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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Norgannon-EU Honorable Kills
1Blackbanshee Arthas Heilige GardeNorgannon-EU386496Not updated
2Wormfood BloodskullsNorgannon-EU312709Not updated
3Anakata BloodskullsNorgannon-EU295644Not updated
4Xavina Saumässig unterwegsNorgannon-EU269413Not updated
5Helgeswelt InfinityNorgannon-EU238596Not updated
6Euerfeldi Twisted FateNorgannon-EU234301Not updated
7Seelenhunter Helden des LichtsNorgannon-EU228163Not updated
8Aquà IlluminatíNorgannon-EU219606Not updated
9Selypa  Norgannon-EU208995Not updated
10Deviltrip  Norgannon-EU205975Not updated
11Elenora NachtschwärmerNorgannon-EU197286Not updated
12Lilobn  Norgannon-EU196957Not updated
13Tworays IlluminatíNorgannon-EU196877Not updated
14Millknight The Free FightersNorgannon-EU184132Not updated
15Zyoz Circle of LightNorgannon-EU184100Not updated
16Raydric DarklegionNorgannon-EU179700Not updated
17Entraz  Norgannon-EU179623Not updated
18Basted Pirates of the AllianceNorgannon-EU177022Not updated
19Selex Arctic HawksNorgannon-EU164122Not updated
20Potestatem SanctuaryNorgannon-EU161521Not updated
21Schenti RouquinNorgannon-EU158594Not updated
22Tirulala DarklegionNorgannon-EU157280Not updated
23Ilvy Helden des LichtsNorgannon-EU152955Not updated
24Clepto  Norgannon-EU152008Not updated
25Mirisade Circle of LightNorgannon-EU144026Not updated
26Sânarah  Norgannon-EU143953Not updated
27Minifeldi  Norgannon-EU143945Not updated
28Keile Three KïngsNorgannon-EU142329Not updated
29Farinah Fallen EmpiresNorgannon-EU141812Not updated
30Charlys  Norgannon-EU141786Not updated
31Enlightment IlluminatíNorgannon-EU141032Not updated
32Prudence Le Pacte des LoupsNorgannon-EU141028Not updated
33Anubisl Twisted FateNorgannon-EU140517Not updated
34Aissa Mortis VelesNorgannon-EU139196Not updated
35Tìtan Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU138231Not updated
36Krypp  Norgannon-EU137326Not updated
37Zymit InfinityNorgannon-EU134146Not updated
38Collatus GodfatherNorgannon-EU133562Not updated
39Forscht Twisted FateNorgannon-EU132806Not updated
40Kruppmonsta DarklegionNorgannon-EU129567Not updated
41Rêv Fight Club RatchetNorgannon-EU127163Not updated
42Schatschi WTF is ArthasNorgannon-EU124188Not updated
43Ðelany Warsong BunnysNorgannon-EU123103Not updated
44Sequìd most hated enemyNorgannon-EU119388Not updated
45Bloodlúst Carpe NoctemNorgannon-EU115929Not updated
46Empyre  Norgannon-EU114578Not updated
47Cooc Norgannons AllianzNorgannon-EU109064Not updated
48Iruini CosmicosNorgannon-EU107964Not updated
49Ravenwing GhostunitNorgannon-EU107011Not updated
50Feymandra  Norgannon-EU106740Not updated
51Valkyrien Thors HammerNorgannon-EU106572Not updated
52Manudt Die goldenen NachtelfenNorgannon-EU105035Not updated
53Wauzih ConsortioNorgannon-EU104638Not updated
54Irti BloodskullsNorgannon-EU103906Not updated
55Nuke Attack Me I Luv WorldPvPNorgannon-EU102962Not updated
56Cromsonn  Norgannon-EU100812Not updated
57Derdu Fight ClubNorgannon-EU100171Not updated
58Torian  Norgannon-EU98789Not updated
59Emilydan TemplerordenNorgannon-EU97690Not updated
60Underground DignitasNorgannon-EU97204Not updated
61Oggo  Norgannon-EU95085Not updated
62Suxul Team GGNorgannon-EU94799Not updated
63Savirra Hellfire ClanNorgannon-EU94729Not updated
64Ljiljana Wächter der SäulenNorgannon-EU94710Not updated
65Missjuli Mirror EffectNorgannon-EU94474Not updated
66Kuppi MisanthropNorgannon-EU94037Not updated
67Bettyblue SEVEN OF NINENorgannon-EU93834Not updated
68Wodbank Clan MinotaurusNorgannon-EU93674Not updated
69Khayn MisanthropNorgannon-EU92872Not updated
70Hellg Murloc AcademyNorgannon-EU91760Not updated
71Poltergeist  Norgannon-EU91578Not updated
72Tequilababe Dark KnightsNorgannon-EU90703Not updated
73Ubok LábankaNorgannon-EU90391Not updated
74Oddjob GoftarNorgannon-EU89611Not updated
75Balrøc DarklegionNorgannon-EU89175Not updated
76Ronso  Norgannon-EU88549Not updated
77Damoor FuturaNorgannon-EU88522Not updated
78Adragur Blood CircleNorgannon-EU87893Not updated
79Trinitie LáFâmilîaNorgannon-EU86372Not updated
80Sensimilia Divine InterventionNorgannon-EU85930Not updated
81Brôskô  Norgannon-EU84961Not updated
82Slyn  Norgannon-EU84415Not updated
83Gìni TemplerordenNorgannon-EU83594Not updated
84Ziwuiziwui Defenders of GrayskullNorgannon-EU83024Not updated
85Jagdfreund  Norgannon-EU82995Not updated
86Hömal  Norgannon-EU82893Not updated
87Imperion InfinityNorgannon-EU82124Not updated
88Dylân  Norgannon-EU80762Not updated
89Shràm most hated enemyNorgannon-EU80708Not updated
90Snorrbart Ace of ShadowNorgannon-EU80480Not updated
91Rév Fight Club RatchetNorgannon-EU80222Not updated
92Zap The Eternal MemoriesNorgannon-EU80106Not updated
93Mogur Murphys LawNorgannon-EU79375Not updated
94Alystaxqt OriginNorgannon-EU79300Not updated
95Proximus DignitasNorgannon-EU79138Not updated
96Shiiva Twisted FateNorgannon-EU78841Not updated
97Enraged IlluminatíNorgannon-EU77684Not updated
98Dreams IlluminatíNorgannon-EU76651Not updated
99Warthog  Norgannon-EU76490Not updated
100Psykerx Mental OverloadNorgannon-EU76325Not updated

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