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Rexxar-US Honorable Kills
1Tulach Sythegore RebornRexxar-US294763Not updated
2Voroon Time Well WastedRexxar-US273873
3Buzzlitebeer Blue Mana GroupRexxar-US267521Not updated
4Cadejos InLovingMemoryRexxar-US253589
5Ill Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US231988Not updated
6Ezshot Cross X RoadsRexxar-US227873Not updated
7Apex Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US208061Not updated
8Nukematic Death Group EightRexxar-US183519Not updated
9Meanmuggin Crit HappensRexxar-US182470Not updated
10Parks  Rexxar-US179149Not updated
11Thundar  Rexxar-US174629Not updated
12Pudgin Crit HappensRexxar-US169758Not updated
13Painsprinkle Blue Mana GroupRexxar-US161571Not updated
14Urntairnach Bad PandasRexxar-US161447
15Dormido IntentRexxar-US158832Not updated
16Akzuk  Rexxar-US156355Not updated
17Tam oOI SiLENT ASSASSiNS IOoRexxar-US155345
18Daddydiesel  Rexxar-US153714Not updated
19Akzùk  Rexxar-US152411Not updated
20Navèah The FacelessRexxar-US150149Not updated
21Ashbringer Darkblood CovenRexxar-US147675Not updated
22Woodbo  Rexxar-US145447Not updated
23Quikk No SkillRexxar-US140803
24Zulina The ExiledRexxar-US140714
25Albatore Old School BusinessRexxar-US139902
26Smallpox Crit HappensRexxar-US139577Not updated
27Pizzel  Rexxar-US139500Not updated
28Blanxx Loot CrewRexxar-US138091Not updated
29Melgibsonn  Rexxar-US132635Not updated
30Sylur Valkyries of the HordeRexxar-US129901
31Jorar  Rexxar-US129294
32Necrophijud Small Union of PalsRexxar-US126989Not updated
33Tempoirl Cream Of The CropRexxar-US126927Not updated
34Nevernude  Rexxar-US126090Not updated
35Zurmo Bravely Ran AwayRexxar-US119176Not updated
36Zurdann just bloodlustRexxar-US118584
37Holytwohande No SkillRexxar-US118430Not updated
38Orace By the Night AngelsRexxar-US117352
39Humpmeister  Rexxar-US116442Not updated
40Söullëss  Rexxar-US115317Not updated
41Torcbone Warchiefs of the HordeRexxar-US114425Not updated
42Saandi DesecrationRexxar-US114221
43Donahu Sythegore RebornRexxar-US112803Not updated
44Deadheadd The Fallen HeroesRexxar-US112190Not updated
45Mentat  Rexxar-US112096Not updated
46Tenfiftysix Hells MinionsRexxar-US111624
47Garuk  Rexxar-US111369Not updated
48Moonlighte Zoot AllùresRexxar-US110153Not updated
49Pallypat Solitary VengeanceRexxar-US109994Not updated
50Flipwillis Omega SyndicateRexxar-US109540
51Scathe Death Group EightRexxar-US107715Not updated
52Patina Empire of DirtRexxar-US106299Not updated
53Caedhros just bloodlustRexxar-US105311
54Uncivilized The Fallen HeroesRexxar-US104260Not updated
55Imwatchingu ProgressionRexxar-US103487
56Mercennary The ForgottenRexxar-US100170Not updated
57Jorts  Rexxar-US100144Not updated
58Nifkin Sythegore RebornRexxar-US99903Not updated
59Jayyjayy  Rexxar-US99200Not updated
60Curatias  Rexxar-US97469Not updated
61Bullishil  Rexxar-US97082Not updated
62Ranik The ExiledRexxar-US96687Not updated
63Grevas Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US96585Not updated
64Buggsy The ResilientRexxar-US96516Not updated
65Frumpy Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US95873Not updated
66Varbog Corpse RunRexxar-US94127Not updated
67Shaddowllord  Rexxar-US93568Not updated
68Uzriel Knights of TymeRexxar-US93317Not updated
69Mordash just bloodlustRexxar-US92900Not updated
70Pístolero  Rexxar-US92588
71Cianichop Cabal of The Dark LadyRexxar-US92568
72Mukasa RedRexxar-US91032Not updated
73Irgun Cross X RoadsRexxar-US90905Not updated
74Dorganica Crit HappensRexxar-US89338Not updated
75Altidore  Rexxar-US89283Not updated
76Pantech just bloodlustRexxar-US88784Not updated
77Fettjango Escape from RealityRexxar-US88660Not updated
78Analar  Rexxar-US88056
79Kevlarog  Rexxar-US87795Not updated
80Onetimer Trade ChatRexxar-US87612Not updated
81Wakaflame  Rexxar-US87534Not updated
82Obsidion  Rexxar-US86805Not updated
83Ilili The ResilientRexxar-US86770Not updated
84Leomar Eternal KnightsRexxar-US86322Not updated
85Tankthis Primitive ScrewheadsRexxar-US86308Not updated
86Peregrine FracturedRexxar-US86128Not updated
87Foy The ResilientRexxar-US86089Not updated
88Foleydin just bloodlustRexxar-US85997
89Rsvp ProphecyRexxar-US85553Not updated
90Ñatasha The ResilientRexxar-US85202
91Screamweaver Forget Your SanityRexxar-US85120Not updated
92Rarok  Rexxar-US84961Not updated
93Earthee  Rexxar-US84684Not updated
94Draculin  Rexxar-US84183Not updated
95Justarian Because I Dont Respect URexxar-US84099Not updated
96Charmz  Rexxar-US83634Not updated
97Tainte TeAm TyPoRexxar-US83223Not updated
98Chandralis Rum RunnerRexxar-US82281
99Rockmatic  Rexxar-US81974Not updated
100Kreations InLovingMemoryRexxar-US80354Not updated

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