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Scarshield Legion-EU Honorable Kills
1Angroph Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU315985
2Robinsonone Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU272671
3Nuthriel FerusScarshield Legion-EU241756
4Giino DismantleScarshield Legion-EU238372Not updated
5Fèymon ApocalypsisScarshield Legion-EU186750Not updated
6Eradis ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU180242Not updated
7Fotonio  Scarshield Legion-EU175423Not updated
8Immense TenmenitScarshield Legion-EU168045Not updated
9Walkincorpse Completely R O N I NScarshield Legion-EU152965Not updated
10Bwangoo CircusScarshield Legion-EU148655Not updated
11Trichome  Scarshield Legion-EU146188Not updated
12Mirindia DomineScarshield Legion-EU143482Not updated
13Auxilius  Scarshield Legion-EU138541Not updated
14Taupod Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU137561Not updated
15Totori Stormwind Massage ClubScarshield Legion-EU137557Not updated
16Sorrowdealer Completely R O N I NScarshield Legion-EU137310Not updated
17Dravus  Scarshield Legion-EU135327Not updated
18Sáurfang SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU132320Not updated
19Hughy Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU128357
20Gurlgamer  Scarshield Legion-EU127879Not updated
21Scharlotte NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU121997Not updated
22Rabican Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU121927Not updated
23Stripé  Scarshield Legion-EU121306
24Sinnest FerusScarshield Legion-EU115777
25Ximokoh DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU113813Not updated
26Stîgma ApocalypsisScarshield Legion-EU112276Not updated
27Ehriman  Scarshield Legion-EU112132Not updated
28Darwinia AftermathScarshield Legion-EU104564Not updated
29Unis Dragon RaidersScarshield Legion-EU103772Not updated
30Cantmander  Scarshield Legion-EU103591Not updated
31Leonid ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU102484Not updated
32Zvoruna Evil DeedsScarshield Legion-EU102137Not updated
33Fnìss KnäckbrödScarshield Legion-EU99611Not updated
34Manak  Scarshield Legion-EU97208Not updated
35Darco LostScarshield Legion-EU96494Not updated
36Sali  Scarshield Legion-EU93013Not updated
37Dahunt Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU92457
38Loffelaffe Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU91856
39Heeke NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU91620
40Rixxe  Scarshield Legion-EU91348Not updated
41Tjamon DeathguardScarshield Legion-EU89793Not updated
42Greengruff  Scarshield Legion-EU87538Not updated
43Nongi AbyssalScarshield Legion-EU86466
44Alekto UnnaturalScarshield Legion-EU85310Not updated
45Tuls  Scarshield Legion-EU85160Not updated
46Bladelord SarmatiaScarshield Legion-EU84863Not updated
47Janston Destiny UnknownScarshield Legion-EU84541Not updated
48Basco ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU84347
49Skippy ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU83932
50Agu Cookie MonstersScarshield Legion-EU83750Not updated
51Bedezee Battle ToadsScarshield Legion-EU83566
52Angelica UnnaturalScarshield Legion-EU83240Not updated
53Feymon Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EU82655Not updated
54Zosa Unfinished SympathyScarshield Legion-EU82539Not updated
55Khold FerusScarshield Legion-EU82380Not updated
56Exem  Scarshield Legion-EU80994Not updated
57Amaril  Scarshield Legion-EU80346Not updated
58Steroidz Descendants of MadnessScarshield Legion-EU79616Not updated
59Tenten Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU79184
60Wickey Unfinished SympathyScarshield Legion-EU78863Not updated
61Renovatio CircusScarshield Legion-EU78735Not updated
62Anthro DisillusionScarshield Legion-EU78020
63Predatorkind NietykalniScarshield Legion-EU78007Not updated
64Holyspawn ImmortalityScarshield Legion-EU77657Not updated
65Snowhoe  Scarshield Legion-EU75808Not updated
66Voilevag Role ModelsScarshield Legion-EU75725Not updated
67Niuniu  Scarshield Legion-EU75033Not updated
68Garviel AftermathScarshield Legion-EU75025Not updated
69Ellorenzo Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EU74558Not updated
70Crazycat Leap of FaithScarshield Legion-EU73788Not updated
71Narkissos TenmenitScarshield Legion-EU73567Not updated
72Sardoll SAPOSScarshield Legion-EU73372Not updated
73Edmunt  Scarshield Legion-EU73291
74Erak Lumé QuentaScarshield Legion-EU72539Not updated
75Decipel  Scarshield Legion-EU72095
76Robinsonfive Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU71245Not updated
77Spyros AltsScarshield Legion-EU70725Not updated
78Pabby  Scarshield Legion-EU70571Not updated
79Phaselis Legio GlacialisScarshield Legion-EU70350Not updated
80Tallrasha  Scarshield Legion-EU69756Not updated
81Emelia Unfinished SympathyScarshield Legion-EU69542Not updated
82Kuona HomelandScarshield Legion-EU68845Not updated
83Naix AftermathScarshield Legion-EU68613Not updated
84Kardis  Scarshield Legion-EU68062Not updated
85Faustuss  Scarshield Legion-EU67986Not updated
86Artamosgan  Scarshield Legion-EU67925Not updated
87Simbaone Doomhammers LegacyScarshield Legion-EU67461
88Kumpi AftermathScarshield Legion-EU67113Not updated
89Kyine HusariaScarshield Legion-EU66544Not updated
90Hierofant  Scarshield Legion-EU66044Not updated
91Gyrm FerusScarshield Legion-EU65617
92Mejllong  Scarshield Legion-EU65581Not updated
93Ml Jumalan RuoskaScarshield Legion-EU65295
94Myneces The BossesScarshield Legion-EU65088
95Argonian  Scarshield Legion-EU65046Not updated
96Mormelor TenmenitScarshield Legion-EU64936Not updated
97Spoke and her altsScarshield Legion-EU64907
98Eleonor  Scarshield Legion-EU63334Not updated
99Zarad Linked Souls of KalimdorScarshield Legion-EU63026
100Loms Legends of the DawnScarshield Legion-EU62810Not updated

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