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Ner'zhul-US Honorable Kills
1Brooky Death FollowsNer'zhul-US54084Not updated
2Sorask Death FollowsNer'zhul-US49404Not updated
3Redforsev Death FollowsNer'zhul-US36753Not updated
4Elecctro Death FollowsNer'zhul-US31070
5Imßatman Death FollowsNer'zhul-US29869Not updated
6Lûcict Death FollowsNer'zhul-US28361Not updated
7Apoiio Death FollowsNer'zhul-US26808Not updated
8Crazyhustler Death FollowsNer'zhul-US26269Not updated
9Lôkî Death FollowsNer'zhul-US25532Not updated
10Kanati Death FollowsNer'zhul-US24128Not updated
11Discrespect Death FollowsNer'zhul-US24058Not updated
12Lsc Death FollowsNer'zhul-US23391Not updated
13Devret Death FollowsNer'zhul-US21435Not updated
14Killava Death FollowsNer'zhul-US21013Not updated
15Redshaman Death FollowsNer'zhul-US17830Not updated
16Orono Death FollowsNer'zhul-US16992Not updated
17Kupa Death FollowsNer'zhul-US16596Not updated
18Arus Death FollowsNer'zhul-US16548
19Meavis Death FollowsNer'zhul-US16235Not updated
20Dirtmcgirt Death FollowsNer'zhul-US15624Not updated
21Blaqueguy Death FollowsNer'zhul-US15493Not updated
22Tomlyn Death FollowsNer'zhul-US13704Not updated
23Papersun Death FollowsNer'zhul-US13664Not updated
24Alray Death FollowsNer'zhul-US13150Not updated
25Flyingfuzz Death FollowsNer'zhul-US12956Not updated
26Extremehit Death FollowsNer'zhul-US12420Not updated
26Ucantseemeha Death FollowsNer'zhul-US12420Not updated
28Judes Death FollowsNer'zhul-US11230Not updated
29Narzan Death FollowsNer'zhul-US11155Not updated
30Kailoken Death FollowsNer'zhul-US10681Not updated
31Vivine Death FollowsNer'zhul-US10343Not updated
32Oddnotion Death FollowsNer'zhul-US9403Not updated
33Lóra Death FollowsNer'zhul-US9347Not updated
34Dreus Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8859Not updated
35Gweney Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8651Not updated
36Filthe Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8488Not updated
37Gamaril Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8468Not updated
38Reckd Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8418Not updated
39Nyuushin Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8296Not updated
40Kailêy Death FollowsNer'zhul-US8135Not updated
41Ahsirol Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7950Not updated
42Ðragnor Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7707Not updated
43Jayime Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7461Not updated
44Basfius Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7266Not updated
45Devillen Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7186Not updated
46Talcyon Death FollowsNer'zhul-US7095Not updated
47Epicfurion Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6733Not updated
48Quínn Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6709Not updated
49Senfang Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6641Not updated
50Bazzila Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6625Not updated
51Imamshaman Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6611Not updated
52Tandorix Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6607Not updated
53Gopro Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6471Not updated
54Epickensei Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6462Not updated
55Monkstër Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6317Not updated
56Lerooyy Death FollowsNer'zhul-US6040Not updated
57Hàzard Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5966Not updated
58Gregoric Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5871Not updated
59Winterveil Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5643Not updated
60Lothare Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5566Not updated
61Fieldmouse Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5478Not updated
62Sekuar Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5459Not updated
63Roches Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5421Not updated
64Rawrmeowbark Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5167Not updated
65Cursedheart Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5141Not updated
66Bigethan Death FollowsNer'zhul-US5014Not updated
67Mazrashuntsu Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4906Not updated
68Riddled Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4825Not updated
69Ðrego Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4763Not updated
70Bracbronzbrd Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4748Not updated
71Txmade Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4619Not updated
72Jalence Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4576Not updated
73Pipsycogburn Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4563Not updated
74Brightmoon Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4499Not updated
75Ucantseeme Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4490Not updated
76Zætana Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4474Not updated
77Storiey Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4468Not updated
78Kalias Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4466Not updated
79Kreamfillin Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4384Not updated
80Wildmario Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4383Not updated
81Childoflight Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4323
82Titantron Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4265Not updated
83Rawrbarkmeow Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4031Not updated
84Jettwayne Death FollowsNer'zhul-US4004Not updated
85Stenethor Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3970Not updated
86Tameka Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3882Not updated
87Sinavestoz Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3696Not updated
88Lessabean Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3611Not updated
89Headmage Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3463Not updated
90Rahlum Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3365Not updated
91Magimaster Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3287Not updated
92Trux Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3253Not updated
93Fattez Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3230Not updated
94Elatara Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3178Not updated
95Aietius Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3160Not updated
96Ilied Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3075Not updated
97Tengar Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3012Not updated
98Nycite Death FollowsNer'zhul-US3009Not updated
99Kodykrunch Death FollowsNer'zhul-US2977Not updated
100Andare Death FollowsNer'zhul-US2889Not updated

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