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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nethersturm-EU Honorable Kills
1Belly Raids de la AlianzaNethersturm-EU281467Not updated
2Lilosilber ThunderNethersturm-EU269169Not updated
3Annilòl  Nethersturm-EU243261Not updated
4Longhair vidiaNethersturm-EU236704Not updated
5Ironsf NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU229801Not updated
6Kyríl All InNethersturm-EU222707Not updated
7Taury Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU216878Not updated
8Honigmund RefugiumNethersturm-EU216199Not updated
9Ðæxter InfinityNethersturm-EU216155Not updated
10Nailz All InNethersturm-EU208524Not updated
11Hodûr Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU197792Not updated
12Joggi SentryNethersturm-EU190481Not updated
13Arwenelf NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU186164Not updated
14Æxødus INTERPOLNethersturm-EU180825Not updated
15Sementis  Nethersturm-EU164332Not updated
16Zynthara Flames of AllianceNethersturm-EU163384Not updated
17Narkotisiert All InNethersturm-EU161980Not updated
18Waudl BlazeNethersturm-EU159621Not updated
19Tierena  Nethersturm-EU158482Not updated
20Dailz All InNethersturm-EU158215Not updated
21Kreuzdame  Nethersturm-EU157852Not updated
22Johnniegunn WuuzaNethersturm-EU157499Not updated
23Lìnk Immortal FlamesNethersturm-EU157457Not updated
24Grimvar DielNorAnduNethersturm-EU156840Not updated
25Zambaloo Helden des MondesNethersturm-EU156354Not updated
26Deathwave  Nethersturm-EU146046Not updated
27Ðelilah No MercyNethersturm-EU143612Not updated
28Bambû Royal FlushNethersturm-EU143120Not updated
29Weltenkind world on fireNethersturm-EU141384Not updated
30Vóltan InfinityNethersturm-EU140974Not updated
31Baculatus RevenantNethersturm-EU133039Not updated
32Tarrog  Nethersturm-EU132665Not updated
33Dracô Ladys and GentlemanNethersturm-EU132593Not updated
34Lámbda NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU132449Not updated
35Pâxi All InNethersturm-EU131527Not updated
36Teixel  Nethersturm-EU130923Not updated
37Desîrêê CheyenneNethersturm-EU129565Not updated
38Darthtank MiracleNethersturm-EU121743Not updated
39Aigil RAIDZNethersturm-EU121171Not updated
40Kelthuz  Nethersturm-EU120503Not updated
41Rayadz PredoxNethersturm-EU119480Not updated
42Pfeilsang S P A R T ANethersturm-EU117253Not updated
43Grimmlol  Nethersturm-EU116898Not updated
44Chevalî i M WiTH STUPiDNethersturm-EU116888Not updated
45Thomämmer Dark MessiahsNethersturm-EU114958Not updated
46Schreck Chaos BandeNethersturm-EU114266Not updated
47Styg  Nethersturm-EU112354Not updated
48Kaeyz BlackHuntersNethersturm-EU112170Not updated
49Aléxes DOWNNethersturm-EU111581Not updated
50Preese Die SchattenkämpferNethersturm-EU111536Not updated
51Sacklpicker  Nethersturm-EU111382Not updated
52Bronzepiet AussieParkBoyzNethersturm-EU111160Not updated
53Dreckig  Nethersturm-EU111111Not updated
53Indecision Please MTV pîmp my RealmNethersturm-EU111111Not updated
55Amnesie Lass mich Arzt bin durchNethersturm-EU111029Not updated
56Aeo  Nethersturm-EU110670Not updated
57Ferwhir Royal FlushNethersturm-EU110290Not updated
58Gerlaf  Nethersturm-EU107870Not updated
59Dragontn  Nethersturm-EU107222Not updated
60Tanis MiracleNethersturm-EU106822Not updated
61Lilanê RAIDZNethersturm-EU105843Not updated
62Veers Lass mich Arzt bin durchNethersturm-EU105279Not updated
63Urukus  Nethersturm-EU104996Not updated
64Ciqmind DONT SHOOT IM A REPORTERNethersturm-EU104723Not updated
65Zusu NoctuidaeNethersturm-EU102918Not updated
66Chainsâw  Nethersturm-EU101965Not updated
67Mogda Royal FlushNethersturm-EU99384Not updated
68Donár S P A R T ANethersturm-EU98700Not updated
69Sadcute  Nethersturm-EU97935Not updated
70Jador Nerds IncNethersturm-EU97824Not updated
71Mondklinge Lass mich Arzt bin durchNethersturm-EU96236Not updated
72Hajin MiracleNethersturm-EU94330Not updated
73Mondsüchtig Dark PhönixNethersturm-EU91902Not updated
74Urudorth S P A R T ANethersturm-EU90992Not updated
75Nazzguhl  Nethersturm-EU90311Not updated
76Smøkehoof DisturbedNethersturm-EU90276Not updated
77Evôry CheyenneNethersturm-EU90152Not updated
78Edi The DarksideNethersturm-EU90039Not updated
79Endersflow  Nethersturm-EU89790Not updated
80Konoyaro  Nethersturm-EU89303Not updated
81Dumbledore Die SeherNethersturm-EU88577Not updated
82Drezzi SædraconaNethersturm-EU87824Not updated
83Adaira InfinityNethersturm-EU87773Not updated
84Nitrø ÊnemaNethersturm-EU86971Not updated
85Jouvise  Nethersturm-EU86520Not updated
86Chalimi No MercyNethersturm-EU86463Not updated
87Méphistos DOWNNethersturm-EU86453Not updated
88Ântares DIE ELITENethersturm-EU86173Not updated
89Shawø vidiaNethersturm-EU85830Not updated
90Superhulk Immortal FlamesNethersturm-EU85277Not updated
91Akiturio Eltern an die MachtNethersturm-EU85090Not updated
92Yenja  Nethersturm-EU84288Not updated
93Lechios StigmataNethersturm-EU84271Not updated
94Ambrosija CheyenneNethersturm-EU84164Not updated
95Shein RefugiumNethersturm-EU84130Not updated
96Wrecked TroopersNethersturm-EU84044Not updated
97Overgnomi Nerds IncNethersturm-EU83429Not updated
98Châni vidiaNethersturm-EU82859Not updated
99Queloc WHITEDRAGONSNethersturm-EU82593Not updated
100Lanarak InfinityNethersturm-EU82489Not updated

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