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Nera'thor-EU Honorable Kills
1Akiga Leave or DieNera'thor-EU401950
2Jianglin  Nera'thor-EU223674Not updated
3Bombi Temet NosceNera'thor-EU222736Not updated
4Telcharr Leave or DieNera'thor-EU205882Not updated
5Blutteufel  Nera'thor-EU204240Not updated
6Angelinâ Death MindsNera'thor-EU203570Not updated
7Festral Leave or DieNera'thor-EU198093
8Blady Imbalanced SquadNera'thor-EU192502Not updated
9Nekrask Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU189151Not updated
10Makaio Kranker StolzNera'thor-EU188372Not updated
11Edefix Dark EternityNera'thor-EU185012Not updated
12Bombsn Dirty MindsNera'thor-EU179035Not updated
13Upgrayedd El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU175969Not updated
14Kheltar  Nera'thor-EU175134Not updated
15Moonman Veritas AéquitasNera'thor-EU167637Not updated
16Tscheef Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU166690Not updated
17Grazuhl El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU166533Not updated
18Batal Regiment des SchattensNera'thor-EU165494
19Horca  Nera'thor-EU164230Not updated
20Magestix Leave or DieNera'thor-EU155154
21Asgard Die Teufels TigerNera'thor-EU154944Not updated
22Chidra Night AngelsNera'thor-EU153654Not updated
23Punka Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU152548Not updated
24Comedy Mortuus manusNera'thor-EU152412Not updated
25Notsure  Nera'thor-EU150586Not updated
26Knochenasche itamíNera'thor-EU149873
27Yuhasebe EuløgyNera'thor-EU145848Not updated
28Looven El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU143133Not updated
29Albkrieger Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU142809Not updated
30Eden itamíNera'thor-EU139853Not updated
31Timangi Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU139657
32Optimus PrimeNera'thor-EU139422Not updated
33Keona BlutracheNera'thor-EU138975Not updated
34Seniu PrimeNera'thor-EU137739Not updated
35Pìnky XombiumNera'thor-EU134403Not updated
36Aliesa Molkerei DonnerfelsNera'thor-EU133727Not updated
37Jensiboy  Nera'thor-EU133617Not updated
38Vrag Gia MasNera'thor-EU133022Not updated
39Waitandbleed Exordium SinistrumNera'thor-EU131186Not updated
40Tryn  Nera'thor-EU128131Not updated
41Penèlope  Nera'thor-EU125300Not updated
42Mixcoatl DefianceNera'thor-EU124410
43Amusei Memory RemainsNera'thor-EU124223Not updated
44Farassil  Nera'thor-EU123036Not updated
45Bronko Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU121822Not updated
46Flu Leave or DieNera'thor-EU117114
47Yuuko BlutracheNera'thor-EU116808Not updated
48Dreamweaver Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU116245Not updated
49Ashélia Erdbeer GangNera'thor-EU115484Not updated
50Sydiana Inferno SquadNera'thor-EU115249Not updated
51Nøirøchirurg EuløgyNera'thor-EU115126Not updated
52Zancoli Die Nebel der DämmerungNera'thor-EU114854Not updated
53Netik Dark EternityNera'thor-EU114683Not updated
54Arthuss VanqishNera'thor-EU111926Not updated
55Megrim itamíNera'thor-EU111658
56Setzn Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU111505Not updated
57Imayra Gia MasNera'thor-EU111162Not updated
58Laurina Death MindsNera'thor-EU111089Not updated
59Juhasebe EuløgyNera'thor-EU110870Not updated
60Flexwulf  Nera'thor-EU107725Not updated
61Beldara Rest in PiecesNera'thor-EU106681Not updated
62Chaosguard El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU105710Not updated
63Griswald Leave or DieNera'thor-EU105622Not updated
64Cosíma Gia MasNera'thor-EU104679Not updated
65Razuye Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU103646
66Hâshishin El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU103420Not updated
67Dúnadan Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU102130Not updated
68Zîon ReBirthNera'thor-EU101685Not updated
69Emq  Nera'thor-EU101173Not updated
70Schinder Ultima RatioNera'thor-EU101163Not updated
71Eclipze TempestNera'thor-EU100738Not updated
72Noroch RatedNera'thor-EU100290Not updated
73Paine Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU100272Not updated
74Faze MysteriousNera'thor-EU100129Not updated
75Bellodin Storms of DevastationNera'thor-EU98738Not updated
76Draith Bloodhound GangNera'thor-EU98598Not updated
77Venera El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU97822Not updated
78Bobodin  Nera'thor-EU97718Not updated
79Picup SmashNera'thor-EU97290Not updated
80Gonzo Night AngelsNera'thor-EU96503
81Zaramoth  Nera'thor-EU95540Not updated
82Molarela  Nera'thor-EU94959Not updated
83Hølylolzz winsNera'thor-EU94847Not updated
84Summersùn Temet NosceNera'thor-EU94500Not updated
85Evilleet  Nera'thor-EU94466Not updated
86Rawrfaceroll MEOW MEOW IM SO CUTENera'thor-EU94058Not updated
87Carlhalla InvisusNera'thor-EU94005Not updated
88Ulomo  Nera'thor-EU93767Not updated
89Jackoh Leave or DieNera'thor-EU93140Not updated
90Fàmepolice  Nera'thor-EU92182Not updated
91Hzl El Pollo DiabloNera'thor-EU92142
92Vultrox von zwölf bis mittagNera'thor-EU90656Not updated
93Menace Bloodhound GangNera'thor-EU90473Not updated
94Luziane CABALNera'thor-EU90348
95Gokuhaircut Pony SlaystationNera'thor-EU89899Not updated
96Zortek Ganz großes TennisNera'thor-EU89817Not updated
97Laetithia die keiner wollteNera'thor-EU89713Not updated
98Bakara Mystery LegendsNera'thor-EU89553Not updated
99Richelieux Selbstgerechtes PackNera'thor-EU87713Not updated
100Flare  Nera'thor-EU87662Not updated

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