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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Minahonda-EU Honorable Kills
1Maru Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU295053Not updated
2Tulum  Minahonda-EU290544Not updated
3Kayak  Minahonda-EU260985Not updated
4Falckon ExødarMinahonda-EU245139Not updated
5Lonn HERMANOS DE LA NOCHEMinahonda-EU243627Not updated
6Mesigues Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU235474Not updated
7Jositòó SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU229672Not updated
8Hynatos CalideathMinahonda-EU222023Not updated
9Duby SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU203296Not updated
10  Minahonda-EU194306Not updated
11Arneva APOCALIPSEMinahonda-EU185001Not updated
12Chunguiteras InSaNe PvPMinahonda-EU184643Not updated
13Jhc GrupoSalvajeMinahonda-EU178116Not updated
14Sark ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU177667Not updated
15Arkans Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU177573Not updated
16Dunna I N E F A B L E SMinahonda-EU175992Not updated
17Ileniel InSaNe PvPMinahonda-EU173279Not updated
18Walmank OMNIAMinahonda-EU167190Not updated
19Trabado CalideathMinahonda-EU164349Not updated
20Metamizol OMNIAMinahonda-EU160177Not updated
21Kisco Lux et veritasMinahonda-EU159380Not updated
22Proenix Señores de la NocheMinahonda-EU158740Not updated
23Umaro Be WaterMinahonda-EU156661Not updated
24Särks Tótem CarmesíMinahonda-EU147374Not updated
25Urbano Alianza Mano de PlataMinahonda-EU143170Not updated
26Leda Amanecer de los DiosesMinahonda-EU142779Not updated
27Greattauren ApoÇalyPseMinahonda-EU142019Not updated
28Seiza Pacto OscuroMinahonda-EU138838Not updated
29Noráx  Minahonda-EU138347Not updated
30Killerboss CalideathMinahonda-EU137800Not updated
31Nidhog SpectrumMinahonda-EU136064Not updated
32Warulf SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU133285Not updated
33Zack PlanetaryMinahonda-EU132138Not updated
34Piripii OMNIAMinahonda-EU131506Not updated
35Barbiana  Minahonda-EU131072Not updated
36Prometeö DesidiaMinahonda-EU130930Not updated
37Papaeto Riders on the stormMinahonda-EU128985Not updated
38Darkôrc WinterMinahonda-EU127594Not updated
39Ïsïss BeastMinahonda-EU124455Not updated
40Usuro  Minahonda-EU124089Not updated
41Vicren Riders on the stormMinahonda-EU122678Not updated
42Higraet ExtasisMinahonda-EU122225Not updated
43Melurzo  Minahonda-EU119281Not updated
44Scrappykoko From LosT to tHe RiveRMinahonda-EU118620Not updated
45Principito SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU117110Not updated
46Dremke Sons of Myra TyrnagaardeMinahonda-EU116107Not updated
47Kefka Herederos de AzerothMinahonda-EU115604Not updated
48Unbound LA ROSA DEL DESIERTOMinahonda-EU115451Not updated
49Hagën  Minahonda-EU115264Not updated
50Amantexx Masters of WarMinahonda-EU115215Not updated
51Keldryn SunrisëMinahonda-EU115040Not updated
52Dleet Pacto OscuroMinahonda-EU114762Not updated
53Takert  Minahonda-EU114674Not updated
54Jamesmesï TsunamiMinahonda-EU114553Not updated
55Erasa Inmortal knightsMinahonda-EU114159Not updated
56Curtdel Aniquiladores de HordasMinahonda-EU114113Not updated
57Helión Isotopos de WismonMinahonda-EU113873Not updated
58Darktanatøs SHADOW PVPMinahonda-EU113756Not updated
59Nikandro Dark DragonMinahonda-EU113061Not updated
60Ruchu Ner zhulMinahonda-EU112176Not updated
61Levila  Minahonda-EU111548Not updated
62Nnuubbee CABALLEROS IGNEOSMinahonda-EU110952Not updated
63Ironhammer Kings Of MetalMinahonda-EU109029Not updated
64Velcor Gran ImperioMinahonda-EU108237Not updated
65Garmonegro Kings Of MetalMinahonda-EU108123Not updated
66Bionikal ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU107958Not updated
67Caphook Focus CalaveraMinahonda-EU107182Not updated
68Cairat  Minahonda-EU106942Not updated
69Popop Panda CrewMinahonda-EU106613Not updated
70Rodrik  Minahonda-EU106341Not updated
71Hellminster OMNIAMinahonda-EU106228Not updated
72Veståx  Minahonda-EU106137Not updated
73Shrïne Cascarilla corpMinahonda-EU105258Not updated
74Joncalzone  Minahonda-EU105157Not updated
75Penril  Minahonda-EU105123Not updated
76Rugidz From LosT to tHe RiveRMinahonda-EU104689Not updated
77Madwolf  Minahonda-EU104412Not updated
78Heresy  Minahonda-EU104056Not updated
79Widox SE MASKA LA TRAGEDIAMinahonda-EU102955Not updated
80Pegatinoso  Minahonda-EU102873Not updated
81Faunno  Minahonda-EU102755Not updated
82Garhu Vivir Sin DormirMinahonda-EU102456Not updated
83Sunstorm MortalisMinahonda-EU102367Not updated
84Goreimos reinos oscurosMinahonda-EU101378Not updated
85Karëska EncerioMinahonda-EU100901Not updated
86Gröllëm Ner zhulMinahonda-EU100779Not updated
87Nerff  Minahonda-EU100684Not updated
88Bretonis DesidiaMinahonda-EU99962Not updated
89Lula  Minahonda-EU99346Not updated
90Shakti Panda CrewMinahonda-EU98307Not updated
91Jactaes Ancestral MastersMinahonda-EU98044Not updated
92Drizans Be WaterMinahonda-EU97961Not updated
93Thayn  Minahonda-EU97389Not updated
94Gurukuku  Minahonda-EU97320Not updated
95Mody UnrateÐMinahonda-EU96894Not updated
96Nerefi Panda CrewMinahonda-EU94267Not updated
97Guaneker ACÓLITOS DE AMANTHULMinahonda-EU94227Not updated
98Goldo MortalisMinahonda-EU93915Not updated
99Heksson  Minahonda-EU92548Not updated
100Yoann Legión de AzerothMinahonda-EU92399Not updated

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