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Sargeras-EU Honorable Kills
1Warax u s e l e s sSargeras-EU254999Not updated
2Harouzz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU163360Not updated
3Qadenz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU129394Not updated
4Marrio u s e l e s sSargeras-EU105176Not updated
5Jayrro u s e l e s sSargeras-EU91834Not updated
6Isnareyoubro u s e l e s sSargeras-EU70996Not updated
7Crosiis u s e l e s sSargeras-EU60976Not updated
8Jango u s e l e s sSargeras-EU60700Not updated
9Brokensword u s e l e s sSargeras-EU56048Not updated
10Damydam u s e l e s sSargeras-EU55802Not updated
11Oppression u s e l e s sSargeras-EU51590Not updated
12Mitfyx u s e l e s sSargeras-EU50997Not updated
13Mitynda u s e l e s sSargeras-EU46380Not updated
14Magnius u s e l e s sSargeras-EU45499Not updated
15Varagh u s e l e s sSargeras-EU43348Not updated
16Hapowny u s e l e s sSargeras-EU43172Not updated
17Tsirkos u s e l e s sSargeras-EU40995Not updated
18Lisboa u s e l e s sSargeras-EU39477Not updated
19Zazarus u s e l e s sSargeras-EU37246Not updated
20Cerveaulent u s e l e s sSargeras-EU35901Not updated
21Shimeï u s e l e s sSargeras-EU33022Not updated
22Eaglehornz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU31940Not updated
23Ëlli u s e l e s sSargeras-EU31579Not updated
24Ðen u s e l e s sSargeras-EU30801Not updated
25Battlepappy u s e l e s sSargeras-EU28845Not updated
26Beeftech u s e l e s sSargeras-EU28351Not updated
27Cobayn u s e l e s sSargeras-EU28162Not updated
28Azåtoth u s e l e s sSargeras-EU26632Not updated
29Hellkite u s e l e s sSargeras-EU25590Not updated
30Benafflock u s e l e s sSargeras-EU23842Not updated
31Mags u s e l e s sSargeras-EU23294Not updated
32Feverback u s e l e s sSargeras-EU22032Not updated
33Mayde u s e l e s sSargeras-EU21611Not updated
34Ptitkiwi u s e l e s sSargeras-EU21244Not updated
35Tmiss u s e l e s sSargeras-EU21048Not updated
36Benitoren u s e l e s sSargeras-EU19774Not updated
37Rofjine u s e l e s sSargeras-EU19220Not updated
38Brënðå u s e l e s sSargeras-EU18229Not updated
39Sinez u s e l e s sSargeras-EU17874Not updated
40Mittyx u s e l e s sSargeras-EU17693Not updated
41Logorrhée u s e l e s sSargeras-EU17554Not updated
42Alvynàs u s e l e s sSargeras-EU17116Not updated
43Elliz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU16443Not updated
44Eaglehörn u s e l e s sSargeras-EU16174Not updated
45Môon u s e l e s sSargeras-EU15635Not updated
46Tayah u s e l e s sSargeras-EU15598Not updated
47Jaydudz u s e l e s sSargeras-EU14185Not updated
48Frostyx u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13830Not updated
49Norga u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13515Not updated
50Iamadkbro u s e l e s sSargeras-EU13289Not updated
51Lesny u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12983Not updated
52Luxendroude u s e l e s sSargeras-EU12731Not updated
53Saekø u s e l e s sSargeras-EU11600Not updated
54Nîkky u s e l e s sSargeras-EU11237Not updated
55Eurèka u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10925Not updated
56Tryitathome u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10695Not updated
57Hawouny u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10213Not updated
58Zori u s e l e s sSargeras-EU10052Not updated
59Hascha u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9730Not updated
60Hellfist u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9577Not updated
61Litteul u s e l e s sSargeras-EU9109Not updated
62Bloodï u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8976Not updated
63Lilharou u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8127Not updated
64Benitorc u s e l e s sSargeras-EU8115Not updated
65Hellgeek u s e l e s sSargeras-EU7331Not updated
66Skädî u s e l e s sSargeras-EU7145Not updated
67Modjowdude u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6938Not updated
68Hellbitoss u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6888Not updated
69Damydamm u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6665Not updated
70Ertai u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6368Not updated
71Elbrinjer u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6196Not updated
72Tautoro u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6139Not updated
73Maddalena u s e l e s sSargeras-EU6041Not updated
74Kamul u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5662Not updated
75Hellbite u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5616Not updated
76Cascais u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5501Not updated
77Littlefînger u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5469Not updated
78Kimboo u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5305Not updated
79Gertrùde u s e l e s sSargeras-EU5068Not updated
80Tøuti u s e l e s sSargeras-EU4694Not updated
81Ifuseekamy u s e l e s sSargeras-EU4522Not updated
82Saekox u s e l e s sSargeras-EU4384Not updated
83Punishrtw u s e l e s sSargeras-EU4181Not updated
84Zimbabwè u s e l e s sSargeras-EU4091Not updated
85Knyze u s e l e s sSargeras-EU4015Not updated
86Aeles u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3862Not updated
87Fumind u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3674Not updated
88Soctrà u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3669Not updated
89Shinahoof u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3652Not updated
90Khren u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3605Not updated
91Cathbäd u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3325Not updated
92Harounator u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3277Not updated
93Paokeez u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3272Not updated
94Tsep u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3245Not updated
95Tayrra u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3216Not updated
96Battlemama u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3087Not updated
97Mitmac u s e l e s sSargeras-EU3011Not updated
98Tiok u s e l e s sSargeras-EU2887Not updated
99Starpiork u s e l e s sSargeras-EU2762Not updated
100Huggï u s e l e s sSargeras-EU2744Not updated

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