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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Misha-US Honorable Kills
1Prophesea Disease FreeMisha-US262214Not updated
2Illwai DecertoMisha-US224839Not updated
3Thandar DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US213440Not updated
4Returian  Misha-US174795Not updated
5Oakshore Wing ItMisha-US174374Not updated
6Elissaria UnhallowedMisha-US169892Not updated
7Turpinis Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US167400Not updated
8Korru EquinoxMisha-US155754Not updated
9Neferlock  Misha-US141911Not updated
10Yessamassa The Hordes Last StandMisha-US140679Not updated
11Mäel PantheonMisha-US139965Not updated
12Byuco Death Adder KnightsMisha-US137648Not updated
13Mbracechaos Force of OneMisha-US136464Not updated
14Huntermoon Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US136298Not updated
15Ultanic Brethren of BloodMisha-US132657Not updated
16Slickjoker Draconic WarriorsMisha-US131431Not updated
17Nelix  Misha-US131395Not updated
18Monolith PantheonMisha-US128096Not updated
19Ehlena FortitudeMisha-US125570Not updated
20Mephala Guild of ElitesMisha-US123970Not updated
21Donpepe IshiMisha-US123564Not updated
22Melfist NocturnâlMisha-US123225Not updated
23Mcgalileo Dark Side of the MoonMisha-US122594Not updated
24Zarot  Misha-US122170Not updated
25Skinnydruid Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US120865Not updated
26Zoog PantheonMisha-US118784Not updated
27Ao UnhallowedMisha-US118270Not updated
28Saattivva Guild of ElitesMisha-US117338Not updated
29Zaturn EquinoxMisha-US116553Not updated
30Monetta THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US116123Not updated
31Arbybee Hells FuryMisha-US115439Not updated
32Bravade DOMINATEMisha-US115106Not updated
33Ferki DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US114090Not updated
34Ladiec Herbal MaintenanceMisha-US113137Not updated
35Svogelan IllmaticMisha-US112421Not updated
36Taveren  Misha-US111123Not updated
37Loneblade RemorseMisha-US108255Not updated
38Ameshigloum Force of OneMisha-US107185Not updated
39Drewdrewid FTWMisha-US106828Not updated
40Raeliin Brethren of BloodMisha-US104818Not updated
41Espadas  Misha-US104772Not updated
42Urpplecush Swift AllianceMisha-US104075Not updated
43Arjun Good TymesMisha-US103501Not updated
44Hiamovi Brethren of BloodMisha-US102758Not updated
45Verah  Misha-US101486Not updated
46Adriannita  Misha-US100519Not updated
47Naythin PantheonMisha-US98950Not updated
48Hong The Blood HuntersMisha-US98892Not updated
49Windlost Mercenaries Of The HordeMisha-US98687Not updated
50Ferendyn The Blood HuntersMisha-US97800Not updated
51Beefinjector Disease FreeMisha-US97184Not updated
52Badpriest DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US96432Not updated
53Xavis PantheonMisha-US95344Not updated
54Rayylinn Brethren of BloodMisha-US94030Not updated
55Kinkos THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US93787Not updated
56Bloopbleep UnhallowedMisha-US90966Not updated
57Reipen  Misha-US90585Not updated
58Jataria UnforgivingMisha-US90571Not updated
59Juson Guild of ElitesMisha-US89833Not updated
60Dancerti  Misha-US89164Not updated
61Jones  Misha-US88084Not updated
62Sunndancer IllmaticMisha-US87059Not updated
63Nichan Guild of ElitesMisha-US86404Not updated
64Kirimari  Misha-US85969Not updated
65Defibrilator  Misha-US85949Not updated
66Rocmon UnrezzurectedMisha-US85396Not updated
67Sparxx Killer BunniesMisha-US85372Not updated
68Grhin HordeCoreMisha-US85184Not updated
69Bluntybill Shadow AllianceMisha-US84700Not updated
70Kraznak THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US84029Not updated
71Kaliyah ApocalypseMisha-US83860Not updated
72Trøn SynergyMisha-US82767Not updated
73Delfeeno SovereignMisha-US82494Not updated
74Melesmeles  Misha-US81367Not updated
75Mnemon Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US81182Not updated
76Mahuatyl Courageous Crit IncMisha-US80768Not updated
77Catasstrophe Progression PugMisha-US80439Not updated
78Maelstromz DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US80386Not updated
79Poisoncandy  Misha-US80352Not updated
80Ferko DarkHorseDivisionMisha-US80055Not updated
81Profion Guild of ElitesMisha-US79819Not updated
82Epitaf THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US79682Not updated
83Spartexlol  Misha-US79090Not updated
84Phython Mercenaries for AllianceMisha-US78979Not updated
85Jøhn  Misha-US78794Not updated
86Maxiume Ðawn Of The MythiçsMisha-US78638Not updated
87Halfawake UnhallowedMisha-US78453Not updated
88Mathill  Misha-US77929Not updated
89Nicoalbolas Quest For GoreMisha-US77892Not updated
90Bravok  Misha-US76933Not updated
91Creeden Disneyland After DarkMisha-US76429Not updated
92Tronzor  Misha-US76011Not updated
93Cheefoo The IntrepidMisha-US75967Not updated
94Mortusc Addicted To ChaosMisha-US75749Not updated
95Millwin THE GREAT HORDE WARRIORSMisha-US74524Not updated
96Olemoley MythMisha-US74427Not updated
97Owenlift The Other GuysMisha-US74328Not updated
98Ciearra  Misha-US74111Not updated
99Opfix  Misha-US72572Not updated
100Necromuke Gnomie HomiesMisha-US72305Not updated

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