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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Sargeras-US Honorable Kills
1Ashley  Sargeras-US1025334Not updated
2Zïk Defiant GamingSargeras-US575382Not updated
3Theplebian No FateSargeras-US478821Not updated
4Mistysilver Divine ComedySargeras-US370603Not updated
5Serina Soul AsylumSargeras-US369298Not updated
6Galoott FateSargeras-US360535Not updated
7Dellavee Dedicated PvP PlayersSargeras-US347760Not updated
8Ziamccabe The Dandy WarholsSargeras-US342351Not updated
9Lethargíc  Sargeras-US317167Not updated
10Macmann Dedicated PvP PlayersSargeras-US312832Not updated
11Ebhonin Yolo to GladSargeras-US310620Not updated
12Pugskin Is Pretty Much AwesomeSargeras-US304739Not updated
13Asylum  Sargeras-US299769Not updated
14Rawrzy DISMOUNT N DOMINATESargeras-US298413Not updated
15Delsombras Celestial VanguardSargeras-US286226Not updated
16Zephirine Battle KittensSargeras-US285317Not updated
17Jobie MaliceSargeras-US282994Not updated
18Huntù  Sargeras-US282541Not updated
19Woltdisney  Sargeras-US279071Not updated
20Dotpox BattlemasterSargeras-US274009Not updated
21Asck ResurrectedSargeras-US271870Not updated
22Kauterizer The Darker SideSargeras-US266669Not updated
23Poca Business ClassSargeras-US265149Not updated
24Fante I Team Awesomesauce ISargeras-US264236Not updated
25Checkursyx Get CarriedSargeras-US264032Not updated
26Holyterror ContinuitySargeras-US261701Not updated
27Lauralai GrudgebringersSargeras-US259144Not updated
28Dysheki stalk and killSargeras-US256647Not updated
29Ämok  Sargeras-US255712Not updated
30Digerati Seriously CasualSargeras-US255610Not updated
31Whiteshadw Seriously CasualSargeras-US255159Not updated
32Brayh Power RangersSargeras-US254639Not updated
33Postmayhem Fratres ExterminiiSargeras-US252918Not updated
34Wiltter Power RangersSargeras-US251346Not updated
35Sylentkníght  Sargeras-US244697Not updated
36Zeuttu SECOND TO NO ONESargeras-US243552Not updated
37Jagwar Vs The UniverseSargeras-US241144Not updated
38Montaigne Misleading ShenanigansSargeras-US237595Not updated
39Killalift KarmaSargeras-US235399Not updated
40Ivanetta Carry to VictorySargeras-US235066Not updated
41Kaydrith Crimson BladesSargeras-US234770Not updated
42Jukester Seriously CasualSargeras-US232901Not updated
43Shootadoc  Sargeras-US231353Not updated
44Lukechiio Yolo to GladSargeras-US229307Not updated
45Baldur FateSargeras-US225760Not updated
46Klgoretrout Is Pretty Much AwesomeSargeras-US223375Not updated
47Mannyo Vendetta PvPSargeras-US221808Not updated
48Huver Dog SoldiersSargeras-US220787Not updated
49Årmoredsaint  Sargeras-US220369Not updated
50Foux Id Cap ThatSargeras-US219393Not updated
51Bustygirlx Defiant GamingSargeras-US217643Not updated
52Syked Yolo to GladSargeras-US217141Not updated
53Donátello Is Pretty Much AwesomeSargeras-US216037Not updated
54Pandemoniums Super Best FriendsSargeras-US213086Not updated
55Tripolrpanda  Sargeras-US213082Not updated
56Carbone  Sargeras-US212101Not updated
57Jarinky MidwinterSargeras-US211770Not updated
58Ute Power RangersSargeras-US210717Not updated
59Littlebigjoe Valkyries ChosenSargeras-US208713Not updated
60Hoodyninjah RamboSargeras-US208261Not updated
61Vikesboy Ball So Hard GamingSargeras-US207013Not updated
62Kmazlol jacked as fSargeras-US206807Not updated
63Korax Defiant GamingSargeras-US204308Not updated
64Wallacce Cut Throat GamingSargeras-US204255Not updated
65Smokegreens  Sargeras-US202620Not updated
66Pütz Moonwalkin To GladSargeras-US202420Not updated
67Tigerladyirl MidwinterSargeras-US202361Not updated
68Lethoian Nothing PersonalSargeras-US200534Not updated
69Fellenna ComplexitySargeras-US200124Not updated
70Spiritflame Paranoid AndroidSargeras-US199142Not updated
71Dockers AirSargeras-US198404Not updated
72Pixiepuff Cut Throat GamingSargeras-US198283Not updated
73Paparam High TreasonSargeras-US197418Not updated
74Porthios OmnipotentSargeras-US196845Not updated
75Paifnmei  Sargeras-US196742Not updated
76Estimated Exalted Exiled DawgsSargeras-US195414Not updated
77Zethian The Black SunSargeras-US194850Not updated
78Lilycat OlympiansSargeras-US194238Not updated
79Cobrahunter VenerationSargeras-US194177Not updated
80Laizy  Sargeras-US193415Not updated
81Elfen  Sargeras-US192791Not updated
82Ragesrevenge No FrîendsSargeras-US192618Not updated
83Ræven War StormSargeras-US192541Not updated
84Energize yoSargeras-US191656Not updated
85Hectorious  Sargeras-US191390Not updated
86Sintara Blood BoundSargeras-US190936Not updated
87Reyinn SymbiosisSargeras-US190814Not updated
88Jumpstartz CriticismSargeras-US190013Not updated
89Beleriend Super Jesus Attack SquadSargeras-US188903Not updated
90Babyrabbits The Dream TeamSargeras-US187738Not updated
91Uofu Power RangersSargeras-US187582Not updated
92Xenophone  Sargeras-US187250Not updated
93Wriggs UnemployedSargeras-US186355Not updated
94Twentytoos The GenesisSargeras-US186204Not updated
95Ibro kôltSargeras-US186051Not updated
96Arrowsx Defiant GamingSargeras-US185980Not updated
97Wolfhoof Dog SoldiersSargeras-US184117Not updated
98Nougats RAWRMEANSILUVUINDINOSAURSargeras-US184006Not updated
99Shoelessboi  Sargeras-US183999Not updated
100Honormage  Sargeras-US183199Not updated

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