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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Proudmoore-US Honorable Kills
1Cheeta Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US107030Not updated
2Vonstor Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US92268Not updated
3Mestenno Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US89097Not updated
4Karthun Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US71042Not updated
5Akriss Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US70029Not updated
6Jeanclawd Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US55413Not updated
7Tansha Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US48664Not updated
8Betsi Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US40045Not updated
9Avenala Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US38036Not updated
10Burr Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US36521Not updated
11Uglysses Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US35975Not updated
12Bleutooth Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US32244Not updated
13Laurenala Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US31225Not updated
14Kemistry Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US30086Not updated
15Sacashi Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US28824Not updated
16Woolfman Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US28742Not updated
17Teddi Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US27998Not updated
18Sabriel Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US25923Not updated
19Gaahk Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US24853Not updated
20Blayke Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US24449Not updated
21Pallymcbeil Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US23422Not updated
22Candybones Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US23191Not updated
23Meerah Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US23087Not updated
24Divinespirit Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US22579Not updated
25Pepess Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US21533Not updated
26Nishan Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US21321Not updated
27Ikin Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US20231Not updated
28Aknot Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US19946Not updated
29Orbb Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US19645Not updated
30Kreander Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US19351Not updated
31Sethrael Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US19201Not updated
32Hunnybunch Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US19032Not updated
33Foxhoundaus Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US18952Not updated
34Erzule Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US18702Not updated
35Seltona Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US18448Not updated
36Laraan Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US18269Not updated
37Gorsha Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US18125Not updated
38Hilts Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US17904Not updated
39Thumuu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US17872Not updated
40Growl Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US17835Not updated
41Betzi Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US16837Not updated
42Malady Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US16789Not updated
43Druilon Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US16441Not updated
44Knytehawk Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US16182Not updated
45Kittygalore Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US16047Not updated
46Wakalu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US16017Not updated
47Odath Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US15888Not updated
48Youngbear Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US15720Not updated
49Aerbuss Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US14954Not updated
50Coldsores Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US14909Not updated
51Ironcoldt Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US14877Not updated
52Clubfoot Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US14504Not updated
53Worrff Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US14415Not updated
54Gefangnis Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US13729Not updated
55Charrmin Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US13179Not updated
56Grist Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US13178Not updated
57Serza Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12957Not updated
58Sephier Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12952Not updated
59Tenfeathers Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12768Not updated
60Giourmand Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12760Not updated
61Kedya Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12731Not updated
62Thermogren Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12267Not updated
63Shelita Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12170Not updated
64Aldariqu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US12111Not updated
65Harfus Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US11914Not updated
66Masakatsu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US11879Not updated
67Heelzebub Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US11758Not updated
68Anavika Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US11748Not updated
69Elayda Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US11673Not updated
70Warmachinê Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US11250Not updated
71Kattyparry Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10996Not updated
72Hellrazêr Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10836Not updated
73Arcticbone Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10691Not updated
74Bonezs Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10577Not updated
75Thuglug Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10565Not updated
76Nytespawn Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10430Not updated
77Xereth Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10200Not updated
78Morloc Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10022Not updated
79Jammnshaman Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US10008Not updated
80Wormgrin Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US9454Not updated
81Dethsgrin Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US9436Not updated
82Myzer Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US9186Not updated
83Emprexo Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US9056Not updated
84Earthen Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8944Not updated
85Candae Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8873Not updated
86Rolfgar Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8799Not updated
87Ugza Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8729Not updated
88Kyudo Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8721Not updated
89Hivehand Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8343Not updated
90Dackla Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8123Not updated
91Crod Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US8057Not updated
92Stinkae Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US7558Not updated
93Lilpo Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US7394Not updated
94Edöras Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US7388Not updated
95Jüggernaüt Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US6872Not updated
96Kreandis Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US6848Not updated
97Raviia Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US6835Not updated
98Hexianmu Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US6797Not updated
99Overide Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US6655Not updated
100Reydori Thorns of GreyProudmoore-US6493Not updated

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