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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nazgrel-US Honorable Kills
1Treilden ShadowMastersNazgrel-US387276Not updated
2Shadowbeast Nibiru AsylumNazgrel-US369308Not updated
3Schwengenoss  Nazgrel-US299688Not updated
4Deveron StormrageNazgrel-US266258Not updated
5Meargvil StormrageNazgrel-US253222Not updated
6Johntheo Act of ValorNazgrel-US251842Not updated
7Shimano Elders of LegendNazgrel-US237684Not updated
8Primitive  Nazgrel-US236430Not updated
9Flatop Nibiru AsylumNazgrel-US223865Not updated
10Hawksmissy The Dark HordeNazgrel-US211984Not updated
11Benttwig Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US204977Not updated
12Groundsluice Eclipse LunaireNazgrel-US186203Not updated
13Agegnon Act of ValorNazgrel-US178216Not updated
14Ghostwalk radioactive pandaNazgrel-US165753Not updated
15Tevox  Nazgrel-US163768Not updated
16Ickaraus AddonexusNazgrel-US153484Not updated
17Kazjin Simply EvilNazgrel-US153013Not updated
18Momba Rudy was offsidesNazgrel-US150870Not updated
19Tdáwg  Nazgrel-US150081Not updated
20Orgrom HellscreamNazgrel-US145047Not updated
21Durem Horde LordsNazgrel-US142865Not updated
22Twolady Seekers Of The LightNazgrel-US142502Not updated
23Voldin Eat Sleep WoWNazgrel-US135374Not updated
24Kirajade JinxNazgrel-US135044Not updated
25Curufingon  Nazgrel-US133328Not updated
26Elroy Rudy was offsidesNazgrel-US132905Not updated
27Aliece Easy CompanyNazgrel-US131323Not updated
28Kogu  Nazgrel-US131319Not updated
29Kwijebo Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US130533Not updated
30Dmedic Ghost HoundsNazgrel-US127698Not updated
31Knighstalker shrinkageNazgrel-US126386Not updated
32Mezzomalech TwoBitNazgrel-US123240Not updated
33Revintore shrinkageNazgrel-US119052Not updated
34Koalat You MirinNazgrel-US117607Not updated
35Rileyrabbit Animus SordidusNazgrel-US117146Not updated
36Reckinx  Nazgrel-US116702Not updated
37Helf Good EatsNazgrel-US116401Not updated
38Sniperburte  Nazgrel-US114438Not updated
39Undertakers Crit HappensNazgrel-US112747Not updated
40Thefreak Thefreak GuildNazgrel-US112739Not updated
41Siennamar ShadowMastersNazgrel-US111969Not updated
42Belanon  Nazgrel-US110555Not updated
43Sinestra  Nazgrel-US109140Not updated
44Jaarzul Ashes to AshesNazgrel-US107768Not updated
45Krenim Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US107736Not updated
46Octaviana  Nazgrel-US107509Not updated
47Willythewolf The HamburglarsNazgrel-US107108Not updated
48Imacapu OminousNazgrel-US106838Not updated
49Faiteh Ashes to AshesNazgrel-US104392Not updated
50Steelee End GameNazgrel-US104030Not updated
51Disfigure  Nazgrel-US103515Not updated
52Prox U n f o r g i v e nNazgrel-US100238Not updated
53Adoran  Nazgrel-US99446Not updated
54Saxnot The Tauren TippersNazgrel-US99373Not updated
55Xlelu  Nazgrel-US98601Not updated
56Nyrian Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US98331Not updated
57Grizgore  Nazgrel-US98204Not updated
58Oozzoo KarnageNazgrel-US96140Not updated
59Darksingh Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US95861Not updated
60Tessthemess Act of ValorNazgrel-US95855Not updated
61Rl InfinityNazgrel-US95739Not updated
62Jeis The Elite HuntersNazgrel-US95665Not updated
63Ludacrous Wicked IntentNazgrel-US95656Not updated
64Stiner The DemontionsNazgrel-US94313Not updated
65Annalise Advertise HereNazgrel-US94269Not updated
66Occupypink  Nazgrel-US93804Not updated
67Uradict Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US93303Not updated
68Stalku No Leaf CloverrNazgrel-US93279Not updated
69Gilthor Rudy was offsidesNazgrel-US91788Not updated
70Vanïlla JuiceNazgrel-US88607Not updated
71Marble Queens ShadowNazgrel-US87573Not updated
72Kasie  Nazgrel-US87276Not updated
73Meàculpa  Nazgrel-US86776Not updated
74Deathsshadow  Nazgrel-US86504Not updated
75Makoosah Scourge Busters AllianceNazgrel-US86007Not updated
76Silentstorms  Nazgrel-US85092Not updated
77Hopi Ashes to AshesNazgrel-US85016Not updated
78Dontsqueeze StormrageNazgrel-US83437Not updated
79Skogi Invincible KnightsNazgrel-US83181Not updated
80Bloodyguy Rudy was offsidesNazgrel-US82577Not updated
81Darkreaper Horde LordsNazgrel-US82304Not updated
82Daegyn Public NoticeNazgrel-US81923Not updated
83Ancalime ShadowMastersNazgrel-US81922Not updated
84Crypton  Nazgrel-US81567Not updated
85Apocalyspe FAITH RebornNazgrel-US81366Not updated
86Ishkur Darker Side of NonsenseNazgrel-US81290Not updated
87Shruude PandoraNazgrel-US80985Not updated
88Fingon Rudy was offsidesNazgrel-US80401Not updated
89Sumraye  Nazgrel-US80228Not updated
90Severing AdrastiaNazgrel-US79267Not updated
91Timeshare  Nazgrel-US79069Not updated
92Arrell InfinityNazgrel-US79002Not updated
93Photo RegulatorsNazgrel-US78156Not updated
94Wovoka  Nazgrel-US78096Not updated
95Scopio Ashes to AshesNazgrel-US78011Not updated
96Georjia Queens ShadowNazgrel-US77605Not updated
97Frizzlefried JinxNazgrel-US76087Not updated
98Deldornia Ghost HoundsNazgrel-US75384Not updated
99Auxilius  Nazgrel-US74667Not updated
100Calthon Eternal DarknessNazgrel-US74441Not updated

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