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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mug'thol-EU Honorable Kills
1Kiyumi EinzelkämpferinMug'thol-EU290189Not updated
2Pentarus  Mug'thol-EU282580Not updated
3Miyukî  Mug'thol-EU271696Not updated
4Lapaka KontraMug'thol-EU198397Not updated
5Takiwu  Mug'thol-EU179701Not updated
6Drúnk Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU171482Not updated
7Withoutyou The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU169544Not updated
8Môlkon  Mug'thol-EU150257Not updated
9Márrýjanee  Mug'thol-EU148531Not updated
10Ciadria ProphecyMug'thol-EU144882Not updated
11Feivandra  Mug'thol-EU139557Not updated
12Xardus ReaKKtorMug'thol-EU137915Not updated
13Kelhim scavengerMug'thol-EU136536Not updated
14Catwisl SerenityMug'thol-EU132080Not updated
15Hives solange bis einer weintMug'thol-EU130145Not updated
16Dragar Serious für LauberMug'thol-EU129848Not updated
17Ragoz ProphecyMug'thol-EU129027Not updated
18Rikz ReaKKtorMug'thol-EU125471Not updated
19Dudelock scavengerMug'thol-EU125011Not updated
20Jecha SerenityMug'thol-EU123931Not updated
21Ryane Devide et imperaMug'thol-EU122751Not updated
22Soulslaver Tränen des ZornsMug'thol-EU121555Not updated
23Thorandor  Mug'thol-EU117712Not updated
24Diannaagron JUSTIN BIEBER EXPERIENCEMug'thol-EU114752Not updated
25Whynotmurder  Mug'thol-EU114296Not updated
26Kristallbrut  Mug'thol-EU112686Not updated
27Jacktheripps Die sammlerMug'thol-EU112630Not updated
28Markanton  Mug'thol-EU111609Not updated
29Deagon Clan of the Chosen OnesMug'thol-EU107770Not updated
30Rebacka  Mug'thol-EU107072Not updated
31Fòllíc Venî Vîdî VîcîMug'thol-EU106211Not updated
32Babydoll Belenus BalorMug'thol-EU105962Not updated
33Atomì VENOMMug'thol-EU105022Not updated
34Acazlol  Mug'thol-EU104974Not updated
35Crazywoman The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU104698Not updated
36Overpow Irae AoDMug'thol-EU103767Not updated
37Praetorian Guards of AzerothMug'thol-EU102690Not updated
38Bahzell ReaKKtorMug'thol-EU101812Not updated
39Anubion ProphecyMug'thol-EU99733Not updated
40Lowrance Irae AoDMug'thol-EU99402Not updated
41Avêrý Its time to say GoodbyeMug'thol-EU99149Not updated
42Devilzdream ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU98794Not updated
43Jenva ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU98497Not updated
44Vic CorruptionMug'thol-EU97910Not updated
45Ilanah The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU97692Not updated
46Tati The lonely ShepherdsMug'thol-EU97054Not updated
47Verdeth  Mug'thol-EU96032Not updated
48Sasser  Mug'thol-EU93599Not updated
49Ougey  Mug'thol-EU93101Not updated
50Theomir Devide et imperaMug'thol-EU91567Not updated
51Boredom  Mug'thol-EU91435Not updated
52Edgo Praise the SunMug'thol-EU90622Not updated
53Bengu geächtetMug'thol-EU90486Not updated
54Blayke  Mug'thol-EU89271Not updated
55Xibolo ReaKKtorMug'thol-EU88986Not updated
56Owerron  Mug'thol-EU86567Not updated
57Àphròdite Sons of AnarchyMug'thol-EU84337Not updated
58Sporisha SerenityMug'thol-EU84184Not updated
59Öpii VENOMMug'thol-EU83709Not updated
60Prixx  Mug'thol-EU83493Not updated
61Solrà  Mug'thol-EU83483Not updated
62Zeryth Dead Skin MaskMug'thol-EU83122Not updated
63Zyla KontraMug'thol-EU80956Not updated
64Jadeite Adrenalin IVMug'thol-EU80459Not updated
65Miglô  Mug'thol-EU80229Not updated
66Dogboy ProphecyMug'thol-EU78939Not updated
67Nasyldir  Mug'thol-EU78372Not updated
68Rascar OutsidersMug'thol-EU78160Not updated
69Crazylord ResurrectiønMug'thol-EU78106Not updated
70Vestax PandoraMug'thol-EU75663Not updated
71Arphen  Mug'thol-EU75513Not updated
72Exzelero Schatten der NachtMug'thol-EU74282Not updated
73Naxus  Mug'thol-EU74257Not updated
74Tæñtåkëljåçk Von SturmwindMug'thol-EU73824Not updated
75Vyn Praise the SunMug'thol-EU73471Not updated
76Coenobita  Mug'thol-EU72609Not updated
77Brios Gangster ArroganzMug'thol-EU72513Not updated
78Nejaa Die SchlingendorncamperMug'thol-EU72446Not updated
79Exo  Mug'thol-EU72377Not updated
80Rhømulus scavengerMug'thol-EU71754Not updated
81Stôke PandoraMug'thol-EU71680Not updated
82Sinae SerenityMug'thol-EU71634Not updated
83Static solange bis einer weintMug'thol-EU71100Not updated
84Âmûn BreakingDownMug'thol-EU70649Not updated
85Quíncy  Mug'thol-EU70636Not updated
86Untâmed  Mug'thol-EU70487Not updated
87Sunaly the TruckDriverMug'thol-EU70476Not updated
88Apotheker scavengerMug'thol-EU70444Not updated
89Lala Street WarriorMug'thol-EU70316Not updated
90Boetar PantheônMug'thol-EU70025Not updated
91Apøtheker  Mug'thol-EU69500Not updated
92Exody Irae AoDMug'thol-EU68850Not updated
93Malebolia dream bigMug'thol-EU68783Not updated
94Urlal solange bis einer weintMug'thol-EU68727Not updated
95Saorí Spring freu Klatsch hüpfMug'thol-EU68444Not updated
96Mintra aVøiDMug'thol-EU68263Not updated
97Wìllíam Jäger und SammlerMug'thol-EU68028Not updated
98Belial Made in AustriaMug'thol-EU66524Not updated
99Braerak and a stealthed rogueMug'thol-EU66476Not updated
100Rhyx Gangster ArroganzMug'thol-EU66318Not updated

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