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Scilla-US Honorable Kills
1Ifrita The French ConnectionScilla-US389821
2Selendis  Scilla-US271010Not updated
3Elindearthfa  Scilla-US222835Not updated
4Garix  Scilla-US174413Not updated
5Bonescrolls HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US152652Not updated
6Woodchip ExoScilla-US149907Not updated
7Bakedwell DPSScilla-US148455Not updated
8Riddleman  Scilla-US145987Not updated
9Kurby  Scilla-US144747Not updated
10Cepeboy HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US144632
11Tupapi The French ConnectionScilla-US144193
12Boao Red ArmyScilla-US141271
13Dopia  Scilla-US133867Not updated
14Stephnrock  Scilla-US128371
15Drezzer Blood BrothersScilla-US126292
16Vanq Mutinous ActsScilla-US123873Not updated
17Dirtycrown Last DragonsScilla-US123274Not updated
18Lazthope  Scilla-US119856Not updated
19Speghettios The Scrub ConnectionScilla-US114138Not updated
20Werewhale Critical MassScilla-US111537
21Sekhem Rainbow RevengeScilla-US110479Not updated
22Bubbleoncd RememberanceScilla-US110107
23Toobad HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US109666
24Abiah Critical MassScilla-US107055
25Nyah BrethrenScilla-US106928Not updated
26Hyrule MetallicAScilla-US104292Not updated
27Uurghal WraithScilla-US103123Not updated
28Idaboss HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US101835Not updated
29Mctaggard The Spanish InquisitionScilla-US101618Not updated
30Vicilolz Gifts Of DarknessScilla-US101053Not updated
31Kochese DPSScilla-US100608Not updated
32Crimmy Party PeopleScilla-US100000Not updated
33Kyly Party PeopleScilla-US98112Not updated
34Deadsteel  Scilla-US97454Not updated
35Meristia ShinigamiScilla-US97200Not updated
36Aratsym  Scilla-US96229Not updated
37Mordollwen Aint Neva ScaredScilla-US95651Not updated
38Seetha  Scilla-US95155Not updated
39Anitasmoke The French ConnectionScilla-US94137
40Sanguien TykusScilla-US90169Not updated
41Grethor Forbidden DisciplesScilla-US90099Not updated
42Veldi HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US89509Not updated
43Mooshakalaka The Ancient MarinersScilla-US87987Not updated
44Mcsaer VirtueScilla-US87822
45Ilordshadow  Scilla-US87187
46Serapheim AuspicionScilla-US85897Not updated
47Chatus  Scilla-US85238Not updated
48Velhart WraithScilla-US84538Not updated
49Taelshin  Scilla-US83679Not updated
50Toto Power Word FriendshipScilla-US83524Not updated
51Kokken Red ArmyScilla-US82650Not updated
52Leshi Red ArmyScilla-US82440Not updated
53Icyqt Red ArmyScilla-US81792Not updated
54Konvict  Scilla-US80496Not updated
55Goodz  Scilla-US80334Not updated
56Anipious Upward MobilityScilla-US80162
57Spidermine IncursioScilla-US79253Not updated
58Bullcraps Angels of DebaucheryScilla-US79113Not updated
59Flyingfox  Scilla-US78436Not updated
60Sparkyvella  Scilla-US78015Not updated
61Pepto  Scilla-US77362Not updated
62Weselen WraithScilla-US77202Not updated
63Matarese CasualScilla-US77039Not updated
64Spiral We Wipe On TrashScilla-US77010Not updated
65Dea  Scilla-US76775Not updated
66Zia AnihcEvolScilla-US76483Not updated
67Morgandy SundownersScilla-US76395Not updated
68Vàlkyrie Red ArmyScilla-US76340Not updated
69Moneysink CasualScilla-US76324Not updated
70Atomheart  Scilla-US76116Not updated
71Dazhelol  Scilla-US75967Not updated
72Jagaen Obsidian WarlordsScilla-US75893Not updated
73Coupon Plan RuseScilla-US75713Not updated
74Warcrown Five Deadly VenomsScilla-US75118Not updated
75Trueknight HORDE DECIMATORSScilla-US75020
76Brobot Nightmares AsylumScilla-US74862Not updated
77Hamasa Critical MassScilla-US74742Not updated
78Yueblazer AnihcEvolScilla-US74643
79Acathla DPSScilla-US74598Not updated
80Kuzzin Uki MunchasScilla-US74482Not updated
81Secreti Red ArmyScilla-US74412Not updated
82Krimhilde MetallicAScilla-US73718Not updated
83Leonharter  Scilla-US73663Not updated
84Ninevolt  Scilla-US73271Not updated
85Fluphy  Scilla-US73135Not updated
86Demend Angels of DebaucheryScilla-US72914Not updated
87Woolite Dirty LaundryScilla-US72436
88Flik Disciples of RedemptionScilla-US72370Not updated
89Runelord  Scilla-US72174Not updated
90Dartheomus BrethrenScilla-US71520Not updated
91Terrorbleed  Scilla-US71378Not updated
92Ballerstatus RememberanceScilla-US71216Not updated
93Yayyo outlawsScilla-US71002
94Syku BrethrenScilla-US70951Not updated
95Zyrax DPSScilla-US70611Not updated
96Sacus MetallicAScilla-US69891Not updated
97Bbkillx CCTVScilla-US69838Not updated
98Jinnvixx Five Deadly VenomsScilla-US69816Not updated
99Stifle Afro NinjazScilla-US69754Not updated
100Alderdice PandoraScilla-US69554

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