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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Outland-EU Honorable Kills
1Gwanget Honor CappedOutland-EU688648Not updated
2Fatherdeath  Outland-EU526799Not updated
3Bloodstained HelionOutland-EU415192Not updated
4Jahjah Happy HourOutland-EU410014Not updated
5Carlcøx A p a t h yOutland-EU398191Not updated
6Kìngston WardanceOutland-EU396079Not updated
7Quintaserius PROJECT CARRYOutland-EU376001Not updated
8Dannejao RiksdagenOutland-EU370693Not updated
9Realjimlahey summer INC DØG CØÜNTEROutland-EU365452Not updated
10Destinite Honor CappedOutland-EU363201Not updated
11Vãrla LOL BLINK ON CDOutland-EU340943Not updated
12Fieldmedicc SECRETS AND LIESOutland-EU322001Not updated
13Lotisweet Notorious GankstersOutland-EU319838Not updated
14Knucklol Sera NocteOutland-EU319673Not updated
15Paramonos Guild of BoelleOutland-EU318207Not updated
16Easydragon ride till i dieOutland-EU317767Not updated
17Spartanboy Pegasus GROutland-EU317734Not updated
18Mywayturtles DuunariOutland-EU313857Not updated
19Buktz  Outland-EU313483Not updated
20Thibble Thibbles Unrealistic POVOutland-EU313316Not updated
21Jédí TRYHARDSOutland-EU305409Not updated
22Uzarg  Outland-EU303094Not updated
23Soulback Lux AeternaOutland-EU301910Not updated
24Qatarworld IncinerateOutland-EU297150Not updated
25Psýchô  Outland-EU296742Not updated
26Popòó NightwatchersOutland-EU296584Not updated
27Selenez  Outland-EU292525Not updated
28Gilon  Outland-EU291974Not updated
29Swagoverload StarGazeOutland-EU290057Not updated
30Pattar The Addams FamilyOutland-EU290024Not updated
31Wolfeess LifelessOutland-EU289711Not updated
32Zyrius A R E N A J U N K I E SOutland-EU288755Not updated
33ßurnßabyßurn Attero DominatusOutland-EU285324Not updated
34Klenman  Outland-EU284435Not updated
35Mandii Warlords of DoomOutland-EU282813Not updated
36Terminatör EvernightOutland-EU282596Not updated
37Singu  Outland-EU282282Not updated
38Ministrý  Outland-EU280003Not updated
39Badmanis Fury of PvPOutland-EU279992Not updated
40Fredsavage Seal team FORSAKENOutland-EU279584Not updated
41Acherôn  Outland-EU278348Not updated
42Mimile  Outland-EU277831Not updated
43Shiava LADiatorsOutland-EU277799Not updated
44Miztery Chain of OlympusOutland-EU276838Not updated
45Myroxx  Outland-EU274015Not updated
46Cortesand  Outland-EU273469Not updated
47Sprutnoja Skillcap AchievedOutland-EU273324Not updated
48ßugsßunny  Outland-EU266169Not updated
49Souran HopeOutland-EU265644Not updated
50Rhymzz BRB WINNINGOutland-EU263639Not updated
51Grisnaak Ebon AngelsOutland-EU263585Not updated
52Wantyou  Outland-EU261560Not updated
53Maën jeezOutland-EU260482Not updated
54Sheenxy SNAKESENSEOutland-EU259963Not updated
55Icebláde WardanceOutland-EU259883Not updated
56Navihs Mock of BrillianceOutland-EU259228Not updated
57Nitkov  Outland-EU253461Not updated
58Vukdar  Outland-EU252719Not updated
59Claymøre clearly mvpOutland-EU251594Not updated
60Inigo  Outland-EU250938Not updated
61Tutanchamon  Outland-EU250437Not updated
62Mortimer Happy HourOutland-EU249681Not updated
63Exm TEAM BISOutland-EU249104Not updated
64Lezek AbyssOutland-EU245039Not updated
65Lordofmagic WE R PRO KOutland-EU243543Not updated
66Senulla  Outland-EU237169Not updated
67Bigbro Be Gone PestOutland-EU237076Not updated
68Maryhotter The GitsOutland-EU237030Not updated
69Dorah GeneticsOutland-EU236714Not updated
70Fourminute HitmenOutland-EU235153Not updated
71Pilavpowa GET REKT SONOutland-EU233810Not updated
72Pulsewidth Crimson RaidersOutland-EU233379Not updated
73Benjicroc Flubbah and friendsOutland-EU232077Not updated
74Shotkill Lost ElementOutland-EU230893Not updated
75Dedelock ExgeniusOutland-EU229596Not updated
76Brucethecrab AoE the FlagOutland-EU228267Not updated
77Jespersan  Outland-EU225174Not updated
78Candystix Honor CappedOutland-EU224688Not updated
79Sonoxz Happy ViolenceOutland-EU223204Not updated
80Sâints  Outland-EU221681Not updated
81Bajenda ride till i dieOutland-EU221599Not updated
82Carmerlengo  Outland-EU221531Not updated
83Kultegin WTF PvPOutland-EU221382Not updated
84Ekyø  Outland-EU220026Not updated
85Henessý GeneticsOutland-EU219015Not updated
86Momiji Honor CappedOutland-EU218467Not updated
87Freakadelka  Outland-EU218450Not updated
88Cristinel MyrmidonsOutland-EU216649Not updated
89Meatballsz Made in BritainOutland-EU216104Not updated
90Peañut  Outland-EU214470Not updated
91Aquitas Knew You Were TroubleOutland-EU214142Not updated
92Demolex  Outland-EU212212Not updated
93Tarawar  Outland-EU211623Not updated
94Danaik stealthedOutland-EU211192Not updated
95Båten Project SlothOutland-EU210541Not updated
96Astrà Happy HourOutland-EU210336Not updated
97Ijudgeu AbyssOutland-EU210010Not updated
98Shinya My Milk Is ColdOutland-EU208692Not updated
99Verdu TrîvîumOutland-EU207313Not updated
100Cairuz  Outland-EU206147Not updated

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