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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nordrassil-EU Honorable Kills
1Nyoghta Casual CraftNordrassil-EU440774Not updated
2Raha WildrunnersNordrassil-EU327175Not updated
3Mikaaku  Nordrassil-EU252735Not updated
4Ubforty MortalityNordrassil-EU247042Not updated
5Asclepius  Nordrassil-EU238473Not updated
6Kynigoula Guardians of FaithNordrassil-EU227853Not updated
7Mytko Napalm In The MorningNordrassil-EU213655Not updated
8Boen Cosmic NovaNordrassil-EU211104Not updated
9Agahst Shades FuryNordrassil-EU203967Not updated
10Slackalice Easy CompanyNordrassil-EU196476Not updated
11Nagahime Team MythNordrassil-EU195672Not updated
12Helldozer FORTITUDENordrassil-EU193966Not updated
13Lytta Friend and ShieldNordrassil-EU191145Not updated
14Thewuch Legion Of The TideNordrassil-EU185805Not updated
15Atlantas Heaven RebornNordrassil-EU180865Not updated
16Naomilke FaithfullNordrassil-EU177352Not updated
17Malcor DysOrderNordrassil-EU174786Not updated
18Æonei AntebellumNordrassil-EU173588Not updated
19Alzarin The Eleventh HourNordrassil-EU172362Not updated
20Odiss EquilibriumNordrassil-EU168193Not updated
21Powerslug Fallen LegionNordrassil-EU166244Not updated
22Amun Natural LawsNordrassil-EU163779Not updated
23Devitas VesuviusNordrassil-EU153919Not updated
24Blunderhoof  Nordrassil-EU152783Not updated
25Skarface Temple Of BachusNordrassil-EU152684Not updated
26Whasabi Italian EliteNordrassil-EU150559Not updated
27Littlefred BloodcreedNordrassil-EU147198Not updated
28Liddiard  Nordrassil-EU147009Not updated
29Nomortal Darth RaidersNordrassil-EU146533Not updated
30Relaen FaithfullNordrassil-EU143733Not updated
31Summerr Fallen LegionNordrassil-EU142833Not updated
32Sazuki  Nordrassil-EU142141Not updated
33Octorios DysOrderNordrassil-EU141097Not updated
34Mahony Blue DragonsNordrassil-EU140714Not updated
35Scalpel  Nordrassil-EU136320Not updated
36Jakora  Nordrassil-EU135595Not updated
37Brangola PunishersNordrassil-EU133980Not updated
38Mystress  Nordrassil-EU133624Not updated
39Hellgiver Steaks On A PlainNordrassil-EU133518Not updated
40Himman The slackers clubNordrassil-EU132317Not updated
41Aseron Easy CompanyNordrassil-EU131785Not updated
42Paul All Guild PerksNordrassil-EU130238Not updated
43Flappie ZeroNordrassil-EU129120Not updated
44Sendahl SanctusNordrassil-EU128602Not updated
45Pythîa Cosmic NovaNordrassil-EU126740Not updated
46Muaythai Guardians of FaithNordrassil-EU126403Not updated
47Herbalsmoke ATeamNordrassil-EU125357Not updated
48Naremsin Guild PerksNordrassil-EU125277Not updated
49Rak RegressionNordrassil-EU125269Not updated
50Rojin MirageNordrassil-EU124459Not updated
51Pssyche  Nordrassil-EU124164Not updated
52Niith  Nordrassil-EU123694Not updated
53Pitbull Horde EmpireNordrassil-EU122014Not updated
54Bladesong WildrunnersNordrassil-EU121902Not updated
55Njee röböNordrassil-EU121460Not updated
56Oramix The deathly gangNordrassil-EU120515Not updated
57Shinuh ConsequenceNordrassil-EU120172Not updated
58Gusmeister Horde EmpireNordrassil-EU117913Not updated
59Eremdarr For The HordeNordrassil-EU117885Not updated
60Lcsj EchoNordrassil-EU117792Not updated
61Ulixès PerksNordrassil-EU117580Not updated
62Lkobra DignifiedNordrassil-EU117498Not updated
63Morgall StormrageNordrassil-EU115213Not updated
64Belgeusen  Nordrassil-EU115193Not updated
65Cmgbank Easy CompanyNordrassil-EU113436Not updated
66Pandascare Alliance IncNordrassil-EU113369Not updated
67Anadra Number of the BeastNordrassil-EU113160Not updated
68Rootone PreforiaNordrassil-EU113075Not updated
69Zyron Dirty DeedsNordrassil-EU112600Not updated
70Vooie  Nordrassil-EU112147Not updated
71Amunator OdysseyNordrassil-EU111780Not updated
72Legendarymak Fallen LegionNordrassil-EU111133Not updated
73Innocente Friend and ShieldNordrassil-EU110901Not updated
74Crazyrazor PhoenixNordrassil-EU110567Not updated
75Droske Napalm In The MorningNordrassil-EU109314Not updated
76Biasha  Nordrassil-EU109040Not updated
77Tratmot Italian EliteNordrassil-EU108011Not updated
78Cloudblot DignifiedNordrassil-EU107736Not updated
79Chronor  Nordrassil-EU107573Not updated
80Mocck  Nordrassil-EU107328Not updated
81Savate Orda AnomalaNordrassil-EU107321Not updated
82Jenson ResurrectionNordrassil-EU107299Not updated
83Greenpegasus  Nordrassil-EU107274Not updated
84Biffeh ConsequenceNordrassil-EU106542Not updated
85Tinto MysticNordrassil-EU105976Not updated
86Thedstone  Nordrassil-EU105747Not updated
87Burghut  Nordrassil-EU104958Not updated
88Deadcat Against All AuthoritiesNordrassil-EU104349Not updated
89Archangela  Nordrassil-EU103685Not updated
90Frayahs ATeamNordrassil-EU103566Not updated
91Nalfien  Nordrassil-EU103238Not updated
92Nibli Shield and FriendNordrassil-EU103128Not updated
93Bíba röböNordrassil-EU103017Not updated
94Cúddles Easy CompanyNordrassil-EU101499Not updated
95Zunayn HorizonNordrassil-EU101348Not updated
96Scholseymia  Nordrassil-EU100819Not updated
97Valliane BloodBathNordrassil-EU98223Not updated
98Krissus SanctusNordrassil-EU97689Not updated
99Trípper MORITURINordrassil-EU97573Not updated
100Donders Number of the BeastNordrassil-EU97489Not updated

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