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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Perenolde-US Honorable Kills
1Ducktåpe Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US285340Not updated
2Chrolo Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US271348
3Tylea The Next ChapterPerenolde-US251051Not updated
4Sanglant KingdomPerenolde-US250131Not updated
5Monti Friénds With BénéfitsPerenolde-US248206Not updated
6Lilyvain UnboundPerenolde-US237654
7Dardrith RetrospectPerenolde-US237201Not updated
8Kdanpallie Abuse MachinePerenolde-US235077Not updated
9Johnnyraggot VicariousPerenolde-US223065Not updated
10Cypha Horde Secret ServicePerenolde-US201524Not updated
11Grulock ÇHÁØTîÇ ÐRÁGØÑSPerenolde-US190418Not updated
12Voemacht Dirty ConnectionPerenolde-US188190Not updated
13Dogsoldier  Perenolde-US179999Not updated
14Vovchanchyn The Twin Snake RebellionPerenolde-US179549Not updated
15Sheilaa Mortui Vivos DocentPerenolde-US176880Not updated
16Mïsëry  Perenolde-US176464Not updated
17Xiuhtecuhtli  Perenolde-US175265Not updated
18Logash Quid Pro QuoPerenolde-US170777Not updated
19Sydbarrett Dirty ConnectionPerenolde-US168950Not updated
20Keyori Divine ComedyPerenolde-US159718Not updated
21Drbadmojo BlackbladePerenolde-US158957
22Andrin Veni Vedi ViciPerenolde-US154668Not updated
23Creamsicle celebritiesPerenolde-US154665Not updated
24Faigin Circle of ElunePerenolde-US145812Not updated
25Huney Old School HeroesPerenolde-US145604Not updated
26Kdan Abuse MachinePerenolde-US145193Not updated
27Kissmyhæmmer  Perenolde-US145113Not updated
28Th  Perenolde-US143991Not updated
29Notredamus  Perenolde-US143747Not updated
30Daruul Cylent LucidityPerenolde-US143654Not updated
31Zerogeist  Perenolde-US140984Not updated
32Raynee The Next ChapterPerenolde-US138320Not updated
33Jonnyd Crisis ManagementPerenolde-US137769Not updated
34Taija Deadly VixensPerenolde-US136376Not updated
35Francho Pieces of EightPerenolde-US136276Not updated
36Predmiester VicariousPerenolde-US133152Not updated
37Doctordeath UnboundPerenolde-US132760Not updated
38Hookha  Perenolde-US131323Not updated
39Valafar THIRTY SIX CHAMBERSPerenolde-US130786Not updated
40Vinta Mithril RaidersPerenolde-US127919Not updated
41Tocar KingdomPerenolde-US125615Not updated
42Farnoosh Quid Pro QuoPerenolde-US124100Not updated
43Volkazar  Perenolde-US124084Not updated
44Corpser Public EnemiesPerenolde-US123348Not updated
45Nor Abuse MachinePerenolde-US123336Not updated
46Nightkills Abuse MachinePerenolde-US121965Not updated
47Kethyres  Perenolde-US121803Not updated
48Hick  Perenolde-US120339Not updated
49Zindar Raiders IncPerenolde-US120043Not updated
50Oomwocoom  Perenolde-US118998Not updated
51 THIRTY SIX CHAMBERSPerenolde-US118210Not updated
52Rhînò  Perenolde-US118050Not updated
53Sevaryn celebritiesPerenolde-US117610Not updated
54Trinfan Divine Order of LightPerenolde-US117302Not updated
55Amin Veni Vedi ViciPerenolde-US117297Not updated
56Bocefuss  Perenolde-US116453Not updated
57Decade Tastes Like BurningPerenolde-US116339Not updated
58Barlock  Perenolde-US116255Not updated
59Leath Guild de Über AmigosPerenolde-US115872Not updated
60Illidar  Perenolde-US115659Not updated
61Ofmind  Perenolde-US115390Not updated
62Jaystoney ExcaliburPerenolde-US114609Not updated
63Tuskytroll  Perenolde-US113922Not updated
64Kevv  Perenolde-US113891Not updated
65Canuchorn UnboundPerenolde-US113847
66Kek RocksPerenolde-US112563Not updated
67Mordoque Nocturnal ChaosPerenolde-US111528Not updated
68Ohdee celebritiesPerenolde-US111451Not updated
69Maiya AnxietyPerenolde-US111220Not updated
70Bladéknight  Perenolde-US111182Not updated
71Vaar AnxietyPerenolde-US110177
72Klaus Abuse MachinePerenolde-US110072Not updated
73Shifflol  Perenolde-US109963Not updated
74Pamellie AnxietyPerenolde-US109420
75Seru celebritiesPerenolde-US108083Not updated
76Formula Tastes Like BurningPerenolde-US107435Not updated
77Flecks TATEREDPerenolde-US107195Not updated
78Corabold OLD and BRoKeNPerenolde-US106977Not updated
79Nocturnum celebritiesPerenolde-US106931Not updated
80Hopeless  Perenolde-US106773Not updated
81Darhunter  Perenolde-US106550Not updated
82Litledude Rock LobsterPerenolde-US106382Not updated
83Jackattack Marshal LawPerenolde-US105760Not updated
84Nightshades Saints of the UnderworldPerenolde-US105734Not updated
85Luxury Sleeper CartelPerenolde-US105623Not updated
86Nnoiitra Fist of RetributionPerenolde-US105358Not updated
87Lionking West Coast RaidersPerenolde-US105300Not updated
88Diria Fist of RetributionPerenolde-US105172Not updated
89Destructoeqt  Perenolde-US105030Not updated
90Endswell  Perenolde-US103435Not updated
91Skipdog Dragon Gate InnPerenolde-US102968
92Supersaiyn UnityPerenolde-US102441Not updated
93Juniper SanitasPerenolde-US102306Not updated
94Cypruss Rock LobsterPerenolde-US102108Not updated
95Joensey  Perenolde-US101593Not updated
96Rnis  Perenolde-US101546Not updated
97Danastarim Legion of LightPerenolde-US101161Not updated
98Diggitydank The OrderPerenolde-US100765Not updated
99Raffreddato THIRTY SIX CHAMBERSPerenolde-US100367Not updated
100Waterberry Legion Of HeroesPerenolde-US100084

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