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Ragnaros-US Honorable Kills
1Sephyros CaterpillarRagnaros-US440557
2Skafreya Shameful DisplayRagnaros-US310679
3Banz Cold SoulRagnaros-US276783Not updated
4Layzz Blood BrotherRagnaros-US275736
5Dover Otra Pinche GuildRagnaros-US273250Not updated
6Blues EvolutiønRagnaros-US273227Not updated
7Khrom Songs of the DeathRagnaros-US271469Not updated
8Tridogs For ThemRagnaros-US266531
9Inoxia Flag CarryRagnaros-US248552Not updated
10Atreyuz Rest In PiecesRagnaros-US247642
11Célegorm  Ragnaros-US237445Not updated
12Kalem PAINRagnaros-US232917
13Áéióú  Ragnaros-US227975Not updated
14Yocurotuyaya The ForsakenRagnaros-US227016
15Richiie Arena MasterRagnaros-US225630Not updated
16Keishu Otra Pinche GuildRagnaros-US223890Not updated
17Souldruid Dargor the ShadowlordRagnaros-US218616
18Ivanux Sangre ConioRagnaros-US217558
19Devastatión Girls Should Be HealersRagnaros-US216390
20Rødebøy Fïght ClubRagnaros-US212999
21Chapux PwnographyRagnaros-US209917
22Schaefer ApotheosisRagnaros-US208916
23Migras HokutenRagnaros-US204699
24Kinngo Dargor the ShadowlordRagnaros-US203136Not updated
25Haurbrodied Large PvPnessRagnaros-US198006Not updated
26Ziekles Blue SentinelsRagnaros-US197679
27Chokzul  Ragnaros-US197441Not updated
28Hotrock Flag CarryRagnaros-US189400
29Leoncar Zombie RaiderRagnaros-US186399Not updated
30Mileycÿrus ll We Carry on llRagnaros-US186031Not updated
31Mikronx Waffles IncRagnaros-US186029
32Synjel FatKids R Hard to KidnapRagnaros-US185121Not updated
33Qtcow Legion de la HordaRagnaros-US185102
34Pozzoli Heroes Of LordaeronRagnaros-US183604
35Bladerck NSNRagnaros-US183009
36Mint Inglourious ßasterdsRagnaros-US182643
37Hèxxen Shameful DisplayRagnaros-US182250
38Rename CRUSADERSRagnaros-US179834
39Tilin  Ragnaros-US178847Not updated
40Killspec Show Some PVP ClassRagnaros-US176108
41Kaezon CorruptionRagnaros-US175590Not updated
42Alcalator IriumRagnaros-US173625Not updated
43Astrilid Mar del PlataRagnaros-US173559
44Elmatalianza Sangre ConioRagnaros-US173155
45Michela AbsolutionRagnaros-US170731Not updated
46Chessblack Shadows of the MoonRagnaros-US170635Not updated
47Vizioirl PwnographyRagnaros-US170616Not updated
48Brutalizêr I N F E R N ORagnaros-US169147
49Hopesfall Dispell meRagnaros-US168028
50Mortegg  Ragnaros-US166373Not updated
51Prìde PvP trainerRagnaros-US165439
52Nitioner  Ragnaros-US164801Not updated
53Archegonus  Ragnaros-US163724Not updated
54Adriç PwnographyRagnaros-US162975
55Cônan  Ragnaros-US162869
56Yurec Bad KarmaRagnaros-US162586
57Durete Spending the MomentRagnaros-US161993Not updated
58Drízzy Dispell meRagnaros-US161585
59Rnbmvp  Ragnaros-US161356
60Tollz EclécticaRagnaros-US160488Not updated
61Donfabero Sangre y ArenasRagnaros-US159943
62Adriali  Ragnaros-US159881Not updated
63Derious La Nueva HordaRagnaros-US159211
64Jaba HATES YOURagnaros-US159169Not updated
65Demonicsword Lok tar OgarRagnaros-US159136
66Vanhélsing NSNRagnaros-US158383Not updated
67Chikz GlamnationRagnaros-US158131Not updated
68Katox No Soy Manco Tengo LagRagnaros-US157201Not updated
69Iranon Dientes de lavaRagnaros-US157019
70Truenatestes ForsakensRagnaros-US156946
71Peché HORDARagnaros-US156672
72Gspöt Eye CandyRagnaros-US156173
73Nnk  Ragnaros-US155961Not updated
74Mabc HATES YOURagnaros-US155901Not updated
75Devilkazuya La VorágineRagnaros-US155140
76Báckstabber CadenzaRagnaros-US154855Not updated
77Zomxlol  Ragnaros-US153839Not updated
78Twobuttonz  Ragnaros-US153221Not updated
79Razorknight HORDARagnaros-US152995
80Barick  Ragnaros-US152827Not updated
81Ragnaroko Girls Should Be HealersRagnaros-US151388
82Pingota los psicopatasRagnaros-US151005
83Sarkon DescendingRagnaros-US150811
84Chêvy For ThemRagnaros-US149778Not updated
85Gladiodus Los MacheterosRagnaros-US149664Not updated
86Odifine HeroRagnaros-US149537Not updated
87Agademon  Ragnaros-US149492Not updated
88Badschneider Laggeando por un sueñoRagnaros-US149182Not updated
89Rylaí  Ragnaros-US149129Not updated
90Lestard UMBRELLARagnaros-US148414Not updated
91Ealindör Left BehindRagnaros-US148145
92Bashyk  Ragnaros-US148027
93Zigeno  Ragnaros-US147780Not updated
94Stunningírl MalditosBastardosRagnaros-US147065
95Littlepea GlamnationRagnaros-US146917Not updated
96Nosferàtu OutherhellRagnaros-US146490Not updated
97Ryuhayabusa Infinite TemplarsRagnaros-US146306Not updated
98Inquisidore PwnographyRagnaros-US145916
99Khalissi Mostly HarmlessRagnaros-US145746Not updated
100Gallolae LegendariosRagnaros-US145638

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