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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Ner'zhul-US Honorable Kills
1Artillery IncarnateNer'zhul-US442421Not updated
2Joedady FantasyNer'zhul-US335076Not updated
3Cheever CarnageNer'zhul-US329714Not updated
4Lurgarl WartornNer'zhul-US325037Not updated
5Ennaitsirk  Ner'zhul-US316283Not updated
6Dadin  Ner'zhul-US281087Not updated
7Taebok PsychoNer'zhul-US274450Not updated
8Kyntheria Local DefenseNer'zhul-US266339Not updated
9Sengerene Last WordNer'zhul-US264881Not updated
10Micche Tokyo BananaNer'zhul-US246313Not updated
11Alandris Local DefenseNer'zhul-US243205Not updated
12Farrquad Hammers in IronforgeNer'zhul-US231456Not updated
13Kaleid VanguardNer'zhul-US220523Not updated
14Theronguard Durus VeritasNer'zhul-US213423Not updated
15Xexex Saintly PigletNer'zhul-US212152Not updated
16Antojito The DeathWalker ImperiumNer'zhul-US210594Not updated
17Nugsy kickyououtNer'zhul-US209286Not updated
18Nimrhod Four Twenty FriendlyNer'zhul-US205869Not updated
19Deathhimself  Ner'zhul-US205412Not updated
20Syntaxx Wicked Juggalo AssassinsNer'zhul-US204557Not updated
21Heavymetal METALMETHNer'zhul-US200258Not updated
22Halakamala The DeathWalker ImperiumNer'zhul-US198312Not updated
23Dalfuryn Furious PoundingNer'zhul-US195427Not updated
24Kashon Immortal ForgeNer'zhul-US194252Not updated
25Wyff Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US191280Not updated
26Nutrage Last WordNer'zhul-US189770Not updated
27Abarenbou Saintly PigletNer'zhul-US188553Not updated
28Blackuhuru  Ner'zhul-US183010Not updated
29Prynne Last WordNer'zhul-US181470Not updated
30Redricko Lords of DeathNer'zhul-US176208Not updated
31Unclechu Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US174029Not updated
32Pramethious Adventure BuddiesNer'zhul-US171594Not updated
33Tojira GtendoNer'zhul-US169425Not updated
34Pookies ADVENTURE TEAMNer'zhul-US167478Not updated
35Obijoey Local DefenseNer'zhul-US166525Not updated
36Tigerra  Ner'zhul-US166325Not updated
37Tier Spike FlailNer'zhul-US165832Not updated
38Chicky IncarnateNer'zhul-US165638Not updated
39Cindyrella Duh WinningNer'zhul-US161489Not updated
40Spiritedaway Local DefenseNer'zhul-US161348Not updated
41Bonesnap PvE Takes No SkillNer'zhul-US160326Not updated
42Rustyh TabooNer'zhul-US160056Not updated
43Dividi Lost AnarchyNer'zhul-US159491Not updated
44Magyarzeus Project IcarusNer'zhul-US157968Not updated
45Xsus Last WordNer'zhul-US157264Not updated
46Topsumbaung Plays to WinNer'zhul-US156403Not updated
47Pownmeister  Ner'zhul-US156372Not updated
48Armcandy HordecorePwnographyNer'zhul-US155381Not updated
49Gamtime indifferenceNer'zhul-US154379Not updated
50Candy  Ner'zhul-US152907Not updated
51Mdsrdarkness FantasyNer'zhul-US151828Not updated
52Starfoxz  Ner'zhul-US151822Not updated
53Nthorn wintergrapesNer'zhul-US151581Not updated
54Hotdogee BahamutNer'zhul-US150852Not updated
55Somewhere Project IcarusNer'zhul-US149825Not updated
56Poofyy IncarnateNer'zhul-US149454Not updated
57Mythiclulu Gamon GankerNer'zhul-US149109Not updated
58Narrows Adventure BuddiesNer'zhul-US149053Not updated
59Alzeion AnimaNer'zhul-US148921Not updated
60Kaschandra  Ner'zhul-US146546Not updated
61Jason HordecorePwnographyNer'zhul-US146452Not updated
62Yukeegoi Guild PerksNer'zhul-US146134Not updated
63Eyecòn DissonanceNer'zhul-US144079Not updated
64Hazgard  Ner'zhul-US142697Not updated
65Munchkan Local DefenseNer'zhul-US141821Not updated
66Giv Final AscentNer'zhul-US141114Not updated
67Partysubqt Last WordNer'zhul-US140832Not updated
68Aryx MaliciousNer'zhul-US140408Not updated
69Grimstrif lost hopesNer'zhul-US139485Not updated
70Diggz MargaritavilleNer'zhul-US138852Not updated
71Daybreaker The Fallen LegionNer'zhul-US138722Not updated
72Unholysin Last WordNer'zhul-US137940Not updated
73Bravelol  Ner'zhul-US136897Not updated
74Kelios The Guild of ÇåtmåñNer'zhul-US136339Not updated
75Blueberry Last WordNer'zhul-US135824Not updated
76Pray Project IcarusNer'zhul-US134632Not updated
77Nandeyanen Saintly PigletNer'zhul-US134468Not updated
78Rockhart Duh WinningNer'zhul-US133707Not updated
79Taurenzoso Frostwolf Village PeopleNer'zhul-US133017Not updated
80Exodia ADVENTURE TEAMNer'zhul-US132913Not updated
81Limpka  Ner'zhul-US132793Not updated
82Dýermakér Frostwolf Village PeopleNer'zhul-US132777Not updated
83Soosick  Ner'zhul-US132733Not updated
84Nekrolove  Ner'zhul-US132715Not updated
85Mortum Blue MoonNer'zhul-US132417Not updated
86Panzer Local DefenseNer'zhul-US131525Not updated
87Exan Wicked Juggalo AssassinsNer'zhul-US131136Not updated
88Bunnyluv Happy Tree FriendsNer'zhul-US130732Not updated
89Anjork MusouNer'zhul-US130417Not updated
90Moosedrull InflictionNer'zhul-US129243Not updated
91Aiji Project IcarusNer'zhul-US129129Not updated
92Psylentphart  Ner'zhul-US128225Not updated
93Bloodcore Turbo Cyborg NinjasNer'zhul-US127651Not updated
94Slight BuiIt Horde ToughNer'zhul-US127307Not updated
95Jooboo MadeNer'zhul-US127005Not updated
96Frenzi Clan BushidoNer'zhul-US126909Not updated
97Strongsauce ProminenceNer'zhul-US126816Not updated
98Jamesbone  Ner'zhul-US126503Not updated
99Ditkaz CarnageNer'zhul-US126111Not updated
100Redlake  Ner'zhul-US126109Not updated

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