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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Nathrezim-EU Honorable Kills
1Tille in PanicNathrezim-EU352703Not updated
2Luziferus WantedNathrezim-EU349497Not updated
3Griwa DeadCanDanceNathrezim-EU341438Not updated
4Anabellâ Flamme von AsgardNathrezim-EU315273Not updated
5Killswitch PalaHunterZNathrezim-EU283957Not updated
6Dragonfly Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU260392Not updated
7Darknazgul radical BananasNathrezim-EU224149Not updated
8Xanthias EliteNathrezim-EU181354Not updated
9Fatmike PalaHunterZNathrezim-EU178519Not updated
10Tutganix legion etrangereNathrezim-EU178394Not updated
11Chapo  Nathrezim-EU161603Not updated
12Zendarrow WantedNathrezim-EU161319Not updated
13Bennabu AvoidNathrezim-EU145583Not updated
14Kyama Rat der MächtigenNathrezim-EU143347Not updated
15Zavebe SingularisNathrezim-EU142983Not updated
16Relas EliteNathrezim-EU141783Not updated
17Somura DiscordiaNathrezim-EU137689Not updated
18Horatz FightdragonNathrezim-EU137487Not updated
19Vezzar West Azeroth MaskulinNathrezim-EU135355Not updated
20Bertax FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU132011Not updated
21Janero  Nathrezim-EU131814Not updated
22Dontony La Coka NostraNathrezim-EU127725Not updated
23Erunia radical BananasNathrezim-EU127380Not updated
24Supremacy Frozen SunNathrezim-EU125579Not updated
25Laidback set sail for failNathrezim-EU124629Not updated
26Krasavka Badeverein OrgrimmarNathrezim-EU121214Not updated
27Brolax AvoidNathrezim-EU120989Not updated
28Raiya set sail for failNathrezim-EU119286Not updated
29Illuminos Epic FailNathrezim-EU118787Not updated
30Bananenlarry Zirkel der VerderbnissNathrezim-EU118692Not updated
31Junaz GeWürZNathrezim-EU117529Not updated
32Tatzo TypicalNathrezim-EU117199Not updated
33Atmozfear verwirrtNathrezim-EU116880Not updated
34Paiab InmortalisNathrezim-EU116774Not updated
35Vinzent relaXedNathrezim-EU116586Not updated
36Hintermir  Nathrezim-EU115933Not updated
37Areth IllumínatíNathrezim-EU115746Not updated
38Kysera BloodángelNathrezim-EU115544Not updated
39Maggimeister verwirrtNathrezim-EU115534Not updated
40Scheíßerchen WantedNathrezim-EU115215Not updated
41Kàza  Nathrezim-EU115117Not updated
42Baldoras UnleashedNathrezim-EU114918Not updated
43Stuu Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU114664Not updated
44Tirius  Nathrezim-EU114378Not updated
45Oldboyz  Nathrezim-EU114330Not updated
46Ròcc Lost and FoundNathrezim-EU113983Not updated
47Athanati  Nathrezim-EU112379Not updated
48Vanns The Dark EmpireNathrezim-EU111985Not updated
49Thorosus FeuerherzordenNathrezim-EU111934Not updated
50Xavir WestWood INCNathrezim-EU111640Not updated
51Zedicus  Nathrezim-EU111552Not updated
52Alandrièl Rise of the DarknessNathrezim-EU111399Not updated
53Gad Badeverein OrgrimmarNathrezim-EU110950Not updated
54Basor Putzt hier nurNathrezim-EU110762Not updated
55Spinnenbein InmortalisNathrezim-EU110647Not updated
56Fínsternis  Nathrezim-EU110524Not updated
57Lazu  Nathrezim-EU110474Not updated
58Namilein Southern ComfortNathrezim-EU110323Not updated
59Hêavy FirstTargetNathrezim-EU110009Not updated
60Dabobby AvoidNathrezim-EU110007Not updated
61Intricacy pantheraNathrezim-EU108416Not updated
62Schmie InmortalisNathrezim-EU108188Not updated
63Veroniq DiscordiaNathrezim-EU107851Not updated
64Lekail  Nathrezim-EU107258Not updated
65Lyrenê Failorgang or WipeNathrezim-EU107091Not updated
66Edrohlic verwirrtNathrezim-EU106898Not updated
67Scythereaper SolidarityNathrezim-EU106243Not updated
68Zuben  Nathrezim-EU105994Not updated
69Bdu StilleNathrezim-EU105949Not updated
70Shurrok  Nathrezim-EU105418Not updated
71Conoar  Nathrezim-EU105123Not updated
72Torrex EnforcerNathrezim-EU104057Not updated
73Jondero InmortalisNathrezim-EU103804Not updated
74Gusch Fürsten der VerdammnisNathrezim-EU103465Not updated
75Ellenay RebornNathrezim-EU102764Not updated
76Sushifischa West Azeroth MaskulinNathrezim-EU101936Not updated
77Cybernetic feels the loveNathrezim-EU101638Not updated
78Shakya DeadCanDanceNathrezim-EU100909Not updated
79Razorspell AbsinthNathrezim-EU100788Not updated
80Aeni  Nathrezim-EU100688Not updated
81Ruthil DeadCanDanceNathrezim-EU100641Not updated
82Xaviá  Nathrezim-EU100573Not updated
83Redpain  Nathrezim-EU100178Not updated
84Reverend leuchtet BlauNathrezim-EU99756Not updated
85Samøn Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU99724Not updated
86Zwurbur EliteNathrezim-EU99511Not updated
87Terj set sail for failNathrezim-EU99186Not updated
88Zebaot evoNathrezim-EU98716Not updated
89Jararaca  Nathrezim-EU97877Not updated
90Lôm CageNathrezim-EU97630Not updated
91Derbz  Nathrezim-EU96981Not updated
92Fardarrig Die EinherierNathrezim-EU96897Not updated
93Finsterseele MitternachtstraumNathrezim-EU96730Not updated
94Healyourface Trade Pwnys for SkillNathrezim-EU95649Not updated
95Synxie CrushNathrezim-EU95153Not updated
96Ruzzlevuzzle set sail for failNathrezim-EU94411Not updated
97Ellocô AbsinthNathrezim-EU94362Not updated
98Æris Die Klinge HellscreamsNathrezim-EU94123Not updated
99Rammon Die EinherierNathrezim-EU93780Not updated
100Revivisco Judges of DeathNathrezim-EU93586Not updated

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