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Onyxia-EU Honorable Kills
1Bûsta GGOnyxia-EU375293Not updated
2Alterego Orden des BlutesOnyxia-EU302959Not updated
3Shâdøwçháøz I Ðøñtårmørÿmë IOnyxia-EU299362Not updated
4Marwana Die PandabärenOnyxia-EU296636Not updated
5Decaf  Onyxia-EU292461Not updated
6Ohmschick CorvusOnyxia-EU271978
7Ôra dream bigOnyxia-EU269076
8Gantt Pure BrutalityOnyxia-EU258509Not updated
9Sinthalia Last HopeOnyxia-EU255500
10Kaosz NightShadeOnyxia-EU241953
11Grey Verrückt nach AllyOnyxia-EU234197Not updated
12Taubenblau Rent a HeroOnyxia-EU229071Not updated
13Zgryzot connectedOnyxia-EU219488Not updated
14Criddlelin  Onyxia-EU217659Not updated
15Skît BloodySensesOnyxia-EU215978Not updated
16Sephnta WalhallaOnyxia-EU214310
17Redworm Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU209611Not updated
18Tangard DestroyersOnyxia-EU197565Not updated
19Ðjîn ll V I P llOnyxia-EU194524Not updated
20Heinzl LokNaradOnyxia-EU194374Not updated
21Negator Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU194161
22Wildtöter  Onyxia-EU192552Not updated
23Sheydaa Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU189410Not updated
24Metatrona  Onyxia-EU189130Not updated
25Teuro BioHazaRdOnyxia-EU180830Not updated
26Nerara cry more plxOnyxia-EU180711Not updated
27Whesley Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU178313
28Clint Alpha TeamOnyxia-EU174312
29Donniie  Onyxia-EU174260Not updated
30Abigailé HorusOnyxia-EU172899
31Nepenthes ImmortalityOnyxia-EU172489Not updated
32Nikiena Noire ÂmeOnyxia-EU168994Not updated
33Tutsy Now YOU get a ProblemOnyxia-EU167934
34Malîssa scientia potentia estOnyxia-EU166452Not updated
35Infantry Last HopeOnyxia-EU166293Not updated
36Beachboy All InOnyxia-EU165094Not updated
37Kiska  Onyxia-EU165026Not updated
38Shanona DestroyersOnyxia-EU162735
39Altermann Rent a HeroOnyxia-EU162236Not updated
40Ràydén bremst nicht für AllisOnyxia-EU162148
41Eljey M P SOnyxia-EU161180Not updated
42Bíllý  Onyxia-EU160935Not updated
43Mescalero Shadow PhantomsOnyxia-EU160748
44Taurus  Onyxia-EU160664Not updated
45Escalante connectedOnyxia-EU158566Not updated
46Jaýdee  Onyxia-EU156096Not updated
47Prata How I met your GrannyOnyxia-EU155616Not updated
48Phrakk DestroyersOnyxia-EU154334Not updated
49Blinkme Freunde GnomeregansOnyxia-EU154066Not updated
50Ninjapirate Soul EaterOnyxia-EU153578
51Æska  Onyxia-EU153056Not updated
52Jackii cheatetOnyxia-EU152990Not updated
53Taranis M P SOnyxia-EU152924Not updated
54Grakatz noLimitsOnyxia-EU152842Not updated
55Oradín Béta ProtokollOnyxia-EU151477
56Sarkomer Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU151430Not updated
57Arkanta InnocentiaOnyxia-EU151403
58Greenthing Two and a half OrkOnyxia-EU150837Not updated
59Menapharos Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU150711Not updated
60Aransul  Onyxia-EU149539Not updated
61Kyuri  Onyxia-EU148561Not updated
62Røwdy Oh NoesOnyxia-EU147848Not updated
63Isna CorvusOnyxia-EU147798
64Exkangal  Onyxia-EU146674Not updated
65Taure ImpactOnyxia-EU146292
66Maggøt  Onyxia-EU144818Not updated
67Insomnîa Freunde GnomeregansOnyxia-EU144641
68Nakantanka Sempêr TalisOnyxia-EU144076
69Jmë connectedOnyxia-EU142245Not updated
70Exö SturmklingeOnyxia-EU141900
71Thoroc Shadar LogothOnyxia-EU141195
72Patrônus  Onyxia-EU141060Not updated
73Oregane ImpactOnyxia-EU140894Not updated
74Tenaran Verrückt nach AllyOnyxia-EU139819Not updated
75Krozy DragonclawOnyxia-EU139751Not updated
76Zethis ImpactOnyxia-EU139697
77Theseuss  Onyxia-EU139651Not updated
78Gemini  Onyxia-EU139386Not updated
79Chainsaw Liquid DeathOnyxia-EU139199Not updated
80Partysofter ExcidiumOnyxia-EU138466
81Nifan Bruderschaft des NordensOnyxia-EU138323Not updated
82Skøl slashOnyxia-EU136554Not updated
83Gunhilda SlaughterhouseOnyxia-EU135541Not updated
84Sígns  Onyxia-EU135396Not updated
85Asakuza securitasOnyxia-EU134262Not updated
86Allidevil wOotOnyxia-EU133971Not updated
87Revange Die aufhaltbare MachtOnyxia-EU133091Not updated
88Yulinb Ultimate MultiboxersOnyxia-EU133039Not updated
89Yuline Ultimate MultiboxersOnyxia-EU133011Not updated
90Qbit bruvOnyxia-EU132994
91Yulinc Ultimate MultiboxersOnyxia-EU132344Not updated
92Trötenköter  Onyxia-EU132328Not updated
93Enigmas Nocturnis SanguinisOnyxia-EU132234
94Yulina Ultimate MultiboxersOnyxia-EU132151Not updated
95Kuhlevel The Dark Side of JusticeOnyxia-EU132038Not updated
96Yulind Ultimate MultiboxersOnyxia-EU131868Not updated
97Schockermaus Verrückt nach AllyOnyxia-EU131624Not updated
98Pushback Saber RidersOnyxia-EU131433Not updated
99Zwuck BioHazaRdOnyxia-EU131337Not updated
100Beroghâr DynamicsOnyxia-EU131267Not updated

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