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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nemesis-US Honorable Kills
1Zerocalz FaithNemesis-US663826Not updated
2Julhia  Nemesis-US432646Not updated
3Takiu xoxoNemesis-US315381Not updated
4Sandrao ViciøusNemesis-US309317Not updated
5Shadowgrass GIBE MONI PLSNemesis-US290157Not updated
6Sacret MiquelodeonNemesis-US270827Not updated
7Allykicker Nativös das TrevasNemesis-US265125Not updated
8Killuminati  Nemesis-US258585Not updated
9Duras FaithNemesis-US225747Not updated
10Pypoku Cuz im ProNemesis-US212273Not updated
11Diviny InfernaNemesis-US203880Not updated
12Superelfo LegiãoNemesis-US201740Not updated
13Ssfhinxs Old School PvPNemesis-US199668Not updated
14Mykk PvP Like A BossNemesis-US197546Not updated
15Reomonh PvP Like A BossNemesis-US196534Not updated
16Gilmour Heroes RiseNemesis-US195291Not updated
17Neves WoWcólicosNemesis-US193300Not updated
18Xandom INCONNUNemesis-US191639Not updated
19Grimreapër Cuz im ProNemesis-US190729Not updated
20Astorino  Nemesis-US190381Not updated
21Lightbrige  Nemesis-US183453Not updated
22Guorn SlayerSNemesis-US176803Not updated
23Reinan  Nemesis-US174876Not updated
24Arucàrd Valacirca AdonnenNemesis-US174224Not updated
25Akumah Heroes RiseNemesis-US172644Not updated
26Assamith Esquadrão NôvaNemesis-US171880Not updated
27Gloryos PvP Like A BossNemesis-US167758Not updated
28Slackboy Nativös das TrevasNemesis-US167682Not updated
29Calathis PvP Like A BossNemesis-US166948Not updated
30Annarogue Be Quick or Be DeadNemesis-US164518Not updated
31Àguia Brutalmajor AcademyNemesis-US163307Not updated
32Urruros O ConsórcioNemesis-US162702Not updated
33Einkill NøWayNemesis-US159364Not updated
34Xequetruco ViciøusNemesis-US157544Not updated
35Affness Lions PrideNemesis-US156948Not updated
36Rampagex  Nemesis-US156428Not updated
37Tchayk LegiãoNemesis-US156255Not updated
38Delitta TempláriosNemesis-US155416Not updated
39Calenhil Cuz im ProNemesis-US155043Not updated
40Fusketa Los PampazNemesis-US155020Not updated
41Lørdmarcus Lords of WarNemesis-US153968Not updated
42Malghanes Fate Of GladiatorsNemesis-US152091Not updated
43Shachs Strange WaysNemesis-US151355Not updated
44Goukimaru Nativös das TrevasNemesis-US147351Not updated
45Bezinho Røyal FlushNemesis-US146071Not updated
46Guizim Heroes RiseNemesis-US145726Not updated
47Esvaldina  Nemesis-US144962Not updated
48Zorrk Lock plz make gateNemesis-US144906Not updated
49Tibikko  Nemesis-US144358Not updated
50Dalmons Villains Øf HønørNemesis-US140140Not updated
51Romëu Azeroth HeroesNemesis-US136544Not updated
52Tordeck CenturiõesNemesis-US135524Not updated
53Mulrookz GIBE MONI PLSNemesis-US135302Not updated
54Damnangel Lock plz make gateNemesis-US134841Not updated
55Maux Khaos KorporationNemesis-US134471Not updated
56Tøcha PvP Like A BossNemesis-US134187Not updated
57Tapioka GondorNemesis-US134130Not updated
58Fabinha  Nemesis-US133674Not updated
59Hunthor  Nemesis-US133413Not updated
60Gorekronta  Nemesis-US133381Not updated
61Bornel PvP Like A BossNemesis-US132491Not updated
62Sapphire Hour of ReckoningNemesis-US132051Not updated
63Zigfrid Faca na CaveiraNemesis-US132006Not updated
64Nocego Old School PvPNemesis-US131534Not updated
65Hanorick Heroes RiseNemesis-US131280Not updated
66Quan  Nemesis-US130864Not updated
67Halls Cuz im ProNemesis-US128731Not updated
68Weasel  Nemesis-US127397Not updated
69Pandorabr AliançaBRNemesis-US127374Not updated
70Dredy ShireNemesis-US126472Not updated
71Smuky NNZ GamingNemesis-US125796Not updated
72Diblis xoxoNemesis-US125717Not updated
73Aragornbrr Mais loucos que o BatmanNemesis-US125634Not updated
74Celomar Premade do IllidanNemesis-US125418Not updated
75Aynilson Villains Øf HønørNemesis-US123912Not updated
76Hábil Villains Øf HønørNemesis-US123454Not updated
77Filoka EvolutionnNemesis-US122742Not updated
78Vpe ABSOLUT FUNNemesis-US122712Not updated
79Asmurk Fuzileiros de DurotarNemesis-US122699Not updated
80Välerie The Four HorsemanNemesis-US122339Not updated
81Iluminataìss TempláriosNemesis-US122179Not updated
82Zebedeuson CenturiõesNemesis-US122121Not updated
83Drewan Blood EffectNemesis-US122034Not updated
84Ririel WoWcólicosNemesis-US121311Not updated
85Guaja Scarlet CrusadeNemesis-US120887Not updated
86Toxashot PrimeNemesis-US120829Not updated
87Rivic ViciøusNemesis-US120572Not updated
88Uthorbault  Nemesis-US120202Not updated
89Penella TempláriosNemesis-US119976Not updated
90Umchifresó FEARNemesis-US119018Not updated
91Gromash JawbreakerNemesis-US117224Not updated
92Urukaay Nativös das TrevasNemesis-US116992Not updated
93Ëduardo Nativös das TrevasNemesis-US116839Not updated
94Metallika Lock plz make gateNemesis-US116721Not updated
95Guineveree  Nemesis-US116507Not updated
96Brutalist  Nemesis-US116371Not updated
97Atentaduh Drunken DragonsNemesis-US115836Not updated
98Arthenius Scarlet CrusadeNemesis-US115744Not updated
99Archanjus Os BebadosNemesis-US115430Not updated
100Deathz  Nemesis-US114784Not updated

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