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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nazjatar-EU Honorable Kills
1Melfoy EvokeNazjatar-EU321359Not updated
2Skorm  Nazjatar-EU303737Not updated
3Swayd AddictedNazjatar-EU262548Not updated
4Mixu I got MilkNazjatar-EU257827Not updated
5Zaginsgnag Rends Schwarze SchafeNazjatar-EU236873Not updated
6Løken  Nazjatar-EU231959Not updated
7Shinri Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU205606Not updated
8Speckdotalot  Nazjatar-EU202815Not updated
9Afrah SaunaNazjatar-EU199488Not updated
10Spunoida Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU192099Not updated
11Chubz  Nazjatar-EU188656Not updated
12Ravage  Nazjatar-EU175593Not updated
13Neyos WindfurYNazjatar-EU175124Not updated
14Fourtyeight WindfurYNazjatar-EU166748Not updated
15Brickz  Nazjatar-EU155354Not updated
16Faither The Last DragonsNazjatar-EU154550Not updated
17Bixx Fire of DragonsNazjatar-EU152555Not updated
18Reanimator DuffeDNazjatar-EU147846Not updated
19Azuredragon I got MilkNazjatar-EU142767Not updated
20Lunarîa  Nazjatar-EU139799Not updated
21Ultrasonic I got MilkNazjatar-EU139743Not updated
22Shøcked  Nazjatar-EU139178Not updated
23Tails  Nazjatar-EU137357Not updated
24Kaiserrj Die VollstreckerNazjatar-EU131807Not updated
25Hpsmoran DuffeDNazjatar-EU131748Not updated
26Jägernuss Forsaken HeroesNazjatar-EU130388Not updated
27Zappadon Geh weg ich drop nixNazjatar-EU130223Not updated
28Schlurchi unmatchedNazjatar-EU127951Not updated
29Nicodemus Clan des alten BlutesNazjatar-EU127689Not updated
30Pashapook is so hordyNazjatar-EU126476Not updated
31Shavi  Nazjatar-EU124915Not updated
32Evîlhunt ParadøxNazjatar-EU124224Not updated
33Hunterfreak Metodes MitheNazjatar-EU124197Not updated
34Holywrath  Nazjatar-EU123421Not updated
35Grishnakk  Nazjatar-EU120119Not updated
36Shêsha FoxtrotNazjatar-EU117360Not updated
37Teimon The Last DragonsNazjatar-EU117002Not updated
38Novina The Last DragonsNazjatar-EU113774Not updated
39Hawa  Nazjatar-EU111908Not updated
40Kayneth forever aloneNazjatar-EU111510Not updated
41Tedras Alea Iacta EstNazjatar-EU110606Not updated
42Triskelavus Nazjatars DarksideNazjatar-EU108876Not updated
43Podröl  Nazjatar-EU107421Not updated
44Luxerìa Lords of DestructíonNazjatar-EU107137Not updated
45Spìn  Nazjatar-EU105410Not updated
46Razegar I got MilkNazjatar-EU104975Not updated
47Khaya AddictedNazjatar-EU104519Not updated
48Munkz For the HordeNazjatar-EU104232Not updated
49Noîsîa  Nazjatar-EU102710Not updated
50Xaerian  Nazjatar-EU102418Not updated
51Testobjêkt I got MilkNazjatar-EU101910Not updated
52Køhlrábî  Nazjatar-EU101592Not updated
53Dima Inc un soNazjatar-EU101364Not updated
54Myelin Genesis VitaeNazjatar-EU100610Not updated
55Triblimon Orden der HordeNazjatar-EU98780Not updated
56Rikar Rächer der HordeNazjatar-EU98560Not updated
57Dudist DaltonBrosNazjatar-EU98256Not updated
58Timmiboy TropixNazjatar-EU97552Not updated
59Chaosstyler  Nazjatar-EU97298Not updated
60Kamigal  Nazjatar-EU97044Not updated
61Dorc WindfurYNazjatar-EU96410Not updated
62Smasher  Nazjatar-EU96246Not updated
63Revengé Grex Caterva aus StahlNazjatar-EU95764Not updated
64Socata  Nazjatar-EU95162Not updated
65Bashius  Nazjatar-EU94804Not updated
66Jenie Last RecourseNazjatar-EU92537Not updated
67Löwen The DawNNazjatar-EU91747Not updated
68Ripshock Relatively HarmlessNazjatar-EU90522Not updated
69Kahmøøn  Nazjatar-EU90182Not updated
70Yva UselessNazjatar-EU88045Not updated
71Speedpat  Nazjatar-EU87615Not updated
72Niamoria FeeLingNazjatar-EU87577Not updated
73Rateka  Nazjatar-EU87097Not updated
74Bùllstórm HomelessNazjatar-EU86566Not updated
75Agram Magical DayNazjatar-EU86503Not updated
76Trangu AscardiaNazjatar-EU85887Not updated
77Gurubash  Nazjatar-EU85715Not updated
78Issen  Nazjatar-EU85671Not updated
79Heiligenblut Pink PvP PwnageNazjatar-EU85029Not updated
80Pico Comunità del AmiciNazjatar-EU84690Not updated
81Badjoker Konkurrenz in ActionNazjatar-EU84284Not updated
82Gøth  Nazjatar-EU83821Not updated
83Sícaríus  Nazjatar-EU83768Not updated
84Cyrùs EffectiveNazjatar-EU83440Not updated
85Samrache will nur kuschelnNazjatar-EU83188Not updated
86Sareh  Nazjatar-EU83155Not updated
87Jinthalor Rächer der HordeNazjatar-EU83011Not updated
88Korxx NerfedNazjatar-EU82979Not updated
89Buschiizwo  Nazjatar-EU82025Not updated
90Taroí  Nazjatar-EU81847Not updated
91Kerosha EvokeNazjatar-EU81734Not updated
92Shadout  Nazjatar-EU81522Not updated
93Director UsefulNazjatar-EU81402Not updated
94Argies BlutherzenNazjatar-EU80973Not updated
95Polonie The DawNNazjatar-EU80018Not updated
96Sichlorqt The Hemp ConnectionNazjatar-EU79840Not updated
97Iflywithyou Unemployed and HappyNazjatar-EU79743Not updated
98Senturos seasonNazjatar-EU78530Not updated
99Nasuda For the HordeNazjatar-EU78384Not updated
100Ninifè  Nazjatar-EU78141Not updated

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