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Guildox is preparing for Warlords Raiding

Until raids open on Warlords of Draenor, Guildox has suspended guild and character updates. We will be back shortly before raiding starts with a brand new site, a new look, and lots of exciting features. In the meantime... happy leveling!

Nordrassil-US Honorable Kills
1Sstret NevermoreNordrassil-US365528Not updated
2Robius WarpathNordrassil-US347208Not updated
3Shadowrun  Nordrassil-US332757Not updated
4Cqcbosscqc Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US256911Not updated
5Bridori Five Man ArmyNordrassil-US222497Not updated
6Spreewell S a l v ä t i o nNordrassil-US212119Not updated
7Gibberfletch NullRefNordrassil-US199049Not updated
8Azrielah CC is for NoobsNordrassil-US185180Not updated
9Helchild  Nordrassil-US179906Not updated
10Arrwe VelocityNordrassil-US171571Not updated
11Jassanah Rolling ThunderNordrassil-US168443Not updated
12Akegobeer  Nordrassil-US168129Not updated
13Croaton UnitedNordrassil-US159367Not updated
14Nøntouchable VindicatorsNordrassil-US149978
15Baconhero ImmortalisNordrassil-US140414Not updated
16Crushems VillainsNordrassil-US138526Not updated
17Baldwin Tactical AggressionNordrassil-US138499Not updated
18Blaqueheart  Nordrassil-US134685Not updated
19Vilelamp Minor ProblemsNordrassil-US132393Not updated
20Papasid ONITALLNordrassil-US131859Not updated
21Anthilla NevermoreNordrassil-US130197Not updated
22Bearcatt Dark CrusadersNordrassil-US129428Not updated
23Themok Knight of LordronNordrassil-US129270Not updated
24Teph Legends of AzerothNordrassil-US127742Not updated
25Caballo BRB My cat is on fireNordrassil-US127141Not updated
26Rocksteady HustlemaniaNordrassil-US127068Not updated
27Garetjax WarpathNordrassil-US123913Not updated
28Cachemage NocturnalNordrassil-US123464Not updated
29Tamtam  Nordrassil-US122602Not updated
30Slackgirl is better than youNordrassil-US121969Not updated
31Gondaar PerfidiaNordrassil-US120482Not updated
32Thandin Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US120387Not updated
33Scarrlett  Nordrassil-US120042
34Dragontooth CC is for NoobsNordrassil-US119104Not updated
35Darkshamen DaybreakNordrassil-US118974Not updated
36Doombolt  Nordrassil-US118948Not updated
37Dlb  Nordrassil-US118595Not updated
38Vesis S a l v ä t i o nNordrassil-US118071Not updated
39Partyshank PARTY HARDNordrassil-US112733Not updated
40Yippiekiyay EgocentricNordrassil-US112696Not updated
41Bellå NevermoreNordrassil-US112398Not updated
42Illusiön ObscuraNordrassil-US112237Not updated
43Thornoof Creepin DeathNordrassil-US110519Not updated
44Paokhang YETINordrassil-US110481Not updated
45Talajin  Nordrassil-US107665Not updated
46Elinada SenilityNordrassil-US106012Not updated
47Goodlee ONITALLNordrassil-US104206
48Snapmare WarpathNordrassil-US104067Not updated
49Marìjuana  Nordrassil-US103398Not updated
50Schoolbus HustlemaniaNordrassil-US102892
51Melas Deadly SinsNordrassil-US102648Not updated
52Elwisp Band Of HuntersNordrassil-US102114Not updated
53Extrascrispy EgocentricNordrassil-US100060Not updated
54Dagblödbane  Nordrassil-US96570Not updated
55Pushdabroom Shadow Dragon SyndicateNordrassil-US96490Not updated
56Oryn council of aresNordrassil-US96209Not updated
57Yoh NocturnalNordrassil-US95568
58Kmkninja  Nordrassil-US94433Not updated
59Ghenjei  Nordrassil-US93990Not updated
60Adderon Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US93760Not updated
61Venthia Critz n GigglesNordrassil-US92322Not updated
62Kasane EmpireNordrassil-US92243Not updated
63Acerrubrum Legion of HonorNordrassil-US92151Not updated
64Burbujas The Prometheon OrderNordrassil-US91919Not updated
65Typeß  Nordrassil-US90825Not updated
66Calisante  Nordrassil-US90530Not updated
67Iwa Tactical AggressionNordrassil-US90162Not updated
68Splitty ParadoxNordrassil-US90092Not updated
69Kimberia S a l v ä t i o nNordrassil-US89134Not updated
70Darkween  Nordrassil-US88730Not updated
71Dragonala SenilityNordrassil-US88509
72Belenus Needs More CowbellNordrassil-US88478Not updated
73Arson WarpathNordrassil-US87893Not updated
74Uruz Divine ForsakenNordrassil-US86922Not updated
75Magannis Shadow NinjasNordrassil-US86903Not updated
76Manofmagic HierarchyNordrassil-US86439Not updated
77Year DGAF Death SquadNordrassil-US86257Not updated
78Katlover Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US86030Not updated
79Kusko  Nordrassil-US85798Not updated
80Nuisance Legion of HonorNordrassil-US85586Not updated
81Liddlemoo Mad CowzNordrassil-US85360Not updated
82Kurgann Hammer of NordrassilNordrassil-US85159
83Kanteus Ashes of AzerothNordrassil-US85140Not updated
84Bostonbird SwagNordrassil-US85133Not updated
85Monkar NocturnalNordrassil-US84245Not updated
86Raveñ  Nordrassil-US83848Not updated
87Chupacabre Skulls FedaykinNordrassil-US83613Not updated
88Tangmon  Nordrassil-US82648Not updated
89Valheru  Nordrassil-US82220Not updated
90Meifumado IndeedNordrassil-US81734Not updated
91Abandon  Nordrassil-US81626Not updated
92Xadak  Nordrassil-US81405Not updated
93Crazborg NevermoreNordrassil-US80889Not updated
94Pirate EmpireNordrassil-US79230Not updated
95Coldcuts HustlemaniaNordrassil-US78717Not updated
96Vashh  Nordrassil-US77510Not updated
97Wolfendary NocturnalNordrassil-US77249
98Answer DGAF Death SquadNordrassil-US77140Not updated
99Elmagazo IntercessionNordrassil-US77128Not updated
100Kòràk  Nordrassil-US76594Not updated

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