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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Runetotem-US Honorable Kills
1Deevø Skeleton CrÜeRunetotem-US331535Not updated
2Vonslip CryptidRunetotem-US244523Not updated
3Durass Rise of the PheonixRunetotem-US241589Not updated
4Anokie ExitiumRunetotem-US239095Not updated
5Bilgat  Runetotem-US238130Not updated
6Vonmanstein Assault SquadRunetotem-US225909Not updated
7Ablox The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US221176Not updated
8Provokation The Silver WillowRunetotem-US211784Not updated
9Skree  Runetotem-US208471Not updated
10Luncian Killing SpreesRunetotem-US201277Not updated
11Sellindal ExitiumRunetotem-US200881Not updated
12Icel CHEERSRunetotem-US199292Not updated
13Stickyfngrs ArisenRunetotem-US191131Not updated
14Skynnyr Burns when I PvPRunetotem-US177929Not updated
15Torlagi RecidivismRunetotem-US175113Not updated
16Meddead The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US170518Not updated
17Roselynn Disruptive SelectionRunetotem-US170433Not updated
18Aphotic  Runetotem-US164957Not updated
19Julu Justice In MurderRunetotem-US164143Not updated
20Etenish ExitiumRunetotem-US160134Not updated
21Zborinka Tooth and ClawRunetotem-US160086Not updated
22Glerr Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US157794Not updated
23Sandanchi CHEERSRunetotem-US156913Not updated
24Hordelord SinCityKingsRunetotem-US156912Not updated
25Choppers Skeleton CrÜeRunetotem-US150289Not updated
26Barca JINXRunetotem-US148934Not updated
27Kzcriminal Furia FranceseRunetotem-US146492Not updated
28Worelock Most WantedRunetotem-US146444Not updated
29Syrr  Runetotem-US146427Not updated
30Lavashock  Runetotem-US146343Not updated
31Lädydeath  Runetotem-US145923Not updated
32Soulhatcher JINXRunetotem-US145825Not updated
33Tombstone ExitiumRunetotem-US145269Not updated
34Deweydruely Dark MagicsRunetotem-US145076Not updated
35Acidic  Runetotem-US141644Not updated
36Animora Twilight CrusadeRunetotem-US139145Not updated
37Sungems For the HordeRunetotem-US138625Not updated
38Dantarr Blood AllegianceRunetotem-US136319Not updated
39Chillitotem Exiled from HellRunetotem-US135343Not updated
40Jayberr KaossKnightsRunetotem-US129925Not updated
41Kallistos Killing SpreesRunetotem-US128846Not updated
42Jarah les legionnaires du nordRunetotem-US128521Not updated
43Kilius les legionnaires du nordRunetotem-US128194Not updated
44Jayber Celestial KnightsRunetotem-US128158Not updated
45Inurace JadedRunetotem-US127740Not updated
46Belete Armor AllRunetotem-US126885Not updated
47Dokra ExitiumRunetotem-US126238Not updated
48Mystenforcer SovereigntyRunetotem-US124614Not updated
49Jeticaria Syndicate of SorrowsRunetotem-US122650Not updated
50Elementdemon Dragons BloodRunetotem-US122060Not updated
51Rooma Les pelleteurs de nuageRunetotem-US121615Not updated
52Thanik Casually SeriousRunetotem-US121206Not updated
53Prettypiggie Disruptive SelectionRunetotem-US119293Not updated
54Darthsixx  Runetotem-US118771Not updated
55Krillah Delusions of GrandeurRunetotem-US114730Not updated
56Ifuu The Shadow OrderRunetotem-US114375Not updated
57Flîp Green Street EliteRunetotem-US113993Not updated
58Egoone Wants the AchieveRunetotem-US113400Not updated
59Sniperrath InevitableRunetotem-US113273Not updated
60Rhoktar ExaltedRunetotem-US112230Not updated
61Bghero Green Street EliteRunetotem-US111672Not updated
62Jötun Elder WolvesRunetotem-US111183Not updated
63Wannaspoon  Runetotem-US111148Not updated
64Tazrit RecidivismRunetotem-US110349Not updated
65Airizoth  Runetotem-US109537Not updated
66Crossbeau OasisRunetotem-US109478Not updated
67Varuga Exiled from HellRunetotem-US109442Not updated
68Rexzoolza JINXRunetotem-US108654Not updated
69Mu ObliterationRunetotem-US108235Not updated
70Quaan heavy drinkersRunetotem-US108022Not updated
71Haggiepoo  Runetotem-US108008Not updated
72Tormakk ArisenRunetotem-US107827Not updated
73Naru Exiled from HellRunetotem-US106054Not updated
74Spineshank New DawnRunetotem-US106013Not updated
75Pizzorni Kiss of the BodhisattvaRunetotem-US104418Not updated
76Undeadgato SeptentrionRunetotem-US104141Not updated
77Cutthroath Furia FranceseRunetotem-US103877Not updated
78Shanae DynastyRunetotem-US103501Not updated
79Piles InnuendoRunetotem-US103485Not updated
80Moonbat PandemoniumRunetotem-US102874Not updated
81Harkunan KnightsOfTheRoundRunetotem-US102585Not updated
82Hawurdead Burns when I PvPRunetotem-US102453Not updated
83Cronicnugs Insomniac KnightsRunetotem-US102379Not updated
84Jmonger  Runetotem-US101509Not updated
85Neobahamut Thralls HelpersRunetotem-US100798Not updated
86Shockwaves The Succubus slavesRunetotem-US100640Not updated
87Froknux Exiled from HellRunetotem-US100630Not updated
88Milpas  Runetotem-US100555Not updated
89Giyosewinini ReforgedRunetotem-US98739Not updated
90Wiznod AttitudeRunetotem-US98541Not updated
91Hazin ExaltedRunetotem-US98395Not updated
92Starrhunt Redrum INCRunetotem-US98208Not updated
93Stònérd  Runetotem-US97816Not updated
94Kuhl  Runetotem-US97618Not updated
95Eternaldark Exiled from HellRunetotem-US97502Not updated
96Chewbie Elder WolvesRunetotem-US96196Not updated
97Siç JINXRunetotem-US96155Not updated
98Nátas CHEERSRunetotem-US95405Not updated
99Yetigeeze ExitiumRunetotem-US94770Not updated
100Markandre Furia FranceseRunetotem-US94748Not updated

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