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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ravencrest-EU Honorable Kills
1Duticyaa Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU130727Not updated
2Ries Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU115263Not updated
3Tembesti Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU75290Not updated
4Hemansé Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU52376Not updated
5Morteriag Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU52356Not updated
6Holymanse Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU51676Not updated
7Kazreth Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU41283Not updated
8Brisse Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU36478Not updated
9Xerionwjb Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU34782Not updated
10Brissé Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU32755Not updated
11Sheríl Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU31420Not updated
12Dengsé Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU30334Not updated
13Akillierous Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU29896Not updated
14Propagandhi Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU27227Not updated
15Kryptox Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU25253Not updated
16Poolefanden Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU23200Not updated
17Rumex Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU20124Not updated
18Wartongue Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU17613Not updated
19Saltefanden Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU14827Not updated
20Nadasurf Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU14634Not updated
21Retbullz Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU14369Not updated
22Markoll Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU12710Not updated
23Nenvai Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU12373Not updated
24Capìtán Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU12191Not updated
25Flixe Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU12021Not updated
26Kickit Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU10822Not updated
27Temyla Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU9855Not updated
28Krillalot Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU9607Not updated
29Tohh Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU8695Not updated
30Crémefraiche Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU8123Not updated
31Kaeldraz Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU8002Not updated
32Huntermikael Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU7723Not updated
33Palajez Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU7525Not updated
34Toxs Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6791Not updated
35Ríes Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6737Not updated
36Ingentags Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6663Not updated
37Mortalmanse Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6655Not updated
38Chinabones Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6431Not updated
39Milalol Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6385Not updated
40Thanaz Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU6012Not updated
41Mylittlepwni Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU5614Not updated
42Svuppé Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU5502Not updated
43Dutícyaa Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU5482Not updated
44Donvitó Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU4764Not updated
45Lurbabs Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU4590Not updated
46Pxxlx Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU4484Not updated
47Visdomstand Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU4422Not updated
48Svufuzzles Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU4406Not updated
49Spacelazer Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU3734Not updated
50Keerkle Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU3688Not updated
51Màrko Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU3576Not updated
52Pwnd Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU3455Not updated
53Progeny Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU3300Not updated
54Oipolloi Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU2718Not updated
55Theherps Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU2616Not updated
56Justaeater Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU2167Not updated
57Mailis Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU2115Not updated
58Hümaneater Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU1815Not updated
59Stærketyr Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU1548Not updated
60Mansé Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU1115Not updated
61Daeon Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU931Not updated
62Bemanse Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU668Not updated
63Zembu Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU556Not updated
64Fjettefjabbe Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU534Not updated
65Probed Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU357Not updated
66Míley Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU290Not updated
67Wimba Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU286Not updated
68Prettywize Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU234Not updated
68Insomnía Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU234Not updated
70Magemule Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU221Not updated
71Gingrbredman Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU57Not updated
72Svucandles Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU52Not updated
73Haestepaelsr Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU40Not updated
74Ðênîêð Bird is the WordRavencrest-EU24Not updated

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