not updated
73Dissco BentShadow Council-US110594Not updated
74Waric Light BrigadeShadow Council-US110104Not updated
75Azekiel  Shadow Council-US109313Not updated
76Yanulod Diesel BeaverShadow Council-US108943
77Ghorlok  Shadow Council-US108850Not updated
78Caridie Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US108532Not updated
79Angrenous Black OmenShadow Council-US108268Not updated
80Slivershadow  Shadow Council-US107865Not updated
81Gilgameish The Rune LordsShadow Council-US107125Not updated
82Klaerth MortalisShadow Council-US107000Not updated
83Yukonjamie  Shadow Council-US105754Not updated
84Yukonjimmy  Shadow Council-US104931Not updated
85Williame Team WhiskersShadow Council-US104509Not updated
86Zentessa Lords Of SalemShadow Council-US104264Not updated
87Darkfriend  Shadow Council-US104160Not updated
88Churchman PredatorShadow Council-US104113Not updated
89Asmarr  Shadow Council-US104019Not updated
90Girlzonly my back hurtsShadow Council-US104018Not updated
91Kudaj into the LimelightShadow Council-US103744Not updated
92Rhuidian Black OmenShadow Council-US103630Not updated
93Cynamon Twilight ChapterShadow Council-US103514
94Lextoro GenericShadow Council-US103319
95Valdamord League of RavenholdtShadow Council-US103188Not updated
96Dedli InfusionShadow Council-US102297Not updated
97Therook Clan GRIMMShadow Council-US100794Not updated
98Klausen  Shadow Council-US100573Not updated
99Whelp  Shadow Council-US100322Not updated
100Sareave MiseryShadow Council-US99127Not updated

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