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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-US Honorable Kills
1Snugglles Divine VigilanceSargeras-US173603Not updated
2Fenris Divine VigilanceSargeras-US158454Not updated
3Ravad Divine VigilanceSargeras-US128288Not updated
4Hidró Divine VigilanceSargeras-US127463Not updated
5Mawrr Divine VigilanceSargeras-US111044Not updated
6Teulu Divine VigilanceSargeras-US92587Not updated
7Shakazoola Divine VigilanceSargeras-US89032Not updated
8Olgun Divine VigilanceSargeras-US79145Not updated
9Judacis Divine VigilanceSargeras-US77252Not updated
10Steezen Divine VigilanceSargeras-US70612Not updated
11Turg Divine VigilanceSargeras-US70074Not updated
12Grance Divine VigilanceSargeras-US69679Not updated
13Gilthridge Divine VigilanceSargeras-US68588Not updated
14Shanaynay Divine VigilanceSargeras-US64670Not updated
15Sakabatou Divine VigilanceSargeras-US63509Not updated
16Krixxy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US60645Not updated
17Loct Divine VigilanceSargeras-US58981Not updated
18Razorfiend Divine VigilanceSargeras-US57824Not updated
19Alliene Divine VigilanceSargeras-US56461Not updated
20Yoshinator Divine VigilanceSargeras-US56134Not updated
21Rostapopalus Divine VigilanceSargeras-US54103Not updated
22Wolfyo Divine VigilanceSargeras-US54015Not updated
23Hommieg Divine VigilanceSargeras-US52578Not updated
24Caustîk Divine VigilanceSargeras-US48675Not updated
25Kalawaka Divine VigilanceSargeras-US48146Not updated
26Danilo Divine VigilanceSargeras-US45320Not updated
27Auxia Divine VigilanceSargeras-US43964Not updated
28Raziael Divine VigilanceSargeras-US42115Not updated
29Tapia Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40934Not updated
30Lilcandi Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40655Not updated
31Osovega Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40287Not updated
32Killerdudë Divine VigilanceSargeras-US40143Not updated
33Shennin Divine VigilanceSargeras-US36287Not updated
34Brooskie Divine VigilanceSargeras-US34993Not updated
35Shadowhax Divine VigilanceSargeras-US32115Not updated
36Hyeapero Divine VigilanceSargeras-US31902Not updated
37Magedps Divine VigilanceSargeras-US31327Not updated
38Production Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30619Not updated
39Enid Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30349Not updated
40Hyetei Divine VigilanceSargeras-US30000Not updated
41Dirtyone Divine VigilanceSargeras-US29926Not updated
42Tovia Divine VigilanceSargeras-US29899Not updated
43Soberdee Divine VigilanceSargeras-US28795Not updated
44Kaeo Divine VigilanceSargeras-US27610Not updated
45Caustík Divine VigilanceSargeras-US27567Not updated
46Vårgulf Divine VigilanceSargeras-US27451Not updated
47Reemeen Divine VigilanceSargeras-US27121Not updated
48Kaedayar Divine VigilanceSargeras-US26292Not updated
49Media Divine VigilanceSargeras-US26183Not updated
50Trueshotaa Divine VigilanceSargeras-US25323Not updated
51Shattertron Divine VigilanceSargeras-US24692Not updated
52Cynosure Divine VigilanceSargeras-US24640Not updated
53Bloodsowrd Divine VigilanceSargeras-US24184Not updated
54Jesterrace Divine VigilanceSargeras-US23673Not updated
55Wetkittyy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US23260Not updated
56Adila Divine VigilanceSargeras-US22972Not updated
57Drakehorn Divine VigilanceSargeras-US21024Not updated
58Doschups Divine VigilanceSargeras-US20493Not updated
59Bigbobwu Divine VigilanceSargeras-US20366Not updated
60Vecna Divine VigilanceSargeras-US18830Not updated
61Abby Divine VigilanceSargeras-US18618Not updated
62Joox Divine VigilanceSargeras-US17460Not updated
63Amrius Divine VigilanceSargeras-US17121Not updated
64Crsp Divine VigilanceSargeras-US16448Not updated
65Shøøtermcg Divine VigilanceSargeras-US15983Not updated
66Boarish Divine VigilanceSargeras-US15686Not updated
67Nithix Divine VigilanceSargeras-US15541Not updated
68Hidra Divine VigilanceSargeras-US15167Not updated
69Ratius Divine VigilanceSargeras-US14558Not updated
70Tryst Divine VigilanceSargeras-US13990Not updated
71Qoou Divine VigilanceSargeras-US13788Not updated
72Frameshift Divine VigilanceSargeras-US13532Not updated
73Mpthree Divine VigilanceSargeras-US13447Not updated
74Response Divine VigilanceSargeras-US12973Not updated
75Kraknos Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11913Not updated
76Sophie Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11255Not updated
77Tastyburrito Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11204Not updated
78Reiniel Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11195Not updated
79Caustik Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11159Not updated
80Poisonivvy Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11075Not updated
81Nattyslammer Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11041Not updated
82Kaedirnhan Divine VigilanceSargeras-US11029Not updated
83Hótpócket Divine VigilanceSargeras-US10639Not updated
84Bearcatowl Divine VigilanceSargeras-US10392Not updated
85Skiddoosh Divine VigilanceSargeras-US10002Not updated
86Svdsouls Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9865Not updated
87Kàylè Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9718Not updated
88Tizoad Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9601Not updated
89Roopert Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9533Not updated
90Gemshot Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9521Not updated
91Couch Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9465Not updated
92Jenrip Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9316Not updated
93Anglaca Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9207Not updated
94Mchottie Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9134Not updated
95Valreak Divine VigilanceSargeras-US9003Not updated
96Ezekiel Divine VigilanceSargeras-US8899Not updated
97Frylockii Divine VigilanceSargeras-US8731Not updated
98Steezette Divine VigilanceSargeras-US8561Not updated
99Benevolence Divine VigilanceSargeras-US8488Not updated
100Cybellena Divine VigilanceSargeras-US8351Not updated

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