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Sen'jin-US Honorable Kills
1Røxanne Big CritsSen'jin-US366570
2Whisphalia This is easySen'jin-US273972
3Gamar Banana BrothersSen'jin-US245812Not updated
4Lathalien This is easySen'jin-US209361
5Kryllic Royale GuardSen'jin-US204023Not updated
6Noirdesmort ZhentarimSen'jin-US195943
7Supermonkey Scum of the EarthSen'jin-US184120Not updated
8Elthar This is easySen'jin-US177711
9Thomaas Storm CallersSen'jin-US173435Not updated
10Devestation  Sen'jin-US173235
11Cofside Goon RepublicSen'jin-US172343Not updated
12Hemotept Big CritsSen'jin-US167356Not updated
13Shrilla  Sen'jin-US163027Not updated
14Seiana Blood Dagger ClanSen'jin-US159037
15Geomilinê  Sen'jin-US158663Not updated
16Killinklownz Banana BrothersSen'jin-US158120Not updated
17Belah  Sen'jin-US156487Not updated
18Dandogg Goon RepublicSen'jin-US155549
19Froste  Sen'jin-US155201
20Michealvi PhantomSen'jin-US152875
21Icemanrec This is easySen'jin-US152022
22Nedward  Sen'jin-US148291Not updated
23Blackflame After DarkSen'jin-US146158Not updated
24Mcgruck Cult of the Dead CowSen'jin-US142732
25Yurippe Legends Never DieSen'jin-US141996Not updated
26Hookem DARK REIGNSen'jin-US141857
27Xenocloud PremonitionSen'jin-US141557Not updated
28Cw ContinuumSen'jin-US141330Not updated
29Kaelintha Project HopeSen'jin-US137081Not updated
30Garghan This is easySen'jin-US134463Not updated
31Brandn Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US134408
32Auntlou Warning Adult ContentSen'jin-US133114
33Sôlrac LameSen'jin-US130564Not updated
34Starshards A Perfect CircleSen'jin-US130331
35Mesmerizeqt  Sen'jin-US128774Not updated
36Xpired  Sen'jin-US128210Not updated
37Lionas TKTSen'jin-US127419Not updated
38Sethsmagic  Sen'jin-US124876Not updated
39Aildrik ReformedSen'jin-US124511
40Imaginative Dark BurstSen'jin-US121244Not updated
41Tov Carebear CouncilSen'jin-US120367
42Scarfacesin Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US118731Not updated
43Fivestepdrop BHTSen'jin-US115756Not updated
44Slained  Sen'jin-US115585Not updated
45Shirina  Sen'jin-US113327Not updated
46Schabo Imminent FailureSen'jin-US112865
47Scrubbles PremonitionSen'jin-US111918Not updated
48Arthbrein Used To Be SkilledSen'jin-US111559Not updated
49Sideshowbob  Sen'jin-US110727Not updated
50Packndaheat The Enemy of my EnemySen'jin-US109039
51Relint Minus FifteenSen'jin-US108821
52Trivv  Sen'jin-US107383Not updated
53Addlevi  Sen'jin-US106958Not updated
54Lilmatt PenanceSen'jin-US106790Not updated
55Antharas  Sen'jin-US106438Not updated
56Tyrant  Sen'jin-US105944Not updated
57Chosenone  Sen'jin-US105549Not updated
58Aeriso  Sen'jin-US105477Not updated
59Rekoh  Sen'jin-US104891Not updated
60Siltharious  Sen'jin-US104086Not updated
61Cowligula  Sen'jin-US103994Not updated
62Kütee A p e xSen'jin-US103849Not updated
63Bloodymessy The AsylumSen'jin-US103540Not updated
64Scoobydew This is easySen'jin-US103427
65Edsrightarm CrypticSen'jin-US102954Not updated
66Semick WhiskySen'jin-US102588Not updated
67Aloisìus ZombieSen'jin-US102583
68Oldjenks Royale GuardSen'jin-US102520Not updated
69Baptsmbyfire Trial and ErrorSen'jin-US102389Not updated
70Eruptz  Sen'jin-US102225Not updated
71Regansmash Tuesday Nite NerdsSen'jin-US102209Not updated
72Jemhadar Minus FifteenSen'jin-US101026
73Graikos HypnosisSen'jin-US100231
74Msara TKTSen'jin-US99011Not updated
75Kurses This is easySen'jin-US98558
76Myslicer DHaran EmpireSen'jin-US98475
77Canon This is easySen'jin-US98338
78Kaylaena PremonitionSen'jin-US97718Not updated
79Djwill  Sen'jin-US97604Not updated
80Burningdirt  Sen'jin-US97486Not updated
81Creabus  Sen'jin-US97369
82Trespando SummuSSen'jin-US97208
83Thaiphoon Divinus VeneratioSen'jin-US97084Not updated
84Dotpocket PrimeSen'jin-US96169Not updated
85Klipto Storm CallersSen'jin-US94991Not updated
86Giovannini  Sen'jin-US94972Not updated
87Wrâge  Sen'jin-US93406Not updated
88Booley BHTSen'jin-US93193Not updated
89Izzu Pick em UpSen'jin-US93139Not updated
90Ahsab  Sen'jin-US93071Not updated
91Bandido  Sen'jin-US93008Not updated
92Furystrikez Big CritsSen'jin-US92902Not updated
93Thalin Storm CallersSen'jin-US92813Not updated
94Pinksprinkle Big CritsSen'jin-US92604Not updated
95Karunè Minus FifteenSen'jin-US91778
96Iceshadow  Sen'jin-US90974Not updated
97Meuk FangSen'jin-US90276Not updated
98Zerafa WAR PIGZSen'jin-US90101Not updated
99Shimitsu Dangerous MindsSen'jin-US90098Not updated
100Em Big CritsSen'jin-US90008

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