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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mug'thol-US Honorable Kills
1Argo Kombat WombatsMug'thol-US449138Not updated
2Thuaa CoreMug'thol-US371181Not updated
3Zordor Made In QuébecMug'thol-US298876Not updated
4Athlete AwakeningMug'thol-US288855Not updated
5Estevez  Mug'thol-US280242Not updated
6Flyza Spectral ShadowMug'thol-US277518Not updated
7Triton Iron Horde RebellionMug'thol-US252017Not updated
8Colaran BlackguardsMug'thol-US246551Not updated
9Krakkenheade VisionsMug'thol-US237168Not updated
10Kaleraideth For Great JusticeMug'thol-US231506Not updated
11Xapphire For Great JusticeMug'thol-US228322Not updated
12Mudohir For Great JusticeMug'thol-US218269Not updated
13Blitzcrig Made In QuébecMug'thol-US211506Not updated
14Basik  Mug'thol-US211241Not updated
15Centurius  Mug'thol-US204758Not updated
16Origins Made In QuébecMug'thol-US202497Not updated
17Nithari  Mug'thol-US201204Not updated
18Iann VoidMug'thol-US190930Not updated
19Bigbowls Axiom LogicMug'thol-US189508Not updated
20Geechee Deadly InceptionMug'thol-US188074Not updated
21Xterminators Made In QuébecMug'thol-US186352Not updated
22Contender OdysseyMug'thol-US185726Not updated
23Mydeth KupoMug'thol-US178264Not updated
24Ellymae  Mug'thol-US175192Not updated
25Tread TraditionMug'thol-US174647Not updated
26Canibus Oscurità EternaMug'thol-US170095Not updated
27Marvn Bad to the GnomeMug'thol-US167260Not updated
28Speedd  Mug'thol-US167071Not updated
29Evinrude The SyndicateMug'thol-US164633Not updated
30Mandya SAMCROMug'thol-US164627Not updated
31Novax Infinite ImprobabilityMug'thol-US163360Not updated
32Interslayer SockPuppetsMug'thol-US163057Not updated
33Sederlina SepultusMug'thol-US160641Not updated
34Drothan  Mug'thol-US158740Not updated
35Superficial OdysseyMug'thol-US153509Not updated
36Bibby OdysseyMug'thol-US152564Not updated
37Grimdal  Mug'thol-US150792Not updated
38Shoxtar Dyslexic SpeedreadersMug'thol-US150498Not updated
39Nøbody HordeAngelsMug'thol-US150152Not updated
40Kredorian sparkle kitten adventureMug'thol-US149386Not updated
41Danomi  Mug'thol-US146939Not updated
42Stormspellz TraditionMug'thol-US146471Not updated
43Azgoth Head HuntersMug'thol-US144609Not updated
44Bitez  Mug'thol-US144053Not updated
45Sosad  Mug'thol-US141199Not updated
46Tarp  Mug'thol-US141119Not updated
47Hojuu ArmisticeMug'thol-US139657Not updated
48Cavendo Escape the FateMug'thol-US139522Not updated
49Anacy T K TMug'thol-US138531Not updated
50Yazinator Escape the FateMug'thol-US137921Not updated
51Raa  Mug'thol-US137785Not updated
52Ragingblood  Mug'thol-US137399Not updated
53Majinhoj Drunken ProphetsMug'thol-US135981Not updated
54Lavis Skeptical TortoiseMug'thol-US135473Not updated
55Neinhalt  Mug'thol-US135154Not updated
56Norbon BlackguardsMug'thol-US132918Not updated
57Taffy  Mug'thol-US132548Not updated
58Trixia T K TMug'thol-US132392Not updated
59Rhythmzz DelusionMug'thol-US132218Not updated
60Sayn SepultusMug'thol-US131345Not updated
61Elfluvin VisceralMug'thol-US130276Not updated
62Arohmet SHARKS WIT LASERS PEWPEWMug'thol-US130244Not updated
63Raex OdysseyMug'thol-US130180Not updated
64Ziion Bad PlayersMug'thol-US129502Not updated
65Jericho Srs BznsMug'thol-US129176Not updated
66Scorrnn  Mug'thol-US127786Not updated
67Jamey  Mug'thol-US127145Not updated
68Novedion  Mug'thol-US126256Not updated
69Verminarrd  Mug'thol-US123928Not updated
70Crutchlol  Mug'thol-US123697Not updated
71Stickey SepultusMug'thol-US123655Not updated
72Strophic Dark AsylumMug'thol-US123604Not updated
73Elrio Made In QuébecMug'thol-US122512Not updated
74Violates GQtiesMug'thol-US121686Not updated
75Grenga In Soviet RussiaMug'thol-US121621Not updated
76Nicton Plug UgliesMug'thol-US121584Not updated
77Bogus VoidMug'thol-US120930Not updated
78Bruinink One Last StandMug'thol-US120788Not updated
79Sylvatic DelusionMug'thol-US120781Not updated
80Vellius DelusionMug'thol-US120531Not updated
81Isevendeucel SepultusMug'thol-US120397Not updated
82Viagro  Mug'thol-US120275Not updated
83Skizzeet  Mug'thol-US120157Not updated
84Andros TraditionMug'thol-US120006Not updated
85Kohlx OdysseyMug'thol-US119467Not updated
86Mappifx HAM CITYMug'thol-US119368Not updated
87Vaenom Nothin PersonalMug'thol-US119220Not updated
88Quenodius Original BangersMug'thol-US117835Not updated
89Humiliation The DynastyMug'thol-US116134Not updated
90Sackjuice  Mug'thol-US116096Not updated
91Talbadar  Mug'thol-US116084Not updated
92Kassy IMA SEAL ARPARPARPMug'thol-US115260Not updated
93Zarinie Zwanzig ZwolfMug'thol-US114941Not updated
94Vailtorz  Mug'thol-US114453Not updated
95Farnus DivinityMug'thol-US114180Not updated
96Repp Stranglethorn GankstersMug'thol-US114171Not updated
97Dryza Spectral ShadowMug'thol-US113583Not updated
98Darkstalker CoreMug'thol-US113514Not updated
99Ohotnik Knight Of OathMug'thol-US113035Not updated
100Eupherine Infinite ImprobabilityMug'thol-US112393Not updated

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