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Norgannon-KR Honorable Kills
1낭만드루이드  Norgannon-KR447996Not updated
2리치군 Team SupernovaNorgannon-KR276174Not updated
3박차장  Norgannon-KR270833Not updated
4Blackinlight  Norgannon-KR252107Not updated
5고로나 재 벌Norgannon-KR214503Not updated
6경매인소와타  Norgannon-KR193493Not updated
7Judo Alea iacta estNorgannon-KR192292Not updated
8아왜여  Norgannon-KR191984Not updated
9Dayblood  Norgannon-KR191487Not updated
10민은지  Norgannon-KR190609Not updated
11타우렌삼삼  Norgannon-KR181752Not updated
12Kenshirou  Norgannon-KR176480Not updated
13Cowboybebop  Norgannon-KR175618Not updated
14블랙레젼드 재 벌Norgannon-KR168811Not updated
15무영도적  Norgannon-KR164047Not updated
16또저런다  Norgannon-KR160653Not updated
17지휘지휘지휘  Norgannon-KR158947Not updated
18Stylishblue  Norgannon-KR158419Not updated
19대한민국해병대  Norgannon-KR156355Not updated
20피꼬쭈  Norgannon-KR154071Not updated
21발화력  Norgannon-KR153570Not updated
22썬퓨리온  Norgannon-KR153145Not updated
23타우랜칩튼  Norgannon-KR149501Not updated
24노아웃  Norgannon-KR145999Not updated
25아이스피어  Norgannon-KR145907Not updated
26신라사부로 재 벌Norgannon-KR145765Not updated
27털보고시녀  Norgannon-KR144481Not updated
28내가지켜줄께  Norgannon-KR141972Not updated
29이띠이띠  Norgannon-KR137478Not updated
30술사도  Norgannon-KR137209Not updated
31라빗쨩 UltimatumNorgannon-KR136217Not updated
32천마인  Norgannon-KR135735Not updated
33다크베날  Norgannon-KR135488Not updated
34감시왕  Norgannon-KR131992Not updated
35기소불욕물시어인  Norgannon-KR131840Not updated
36오빠는손만잡어  Norgannon-KR131441Not updated
37Hagran  Norgannon-KR131034Not updated
38원조그분 I Once in a BlueMoon INorgannon-KR128985Not updated
39Retry  Norgannon-KR127964Not updated
40Coit  Norgannon-KR124569Not updated
41Yazz  Norgannon-KR123612Not updated
42단괴  Norgannon-KR122821Not updated
43건달투  Norgannon-KR122245Not updated
44스우랑  Norgannon-KR121286Not updated
45점화  Norgannon-KR120755Not updated
46Pazz  Norgannon-KR120463Not updated
47Nabis  Norgannon-KR120153Not updated
48토템을등에돌격  Norgannon-KR119608Not updated
49Forthewin  Norgannon-KR117696Not updated
50클라이엔  Norgannon-KR116714Not updated
51세븐어브나인  Norgannon-KR116360Not updated
52형은임마존나쎄  Norgannon-KR113194Not updated
53궁디라뷰  Norgannon-KR113176Not updated
54Falloutboy  Norgannon-KR112446Not updated
55빙시  Norgannon-KR110993Not updated
56잘지내요  Norgannon-KR110629Not updated
57Daveblackie  Norgannon-KR110059Not updated
58레전드스톰  Norgannon-KR109104Not updated
59훅가  Norgannon-KR108515Not updated
60팬티속미사일  Norgannon-KR108478Not updated
61Xshot  Norgannon-KR107181Not updated
62개부끄 Clan SaintNorgannon-KR107126Not updated
63슈할리  Norgannon-KR106835Not updated
64케빈임  Norgannon-KR106773Not updated
65터푸맨  Norgannon-KR106493Not updated
66Tosan  Norgannon-KR106291Not updated
67토템만박어  Norgannon-KR104732Not updated
68사랑해미니야  Norgannon-KR103141Not updated
69지연냠냠  Norgannon-KR102782Not updated
70북두의조준사격  Norgannon-KR102676Not updated
71호박밭의파수꾼  Norgannon-KR102601Not updated
72애끼  Norgannon-KR101148Not updated
73제리맨  Norgannon-KR100691Not updated
74지떵함다  Norgannon-KR100686Not updated
75Vagrant  Norgannon-KR100551Not updated
76잡티  Norgannon-KR100475Not updated
77박아줄까 골목대장Norgannon-KR100007Not updated
78주술사용이  Norgannon-KR99916Not updated
79럭셔리도적  Norgannon-KR99191Not updated
80응석쟁이  Norgannon-KR98970Not updated
81Iwasaki  Norgannon-KR98957Not updated
82크림슨타우렌 VII KinderheimNorgannon-KR97376Not updated
83Imagery  Norgannon-KR97328Not updated
84링뚜  Norgannon-KR96178Not updated
85Vou  Norgannon-KR96054Not updated
86아트와이트  Norgannon-KR95209Not updated
87휘공자  Norgannon-KR94927Not updated
88노리미트  Norgannon-KR93316Not updated
89아웅이 재 벌Norgannon-KR92641Not updated
90싸대기후리기  Norgannon-KR91489Not updated
91기묘씨  Norgannon-KR90376Not updated
92효리  Norgannon-KR90235Not updated
93보우로드아탈진  Norgannon-KR89814Not updated
94울림한  Norgannon-KR88638Not updated
95열한살  Norgannon-KR88548Not updated
96알랭들롱  Norgannon-KR88351Not updated
97김깜순  Norgannon-KR87707Not updated
98장민  Norgannon-KR87630Not updated
99자돈 Team CombinationNorgannon-KR87572
100속삭이는바람  Norgannon-KR87172Not updated

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