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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravenholdt-EU Honorable Kills
1Rnnak Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU510050Not updated
2Ufozs  Ravenholdt-EU356958Not updated
3Tarissa RR IncRavenholdt-EU303334Not updated
4Orçun Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU288115Not updated
5Tagrid Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU247790Not updated
6Borringen Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU227461Not updated
7Kaitel Raiding AncientsRavenholdt-EU213656Not updated
8Kronenbourg RR IncRavenholdt-EU185137Not updated
9Canarion Ironforge GuardiansRavenholdt-EU183178Not updated
10Fâer  Ravenholdt-EU169079Not updated
11Huunreh RR IncRavenholdt-EU166830Not updated
12Bizare Battle ToadsRavenholdt-EU160312Not updated
13Maqum NethersongRavenholdt-EU159219Not updated
14Nuked Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU158271Not updated
15Pekkoperkele KukkorengasRavenholdt-EU155334Not updated
16Gravesight Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU145912Not updated
17Sabrîna  Ravenholdt-EU144916Not updated
18Zeechet RR IncRavenholdt-EU144722Not updated
19Belle  Ravenholdt-EU144602Not updated
20Azyl  Ravenholdt-EU141402Not updated
21Anglezarke Dragon Slayers RebornRavenholdt-EU133547Not updated
22Lili  Ravenholdt-EU133332Not updated
23Kzin Flame of NeltharionRavenholdt-EU133296Not updated
24Raziel  Ravenholdt-EU128629Not updated
25Aatami  Ravenholdt-EU126629Not updated
26Doll Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU126315Not updated
27Zylvith Covenant of AshesRavenholdt-EU125653Not updated
28Bláze RR IncRavenholdt-EU125588Not updated
29Precursor WildcardRavenholdt-EU125473Not updated
30Gathar Brigada DiverseRavenholdt-EU125394Not updated
31Grayvind WildcardRavenholdt-EU124508Not updated
32Partikolaras  Ravenholdt-EU122352Not updated
33Hartia  Ravenholdt-EU121761Not updated
34Saqa RR IncRavenholdt-EU120404Not updated
35Roughtless Brigada DiverseRavenholdt-EU119577Not updated
36Zeraphim Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU118150Not updated
37Dreadlolz ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU117752Not updated
38Ulmita RR IncRavenholdt-EU117429Not updated
39Jaxs  Ravenholdt-EU117360Not updated
40Timos  Ravenholdt-EU116794Not updated
41Rodgerdog Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-EU113165Not updated
42Leeyia Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU112738Not updated
43Erandial AccidentallyRavenholdt-EU112062Not updated
44Înfer RR IncRavenholdt-EU111210Not updated
45Kann RR IncRavenholdt-EU109560Not updated
46Tzizi MinervaRavenholdt-EU109316Not updated
47Chorwat PogranicznicyRavenholdt-EU108650Not updated
48Anifa CoffindodgersRavenholdt-EU108521Not updated
49Kkthomazi Elwynn Cub ScoutsRavenholdt-EU107778Not updated
50Vexy  Ravenholdt-EU105878Not updated
51Nephtya Elwynn Cub ScoutsRavenholdt-EU105785Not updated
52Ifigenia RR IncRavenholdt-EU105777Not updated
53Ravè  Ravenholdt-EU104803Not updated
54Azone RR IncRavenholdt-EU104624Not updated
55Furiousdog  Ravenholdt-EU102190Not updated
56Krawn RR IncRavenholdt-EU101378Not updated
57Rychu  Ravenholdt-EU99983Not updated
58Xerolia  Ravenholdt-EU99180Not updated
59Keldereth  Ravenholdt-EU99083Not updated
60Loviathar RR IncRavenholdt-EU98958Not updated
61Celeglin  Ravenholdt-EU97990Not updated
62Ges Guild PerksRavenholdt-EU97608Not updated
63Nolunar  Ravenholdt-EU97272Not updated
64Sóul Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU96253Not updated
65Jr  Ravenholdt-EU95371Not updated
66Wectry Valon ValtiaatRavenholdt-EU94562Not updated
67Galbraith Guild PerksRavenholdt-EU94464Not updated
68Scumbuster Diem PerdidiRavenholdt-EU93916Not updated
69Tugboat Diem PerdidiRavenholdt-EU93634Not updated
70Xagro Fire HawkzRavenholdt-EU92596Not updated
71Komis Tribe of EldersRavenholdt-EU92588Not updated
72Vhess Violent CircusRavenholdt-EU91520Not updated
73Agamemnonn Brigada DiverseRavenholdt-EU90859Not updated
74Kurajin  Ravenholdt-EU90323Not updated
75Arrestra RR IncRavenholdt-EU89768Not updated
76Magere KukkorengasRavenholdt-EU87941Not updated
77Caelas  Ravenholdt-EU87899Not updated
78Billy  Ravenholdt-EU87518Not updated
79Zharkoon RR IncRavenholdt-EU86923Not updated
80Gargorth  Ravenholdt-EU86030Not updated
81Põrguliine Night BladesRavenholdt-EU85325Not updated
82Vicispro  Ravenholdt-EU84822Not updated
83Hoofster ExplícítRavenholdt-EU84737Not updated
84Jonboy  Ravenholdt-EU84509Not updated
85Billieray  Ravenholdt-EU83676Not updated
86Nebulath E Pluribus UnumRavenholdt-EU83639Not updated
87Ishiana Dark SaintsRavenholdt-EU83562Not updated
88Humbugg ImmortalisRavenholdt-EU83553Not updated
89Feldrith  Ravenholdt-EU83535Not updated
90Urakiba WildcardRavenholdt-EU83423Not updated
91Relem RR IncRavenholdt-EU82771Not updated
92Irmä  Ravenholdt-EU82708Not updated
93Xonba  Ravenholdt-EU82505Not updated
94Oresa Hellscreams AngelsRavenholdt-EU82195Not updated
95Mantikor  Ravenholdt-EU81875Not updated
96Treind Violent CircusRavenholdt-EU80218Not updated
97Belmakor Durance of HateRavenholdt-EU80031Not updated
98Ylvali MinervaRavenholdt-EU79868Not updated
99Maruwaru Guild PerksRavenholdt-EU79675Not updated
100Bjurn  Ravenholdt-EU79583Not updated

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