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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Rexxar-EU Honorable Kills
1Omnia Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU294612
2Plaq Night WalkerRexxar-EU278212
3Ting mala fideRexxar-EU260587Not updated
4Steelfist Day WalkerRexxar-EU252113Not updated
5Stinkefinger  Rexxar-EU250619Not updated
6Fearit Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU220838
7Oneheal Wherever you go you dieRexxar-EU216451
8Thonglord Forbidden TendenciesRexxar-EU198564Not updated
9Süchtel WarlockRexxar-EU195932
10Djern Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU192619Not updated
11Somby Das StrafgerichtRexxar-EU189342Not updated
12Klûmpen  Rexxar-EU185305Not updated
13Maacy  Rexxar-EU184898Not updated
14Hekthar IncolumisRexxar-EU182992
15Keithr Die GummibärenbandeRexxar-EU182400Not updated
16Klingsen Engel der MachtRexxar-EU176895Not updated
17Chrisyo New MetaRexxar-EU175226Not updated
18Serratus DivinitasRexxar-EU168587Not updated
19Vozd No SkiLLzRexxar-EU168428Not updated
20Mysy hardrockRexxar-EU168241Not updated
21Taidar mala fideRexxar-EU164063Not updated
22Cáym No BehaviorRexxar-EU161126Not updated
23Sòmea The WarlordzRexxar-EU158476Not updated
24Lii FTWRexxar-EU157353
25Mácy  Rexxar-EU153971Not updated
26Bobbiie bobbikaRexxar-EU153843Not updated
27Bakko  Rexxar-EU153295Not updated
28Hydee  Rexxar-EU153034Not updated
29Katharisis FaLLOuTRexxar-EU151687Not updated
30Thong  Rexxar-EU148589Not updated
31Serkh Shadow WarriorRexxar-EU148497Not updated
32Kügélchen  Rexxar-EU147270Not updated
33Arwiná  Rexxar-EU145110Not updated
34Dekana  Rexxar-EU143834Not updated
35Chastra on enrageRexxar-EU140835Not updated
36Hilderim Agents of AllianceRexxar-EU140575Not updated
37Kregen Seed of AngerRexxar-EU139944Not updated
38Minipookx New MetaRexxar-EU137412
39Blork MöPRexxar-EU135016Not updated
40Sloron Baumschmuser AGRexxar-EU134099Not updated
41Výron mala fideRexxar-EU133220Not updated
42Hunterá IncolumisRexxar-EU129997Not updated
43Puschka BoomRexxar-EU129657Not updated
44Káná SofaCrewRexxar-EU129522
45Reyala I Portsteinschwalben IRexxar-EU129251Not updated
46Healme  Rexxar-EU129131Not updated
47Gróma gildenlosRexxar-EU126655Not updated
48Conrath SonneRexxar-EU122714Not updated
49Xêrxus Nordish by NatureRexxar-EU121682
50Dreamkeeper  Rexxar-EU120237Not updated
51Eolien The MaledictionRexxar-EU119156
52Hêkthâr IncolumisRexxar-EU118692
53Wotôx Wherever you go you dieRexxar-EU116351Not updated
54Dasennui  Rexxar-EU115429
55Mayako Whine Wipes und GesangRexxar-EU114875Not updated
56Shibari IncolumisRexxar-EU114705Not updated
57Dímí Per NoctemRexxar-EU114349Not updated
58Vanreiche Children of EluneRexxar-EU112896Not updated
59Zx  Rexxar-EU112766Not updated
60Neradur SofaCrewRexxar-EU112613Not updated
61Tarmira Decisions of TruthRexxar-EU112527
62Galacia  Rexxar-EU111649Not updated
63Öhrchen Halli Galli AlliRexxar-EU107321
64Letsdance SofaCrewRexxar-EU106522Not updated
65Xeot KlickybuntyRexxar-EU106343Not updated
66Skontar GooniesRexxar-EU106302Not updated
67Atritas IncolumisRexxar-EU106213
68Sartoru MagicalringRexxar-EU105838Not updated
69Marenoez New MetaRexxar-EU104568Not updated
70Xuloth  Rexxar-EU104310Not updated
71Ashalya  Rexxar-EU104201Not updated
72Fru  Rexxar-EU103460Not updated
73Akalia  Rexxar-EU102749Not updated
74Lýss  Rexxar-EU102108Not updated
75Lucÿenne BellerophonRexxar-EU100436Not updated
76Bastalipe  Rexxar-EU99176Not updated
77Dyssie Per NoctemRexxar-EU98739
78Nogusha Night WalkerRexxar-EU97735
79Piret Kämpfer der StürmeRexxar-EU97728
80Xyan  Rexxar-EU97711Not updated
81Belisar Die IlluminatiRexxar-EU97682
82Lökh Shadow WarriorRexxar-EU96720
83Hekthâr IncolumisRexxar-EU96316
84Gormagk  Rexxar-EU95252Not updated
85Azázello Wherever you go you dieRexxar-EU95217
86Pycckaja Unleashed RageRexxar-EU95070Not updated
87Sherrax  Rexxar-EU94819Not updated
88Nalathea Wherever you go you dieRexxar-EU93028Not updated
89Nöradur SofaCrewRexxar-EU92337Not updated
90Et Royal FlushRexxar-EU92291
91Lerosa MidnightRexxar-EU91961
92Láhra  Rexxar-EU91923Not updated
93Newya mala fideRexxar-EU91116Not updated
94Fallenángel SofaCrewRexxar-EU90699Not updated
95Mathildá SonneRexxar-EU89802Not updated
96Elòa Ad RemRexxar-EU89756
97Ironfire Dragons of the DarkRexxar-EU89616Not updated
98Fireprinces Night WalkerRexxar-EU89514
99Treehoof Butterfly EffectRexxar-EU88925
100Greensoul La vita è bellaRexxar-EU88605Not updated

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