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Moon Guard-US Honorable Kills
1Dlon Unyielding GuardiansMoon Guard-US362467Not updated
2Kriptz  Moon Guard-US318232Not updated
3Voltage  Moon Guard-US290062Not updated
4Vampiryk  Moon Guard-US253143
5Treshuevos District NineMoon Guard-US251053
6Rocksbury  Moon Guard-US236874
7Andry Blood of LordaeronMoon Guard-US233339
8Maker  Moon Guard-US231441
9Athàr BattleswornMoon Guard-US230211
10Firestorrm HammeredMoon Guard-US219869
11Mokiado RemnantMoon Guard-US214721Not updated
12Kynsin WarforgedMoon Guard-US209598
13Rophy Silence That Follows UsMoon Guard-US208891
14Valenthya My Eyes Are Up HereMoon Guard-US202581Not updated
15Dream Skysong EngineeringMoon Guard-US202017Not updated
16Janeinsane Knights of BlackstormMoon Guard-US201643
17Theristan Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US201272
18Linolea ClarityMoon Guard-US200420
19Rokamar  Moon Guard-US196591Not updated
20Kashamy The Wesley CrushersMoon Guard-US194392Not updated
21Lurvantis Vestige of the PhoenixMoon Guard-US193916Not updated
22Battlemaster Merc OutMoon Guard-US188663
23Chrodin  Moon Guard-US184357Not updated
24Sølrosenberg Casually AddictedMoon Guard-US182558Not updated
25Vingnir Bookertea and the LadiesMoon Guard-US182075
26Ghaghzull WarforgedMoon Guard-US179722
27Berenden GuildlessMoon Guard-US176833
28Xàrek  Moon Guard-US175158Not updated
29Arrowstride First BloodMoon Guard-US175038
30Taloriana  Moon Guard-US173508Not updated
31Sharawin  Moon Guard-US168391
32Fluffycat The Blood Knight OrderMoon Guard-US168351Not updated
33Calden Perfectly ImperfectMoon Guard-US167187Not updated
34Ryóma Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US164922
35Jur Knights of Emerald IsleMoon Guard-US163273Not updated
36Stucktoyou Gutbuster BrigadeMoon Guard-US162679Not updated
37Valencia Twisted NethersMoon Guard-US159892Not updated
38Astrid  Moon Guard-US158729Not updated
39Dreamskull The Forsaken EmpireMoon Guard-US157399Not updated
40Daiwoo Super PugMoon Guard-US157282Not updated
41Ralaros Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US154211
42Vaelrin The SunguardMoon Guard-US153839
43Alrekur  Moon Guard-US151322Not updated
44Arakhan  Moon Guard-US149149Not updated
45Lyca ObliterationMoon Guard-US148514Not updated
46Capricorn Gathering of RavensMoon Guard-US148039
47Høtsaüce The Mayor of GoldshireMoon Guard-US147098Not updated
48Toc The Black CompanyMoon Guard-US147048
49Domain Hell PatrolMoon Guard-US146069
50Revanar  Moon Guard-US145702Not updated
51Deckit GITSMoon Guard-US145000Not updated
52Nevermore The League of LordaeronMoon Guard-US143058Not updated
53Chiok Cult of ZivsMoon Guard-US141981Not updated
54Flintsforce Knights TemplarMoon Guard-US141885Not updated
55Mindmistress  Moon Guard-US140934Not updated
56Elliistra Dor Nor ShanreMoon Guard-US139395Not updated
57Shadôwwalk Perfectly ImperfectMoon Guard-US139195Not updated
58Zaelya ZionMoon Guard-US137808Not updated
59Demontaur Strength In NumbersMoon Guard-US137216Not updated
60Aycardus  Moon Guard-US135570Not updated
61Anatist  Moon Guard-US134967Not updated
62Mahrus KryptisMoon Guard-US133893
63Harlliya Per Ardua ad AstraMoon Guard-US133752Not updated
64Kamara Steel Gryphon BattalionMoon Guard-US133209
65Gemutlich  Moon Guard-US133076Not updated
66Khourne  Moon Guard-US132864Not updated
67Thunderhoof CondottieriMoon Guard-US132507
68Prude Rising LegendsMoon Guard-US130804Not updated
69Eldry SupremacyMoon Guard-US129900Not updated
70Jekul The Varnarok ConquerorsMoon Guard-US129197Not updated
71Vanadys  Moon Guard-US128032Not updated
72Peiweí  Moon Guard-US126610Not updated
73Xaania The DevilclawMoon Guard-US126608
74Phaedrå  Moon Guard-US126186Not updated
75Rhazar  Moon Guard-US125811Not updated
76Dumok  Moon Guard-US125259Not updated
77Griever House MalvineMoon Guard-US125233
78Borisha  Moon Guard-US125094Not updated
79Deedss F InquisitionMoon Guard-US125069
80Phais  Moon Guard-US124982Not updated
81Dunok Redfist ClanMoon Guard-US124793
82Meelikki Dandy CandyMoon Guard-US124246Not updated
83Muttr House of UsherMoon Guard-US123722
84Étude Gamer Girls OnlyMoon Guard-US123171
85Velroth Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US122834
86Thierys PvP TrainerMoon Guard-US122821Not updated
87Velróth The Fist of RedridgeMoon Guard-US122637Not updated
88Razthul Blood Rose DragonMoon Guard-US122269
89Barnoby Darkmoon JesterMoon Guard-US121978
90Bowdown HonorfallMoon Guard-US121948
91Hordeamus Shepherds of FireMoon Guard-US121940Not updated
92Allyndriss  Moon Guard-US121484Not updated
93Xinaroth Hell PatrolMoon Guard-US121068
94Hotep Valar MorghulisMoon Guard-US120984Not updated
95Reanai WarforgedMoon Guard-US120716
96Ñïbïrü Elevator Boss ChampionsMoon Guard-US120501
97Lachel Expansions Are HardMoon Guard-US120070
98Bogues Merc OutMoon Guard-US118902
99Katorie  Moon Guard-US118609
100Verion Might of the AllianceMoon Guard-US118375Not updated

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