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Onyxia-EU Honorable Kills
1Bûsta GGOnyxia-EU375293Not updated
2Amuel GGOnyxia-EU144949Not updated
3Somber GGOnyxia-EU100163Not updated
4Silirius GGOnyxia-EU93919Not updated
5Uematsu GGOnyxia-EU91967Not updated
6Electricbeat GGOnyxia-EU91189Not updated
7Aliçe GGOnyxia-EU89020Not updated
8Kaezzmo GGOnyxia-EU88933Not updated
9Dermidistda GGOnyxia-EU88596Not updated
10Brynn GGOnyxia-EU88140Not updated
11Steân GGOnyxia-EU83965Not updated
12Kenshim GGOnyxia-EU80202Not updated
13Valêdain GGOnyxia-EU79516Not updated
14Niogel GGOnyxia-EU73603Not updated
15Darkcookie GGOnyxia-EU73395Not updated
16Noqq GGOnyxia-EU71238Not updated
17Holyfck GGOnyxia-EU65681Not updated
18Barloc GGOnyxia-EU65419Not updated
19Wèspe GGOnyxia-EU62633Not updated
20Propsi GGOnyxia-EU62278Not updated
21Isporp GGOnyxia-EU59266Not updated
22Niahr GGOnyxia-EU56966Not updated
23Slangár GGOnyxia-EU55279Not updated
24Fizey GGOnyxia-EU54856Not updated
25Sneakyone GGOnyxia-EU54509Not updated
26Krushâ GGOnyxia-EU54160Not updated
27Tyraa GGOnyxia-EU51353Not updated
28Qynaya GGOnyxia-EU51197Not updated
29Blackcookie GGOnyxia-EU48283Not updated
30Kellokz GGOnyxia-EU42469Not updated
31Amnésty GGOnyxia-EU42351Not updated
32Konner GGOnyxia-EU42166Not updated
33Sneakycute GGOnyxia-EU41617Not updated
34Pheq GGOnyxia-EU39928Not updated
35Própsi GGOnyxia-EU39366Not updated
36Cean GGOnyxia-EU36649Not updated
37Diggiloo GGOnyxia-EU35012Not updated
38Nere GGOnyxia-EU34283Not updated
39Luuda GGOnyxia-EU32129Not updated
40Slángar GGOnyxia-EU31002Not updated
41Lexxylol GGOnyxia-EU30300Not updated
42Vheissu GGOnyxia-EU29190
43Rhai GGOnyxia-EU27563Not updated
44Valedain GGOnyxia-EU26636Not updated
45Manist GGOnyxia-EU26367Not updated
46Dîgital GGOnyxia-EU25601Not updated
47Kaslan GGOnyxia-EU24914Not updated
48Castercleave GGOnyxia-EU24908Not updated
49Pozi GGOnyxia-EU24536Not updated
50Propsî GGOnyxia-EU22862Not updated
51Xeniâ GGOnyxia-EU21826Not updated
52Grambel GGOnyxia-EU20973Not updated
53Frokx GGOnyxia-EU20759Not updated
54Kadiel GGOnyxia-EU19250Not updated
55Keila GGOnyxia-EU18164Not updated
56Kamillo GGOnyxia-EU17482Not updated
57Luitasil GGOnyxia-EU17052Not updated
58Frokz GGOnyxia-EU16731Not updated
59Meriel GGOnyxia-EU16365Not updated
60Narasz GGOnyxia-EU15705Not updated
61Zynxia GGOnyxia-EU15575Not updated
62Melika GGOnyxia-EU14415Not updated
63Carmella GGOnyxia-EU14409Not updated
64Teslaturm GGOnyxia-EU14076Not updated
65Kasiel GGOnyxia-EU13136Not updated
66Lemon GGOnyxia-EU13069Not updated
67Swuorp GGOnyxia-EU12757Not updated
68Valetine GGOnyxia-EU12187Not updated
69Lolalulu GGOnyxia-EU11882Not updated
70Tyyraa GGOnyxia-EU11867Not updated
71Drîzzle GGOnyxia-EU11711Not updated
72Teagan GGOnyxia-EU11010Not updated
73Clusters GGOnyxia-EU10627Not updated
74Kamila GGOnyxia-EU10501Not updated
75Dreamplay GGOnyxia-EU10193Not updated
76Bliksem GGOnyxia-EU9895Not updated
77Youku GGOnyxia-EU9853Not updated
78Fistalol GGOnyxia-EU9809Not updated
79Dagrot GGOnyxia-EU9490
80Propsinela GGOnyxia-EU9382Not updated
81Rondo GGOnyxia-EU8841Not updated
82Séxybeast GGOnyxia-EU8643Not updated
83Catbôôm GGOnyxia-EU8395Not updated
84Dnß GGOnyxia-EU7753Not updated
85Yamaoka GGOnyxia-EU7738Not updated
86Mooty GGOnyxia-EU7552Not updated
87Dêrzêrstôrêr GGOnyxia-EU7308Not updated
88Propsisch GGOnyxia-EU7268Not updated
89Cêan GGOnyxia-EU7197Not updated
90Brinky GGOnyxia-EU7104Not updated
91Aveeraa GGOnyxia-EU6980Not updated
92Kanya GGOnyxia-EU6624Not updated
93Mightyø GGOnyxia-EU6468Not updated
94Drewler GGOnyxia-EU6203Not updated
95Highkicklol GGOnyxia-EU6095Not updated
96Bestmageeu GGOnyxia-EU5936Not updated
97Possimpible GGOnyxia-EU5907Not updated
98Myrii GGOnyxia-EU5679Not updated
99Genzó GGOnyxia-EU5483Not updated
100Ketzmo GGOnyxia-EU5344Not updated

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