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Nagrand-US Honorable Kills
1Nemesis Nagrand RangersNagrand-US440549Not updated
2Dphuuture The Original BadassNagrand-US353322
3Fatigue Carpe DiemNagrand-US252395Not updated
4Elffin AscensionNagrand-US251947
5Terrahorn TriageNagrand-US249097
6Melenoman Minority RapportNagrand-US241035
7Rastuss LegacyNagrand-US229313
8Tequoy Pick Up GroupNagrand-US222684
9Mboss ZenNagrand-US221738Not updated
10Spoty Pub of PlonkNagrand-US214771Not updated
11Interrx StonecuttersNagrand-US213666Not updated
12Bluepaladin Pulp FactionNagrand-US209053
13Abramelin  Nagrand-US198410
14Shevann TriageNagrand-US193195
15Thawno Carpe DiemNagrand-US192597Not updated
16Djanseriy Honk If Your HordeyNagrand-US188834
17Tanthalass PsykosisNagrand-US187229
18Darkpierre Sons öf AnarchyNagrand-US184573Not updated
19Ceer  Nagrand-US182763
20Dafuzz KingdomHeartsNagrand-US181100
21Theodheal The Original BadassNagrand-US177852
22Mysticmiss Equals ThreeNagrand-US175209
23Letskicksome One Horde BelieberNagrand-US175075Not updated
24Rickstars Class A KiwisNagrand-US173418Not updated
25Malis  Nagrand-US171230Not updated
26Angryscb Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US166445
27Dababa SoullessNagrand-US166388
28Bearbuck  Nagrand-US162397Not updated
29Rickie  Nagrand-US159902Not updated
30Chuaykn Carpe DiemNagrand-US159613
31Getstuff One Horde BelieberNagrand-US159401Not updated
32Kainen Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US159209
33Furiousx Epic HordeNagrand-US158963Not updated
34Ormoc Rebels without a clueNagrand-US153535Not updated
35Lygo Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US153498
36Ingkanto IMPERIALNagrand-US152589
37Taurion BaTTleChaTNagrand-US151250Not updated
38Sanspeur The GoodiesNagrand-US150063Not updated
39Mojogin Idle HandsNagrand-US148324
40Strongie  Nagrand-US142615Not updated
41Tightnspank MeltdownNagrand-US142578
42Tremr Arena KingsNagrand-US140991Not updated
43Manaiaa Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US139050
44Killkiill EbriosiNagrand-US138824
45Moconia The Original BadassNagrand-US136417
46Auroras Relax and Take NotesNagrand-US135553Not updated
47Ekoh Legion of Fallen AngelsNagrand-US134329
48Vartooklol  Nagrand-US133981Not updated
49Blónde Carpe DiemNagrand-US132278
50Shwiftster ZenNagrand-US131408
51Illandrian WoW HeroesNagrand-US131151Not updated
52Lycothrax EldersNagrand-US130389Not updated
53Mysticmaze Dark TemplarNagrand-US130285
54Goba Carpe DiemNagrand-US125438
55Ninthgate Equals ThreeNagrand-US125011
56Cyza  Nagrand-US123399Not updated
57Tanfaris PsykosisNagrand-US122438Not updated
58Maximûs Cash MoneyNagrand-US121961Not updated
59Whiskeysour  Nagrand-US121524Not updated
60Alladan Stonewall AllianceNagrand-US121146Not updated
61Fangorious  Nagrand-US120814Not updated
62Síríus  Nagrand-US120316Not updated
63Pico Pulp FactionNagrand-US119983
64Funnyblueguy Pulp FactionNagrand-US119336
65Kainmorgoth The Power Of The HordeNagrand-US118371Not updated
66Pakalölo The GoodiesNagrand-US117532Not updated
67Alderjin Cash MoneyNagrand-US117183
68Redracoon Carpe DiemNagrand-US116865
69Minoux Carpe DiemNagrand-US115762Not updated
70Daleckh  Nagrand-US114935Not updated
71Nowareten InfusiönNagrand-US114878
72Stormd  Nagrand-US114659Not updated
73Catdog  Nagrand-US114529Not updated
74Angelofsìn FURYNagrand-US114240Not updated
75Alliina Pulp FactionNagrand-US112038Not updated
76Atriplex The Stormwind GuardNagrand-US111526Not updated
77Lethalock Pulp FactionNagrand-US109424
78Dekorotora Carpe DiemNagrand-US109326Not updated
79Mochyvseh  Nagrand-US108380Not updated
80Hakirez Last TryNagrand-US107003Not updated
81Horès  Nagrand-US106930Not updated
82Bladreb  Nagrand-US106917Not updated
83Buzzbuck  Nagrand-US106785Not updated
84Neomycin VanguardNagrand-US106202Not updated
85Zoadnay KopitiamNagrand-US103201Not updated
86Sherrill Big Bad GuildNagrand-US102538Not updated
87Revival Carpe DiemNagrand-US102322
88Moonbeam Northrend CrusadersNagrand-US101746
89Gemli Killer InstinctNagrand-US101527Not updated
90Seizz Band of Omniscient BrosNagrand-US101468Not updated
91Fazzadk AscensionNagrand-US99238
92Romperstompp The Original BadassNagrand-US97605
93Toratora Chocobo KnightsNagrand-US95874
94Odathel The Original BadassNagrand-US95610Not updated
95Sandalle UniverseNagrand-US95609Not updated
96Nîne EbriosiNagrand-US95593
97Froude VISIONNagrand-US95464Not updated
98Bloodtrance  Nagrand-US95085Not updated
99Pwnstarrz  Nagrand-US94932Not updated
100Azsa Scrubs n NubsNagrand-US94731Not updated

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