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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Saurfang-US Honorable Kills
1Noterb PhalanxSaurfang-US327370Not updated
2Sopheus Knights of ChatalotSaurfang-US280204Not updated
3Rheese AjantisSaurfang-US194838Not updated
4Swizzay Dark PhoenixSaurfang-US185390Not updated
5Nextgen is with StupidSaurfang-US180093Not updated
6Cojeek Cuddle SquadSaurfang-US165130Not updated
7Darkestdman DeathWatchersSaurfang-US158114Not updated
8Barbador Old and MouldySaurfang-US152655Not updated
9Ucornbeef  Saurfang-US152334Not updated
10Luxy FrostwolvesSaurfang-US150051Not updated
11Gaurge u dirty hordeSaurfang-US149539Not updated
12Humnosuke Disciples Of DestructionSaurfang-US144037Not updated
13Quagmire Hordey Little DevilsSaurfang-US143391Not updated
14Nastre AjantisSaurfang-US142854Not updated
15Leonphoenix  Saurfang-US141844Not updated
16Azadelta FrostwolvesSaurfang-US141826Not updated
17Madamas Noble EmpireSaurfang-US140957Not updated
18Naughit AjantisSaurfang-US140865Not updated
19Zamqt Big Natural CritsSaurfang-US137979Not updated
20Absidien AjantisSaurfang-US135549Not updated
21Charliec BatibotSaurfang-US134998Not updated
22Lolla CrypticSaurfang-US133712Not updated
23Manlybear OminousSaurfang-US132906Not updated
24Shabahdu FrostwolvesSaurfang-US130435Not updated
25Yogï  Saurfang-US130383Not updated
26Ludacritz  Saurfang-US130328Not updated
27Kaix AjantisSaurfang-US129613Not updated
28Lockyßalboa  Saurfang-US125852Not updated
29Yizm Legends of WarsongSaurfang-US125646Not updated
30Jabez The Dark SideSaurfang-US123674Not updated
31Alogagain CollusionSaurfang-US123047Not updated
32Ursa Robots in DisguiseSaurfang-US122710Not updated
33Baloo AjantisSaurfang-US121744Not updated
34Nowareten CrypticSaurfang-US118351Not updated
35Qtp Made In AustraliaSaurfang-US117429Not updated
36Huggerz AjantisSaurfang-US116873Not updated
37Wutwutndabut AlestormSaurfang-US116292Not updated
38Khatalyst SHAOLIN MONKSSaurfang-US116160Not updated
39Mamarieder Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US115423Not updated
40Ultrapwnd FrostwolvesSaurfang-US115361Not updated
41Praetextatus  Saurfang-US113060Not updated
42Blitzcrieg VeñdettãSaurfang-US112679Not updated
43Kiljare EnigmaSaurfang-US112341Not updated
44Slickz Game of ThronesSaurfang-US111406Not updated
45Drukqs SiegeSaurfang-US110681Not updated
46Nymphia Fallen from GraceSaurfang-US108631Not updated
47Dëmêñtòr Cant Touch ThisSaurfang-US108397Not updated
48Grimshocker Eternal WolvesSaurfang-US107024Not updated
49Silkpls AjantisSaurfang-US106838Not updated
50Kathaule  Saurfang-US106671Not updated
51Jaspréy CollusionSaurfang-US106367Not updated
52Gore AjantisSaurfang-US106174Not updated
53Devilorc  Saurfang-US106121Not updated
54Amnêsiä EnigmaSaurfang-US105849Not updated
55Gluestick shadow dragon warriorsSaurfang-US105404Not updated
56Htwoo  Saurfang-US104138Not updated
57Fawmaw Lunar SolarisSaurfang-US103118Not updated
58Escapist Untold LegendsSaurfang-US102494Not updated
59Kelthana Gnome Chopping NetworkSaurfang-US101242Not updated
60Lonewolfnz PhalanxSaurfang-US100075Not updated
61Sunnynight Bound In GraphicsSaurfang-US99072Not updated
62Killmaim Tap That BossSaurfang-US97896Not updated
63Sikkzlol  Saurfang-US97680Not updated
64Sayanything  Saurfang-US96878Not updated
65Sicklz Elegant DestructionSaurfang-US96147Not updated
66Xyviz  Saurfang-US96033Not updated
67Snogrot Thralls SerenitySaurfang-US95328Not updated
68Meridious AntiquusSaurfang-US94832Not updated
69Dithipline  Saurfang-US94736Not updated
70Lorlin Dark CompanySaurfang-US94613Not updated
71Adaros VisionsSaurfang-US93930Not updated
72Toncruz EnigmaSaurfang-US93441Not updated
73Hilott BatibotSaurfang-US92977Not updated
74Zephinism Vanilla FlavouredSaurfang-US92902Not updated
75Ubredruid AntiquusSaurfang-US92312Not updated
76Xeî Éndless FurySaurfang-US91919Not updated
77Rïchardrahl SHADOW PARADOXSaurfang-US90948Not updated
78Dokuh Laetus DomusSaurfang-US90602Not updated
79Marsz AjantisSaurfang-US90506Not updated
80Embison RomeSaurfang-US90445Not updated
81Sevrus FrostwolvesSaurfang-US89863Not updated
82Staz Hordey Little DevilsSaurfang-US89827Not updated
83Notera Clockwork DysfunctionSaurfang-US89288Not updated
84Alucart CivilianSaurfang-US88499Not updated
85Dodgeytech The Hordes RevengeSaurfang-US88050Not updated
86Amewz FateSaurfang-US85949Not updated
87Docwho HolyNovaSaurfang-US85703Not updated
88Glaeder AjantisSaurfang-US85602Not updated
89Budlitening Dawn Of DemiseSaurfang-US84398Not updated
90Foglam BLADESaurfang-US84299Not updated
91Wråth  Saurfang-US84277Not updated
92Frontbum  Saurfang-US84173Not updated
93Gorgen  Saurfang-US84070Not updated
94Tamama  Saurfang-US83494Not updated
95Bigbadrapper  Saurfang-US83417Not updated
96Holyessence Obsidian KnightsSaurfang-US82810Not updated
97Rootmeh  Saurfang-US82799Not updated
98Kyyra Local DefenceSaurfang-US82739Not updated
99Bloodthìrsty RE RetributionSaurfang-US82420Not updated
100Cruel Under the InfluenceSaurfang-US82391Not updated

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