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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Neptulon-EU Honorable Kills
1Lavraka The DestinyNeptulon-EU402600Not updated
2Sokol  Neptulon-EU292799Not updated
3Iamloccø  Neptulon-EU290196Not updated
4Fantaa BrainstormNeptulon-EU280957Not updated
5Plamena Evil WarlockNeptulon-EU272078Not updated
6Seria  Neptulon-EU265266Not updated
7Desita  Neptulon-EU265097Not updated
8Heimdal BrainstormNeptulon-EU235575Not updated
9Mâstal  Neptulon-EU226048Not updated
10Shyly IF ITS RED ITS DEADNeptulon-EU208624Not updated
11Asaviour Brutal NoodlesNeptulon-EU203906Not updated
12Seako  Neptulon-EU201120Not updated
13Siomi Art of DarknessNeptulon-EU200778Not updated
14Leftone RoutaNeptulon-EU200566Not updated
15Laolon Out of GloryNeptulon-EU196096Not updated
16Amorfis Gods of WarsongNeptulon-EU190167Not updated
17Incipitsatan NjordNeptulon-EU188691Not updated
18Margoto AwokenNeptulon-EU187621Not updated
19Maskas Monsters IncNeptulon-EU185176Not updated
20Phanzar LivoniaNeptulon-EU183861Not updated
21Ovcharche ManowarNeptulon-EU179310Not updated
22Atâre tutututNeptulon-EU175713Not updated
23Yo The NephilimNeptulon-EU174064Not updated
24Eronaile DecímatíonNeptulon-EU173577Not updated
25Moicis RawrNeptulon-EU173378Not updated
26Kensai Emperors FinestNeptulon-EU168968Not updated
27Gunly  Neptulon-EU168163Not updated
28Piepe KickApoONeptulon-EU166496Not updated
29Deriarh  Neptulon-EU165619Not updated
30Stubsy  Neptulon-EU163343Not updated
31Gnodor HeavenNeptulon-EU161208Not updated
32Olsendanmark Too Many ButtonsNeptulon-EU160851Not updated
33Priestt BrainstormNeptulon-EU157263Not updated
34Adorada  Neptulon-EU153848Not updated
35Tempest Perfect CircleNeptulon-EU152760Not updated
36Fend  Neptulon-EU151145Not updated
37Nerven  Neptulon-EU149625Not updated
38Vagpayne AfflictionNeptulon-EU148322Not updated
39Canibuz FromHellNeptulon-EU146812Not updated
40Cällipso UncensoredNeptulon-EU146556Not updated
41Elma SomniumNeptulon-EU145402Not updated
42Twinsen  Neptulon-EU143317Not updated
43Kartecharov VI ET ARMISNeptulon-EU142021Not updated
44Cyanne  Neptulon-EU141938Not updated
45Karvelas CTSamuraiNeptulon-EU137706Not updated
46Minitabandus  Neptulon-EU136668Not updated
47Monosugoi  Neptulon-EU136182Not updated
48Dnttryme Art of ConquestNeptulon-EU136060Not updated
49Bgimp Forgotten DynastyNeptulon-EU133662Not updated
50Tsung BGNeptulon-EU132837Not updated
51Madkap MinorityNeptulon-EU130596Not updated
52Moomcy  Neptulon-EU128266Not updated
53Anomen HAZARDNeptulon-EU126894Not updated
54Mejjbi The NephilimNeptulon-EU125885Not updated
55Hazo  Neptulon-EU125778Not updated
56Voodzbro  Neptulon-EU125609Not updated
57Klizzo Hell Fire KnightsNeptulon-EU123621Not updated
58Nardell DecímatíonNeptulon-EU123323Not updated
59Lionking Legit IdentityNeptulon-EU123198Not updated
60Nexium  Neptulon-EU122846Not updated
61Xguard  Neptulon-EU122664Not updated
62Neilin Blackout INCNeptulon-EU122607Not updated
63Bloodwind  Neptulon-EU121872Not updated
64Neyma  Neptulon-EU121773Not updated
65Mylet  Neptulon-EU121626Not updated
66Bianconero  Neptulon-EU121066Not updated
67Hellscreem Perfect CircleNeptulon-EU120477Not updated
68Kaylana IF ITS RED ITS DEADNeptulon-EU120272Not updated
69Chobbo The Sin GamersNeptulon-EU120094Not updated
70Coba  Neptulon-EU119570Not updated
71Jaakeri  Neptulon-EU119200Not updated
72Xasapaklas RawrNeptulon-EU119167Not updated
73Hellina TDANeptulon-EU119162Not updated
74Morgane BrainstormNeptulon-EU118978Not updated
75Dorotheus The NephilimNeptulon-EU118117Not updated
76Vargal Legacy Of VargalNeptulon-EU118088Not updated
77Sandhya BrainstormNeptulon-EU117922Not updated
78Korpiklaani InvadersNeptulon-EU117880Not updated
79Problem  Neptulon-EU117264Not updated
80Sunlight BGNeptulon-EU116901Not updated
81Tephereth KoSNeptulon-EU116897Not updated
82Eienna VisionsNeptulon-EU116350Not updated
83Plumse Held HostileNeptulon-EU115600Not updated
84Yourai  Neptulon-EU115124Not updated
85Sponsor  Neptulon-EU114264Not updated
86Cowkiller BrainstormNeptulon-EU114176Not updated
87Madaxa Forgotten DynastyNeptulon-EU113976Not updated
88Âëí do everything and loseNeptulon-EU113904Not updated
89Lillevoux  Neptulon-EU113366Not updated
90Fadé Volcano LegionNeptulon-EU113231Not updated
91Gery ScreamsNeptulon-EU113197Not updated
92Jumaru Axiom of ChoiceNeptulon-EU113065Not updated
93Womby  Neptulon-EU112698Not updated
94Lokhi Perfect InsanityNeptulon-EU112023Not updated
95Bronze MinorityNeptulon-EU111968Not updated
96Madscot Forgotten DynastyNeptulon-EU111654Not updated
97Mindcracker Art of ConquestNeptulon-EU111596Not updated
98Vanhyo AfflictionNeptulon-EU111566Not updated
99Crystallize UprisingNeptulon-EU111553Not updated
100Neformaale KickApoONeptulon-EU111064Not updated

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