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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Honorable Kills
1Chelanovicka The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU40816Not updated
2Papercuts The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU26349Not updated
3Buckfastbill The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU26085Not updated
4Solzhenitsyn The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU25734Not updated
5Minggy The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU25160Not updated
6Typhèn The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU20688Not updated
7Koyanisqatsi The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU15016Not updated
8Frostmòurn The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU10403Not updated
9Chairmanmeow The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU8938Not updated
10Buhb The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU8429Not updated
11Gravypots The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU8270Not updated
12Blendtec The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU7614Not updated
13Taela The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU7079Not updated
14Druncar The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU6994Not updated
15Numlocked The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU6624Not updated
16Súgár The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU6539Not updated
17Dontjudge The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU5794Not updated
18Toothmeat The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU5337Not updated
19Voxe The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU4900Not updated
20Profaner The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU4640Not updated
21Nosehole The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU4194Not updated
22Interfusion The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU2973Not updated
23Numlockedd The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU2354Not updated
24Anylìa The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU2342Not updated
25Maurya The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1935Not updated
26Favourîte The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1898Not updated
27Finnmcool The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1734Not updated
28Succurso The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1730Not updated
29Inoú The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1464Not updated
30Toblerone The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1449Not updated
31Falecído The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1431Not updated
32Zèxx The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1327Not updated
33Shamissi The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1309Not updated
34Vivid The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1021Not updated
35Jdxo The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU798Not updated
36Succorso The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU737Not updated
37Needlz The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU459Not updated
38Hissyfít The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU454Not updated
39Nisall The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU434Not updated
40Fanderay The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU422Not updated
41Ezee The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU359Not updated
42Mcsilvershot The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU328Not updated
43Zhuki The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU325Not updated
44Undefine The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU216Not updated
45Briefs The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU160Not updated
46Meihui The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU129Not updated
47Shambulancë The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU111Not updated
48Subsidizer The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU83Not updated
48Jaesa The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU83Not updated
50Vorbold The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU76Not updated
51Ivanica The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU44Not updated
52Cruciö The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU36Not updated
53Eikara The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU25Not updated
54Scythia The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU19Not updated
55Quegitano The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU16Not updated
56Delorienne The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU12Not updated
57Toffeewaffle The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU10Not updated
58Draconya The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU3Not updated
59Entìty The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1Not updated
59Kilmandaros The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1Not updated
59Rockyroad The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1Not updated
59Obsidienne The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU1Not updated
63Irlande The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU0Not updated
63Ellviss The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU0Not updated
63Monkerhostin The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU0Not updated
63Anwinn The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU0Not updated
63Anwynn The Night ShiftRavencrest-EU0Not updated

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