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Medivh-US Honorable Kills
1Rubymage Strength in HonorMedivh-US437079Not updated
2Shadowglade HaloMedivh-US342039
3Trayla ApocalypseMedivh-US308210Not updated
4Zannen Haunted SoulsMedivh-US274617
5Maladay Celestial DarknessMedivh-US265584Not updated
6Shaeen ExilesMedivh-US215235
7Tono Red DragonsMedivh-US209599Not updated
8Ryatticus The Atticus LegacyMedivh-US204697
9Ellisidle Shattered FatesMedivh-US200235
10Ramoko Haunted SoulsMedivh-US179150
11Geman DragonfireMedivh-US172674
12Vemo ExilesMedivh-US168707
13Miramôsk EuphoriaMedivh-US165702Not updated
14Moiers ApocalypseMedivh-US160628Not updated
15Snugglestabs Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US159175
16Awgher Set in StoneMedivh-US158629Not updated
17Kurinah Shattered FatesMedivh-US157181
18Winelen RelentlessMedivh-US153533Not updated
19Molinator ChosenMedivh-US150787
20Trygor  Medivh-US149455Not updated
21Mortalz Messengers of DeathMedivh-US147259Not updated
22Nanotech Sugar and SpiceMedivh-US141705Not updated
23Deðmyr Full Mithril JacketMedivh-US141091Not updated
24Wahful Dark TrinityMedivh-US135942
25Decyde TrismegistusMedivh-US135869
26Tairn Strength in HonorMedivh-US132835Not updated
27Kolmk ChosenMedivh-US132239
28Rexfelis  Medivh-US130386Not updated
29Fränky  Medivh-US130370Not updated
30Krausius The TranscendentMedivh-US128532Not updated
31Shiddy  Medivh-US127184Not updated
32Zusodiss ResurrectedMedivh-US126425Not updated
33Reddrake Haunted SoulsMedivh-US125853
34Caruda EuphoriaMedivh-US125697Not updated
35Rubytripper Silent WatchMedivh-US125438Not updated
36Solaerys ExilesMedivh-US125416
37Zionus HaloMedivh-US123582
38Inxs SupremacyMedivh-US122428Not updated
39Teagan Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US120586
40Mokomahema Haunted SoulsMedivh-US120522
41Kalathos Sugar and SpiceMedivh-US118274Not updated
42Bendr Guts n GloryMedivh-US114872Not updated
43Cyfuri ImperiumMedivh-US114830
44Natashka  Medivh-US114757Not updated
45Daagg OmniasisMedivh-US114613Not updated
46Fränklin  Medivh-US114310Not updated
47Kaileigh Dark TrinityMedivh-US113420
48Drolfodoow Ancestral WrathMedivh-US113208Not updated
49Marchosias Bubble HearthMedivh-US111748
50Matticus The Atticus LegacyMedivh-US111042Not updated
51Rasik HaloMedivh-US110936
52Dreader UnpossibleMedivh-US108505Not updated
53Korak Strength in HonourMedivh-US107864
54Entrerii  Medivh-US107778Not updated
55Lindzy  Medivh-US107446
56Evi Elite Muffin CrewMedivh-US106186
57Arcantus  Medivh-US106051Not updated
58Zanixius  Medivh-US105715Not updated
59Gelantria Shattered FatesMedivh-US105013
60Aedivhe Leaders of LoyaltyMedivh-US104968
61Thocrum UnpossibleMedivh-US101206Not updated
62Daimyo Acid BurnMedivh-US101147
63Feanor BREWMEISTERSMedivh-US100690Not updated
64Negapriest SupremacyMedivh-US100040Not updated
65Accumulator Set in StoneMedivh-US99704
66Chlores Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US98601
67Moonerva Dressed To KillMedivh-US97165Not updated
68Preak  Medivh-US96978Not updated
69Blackheals Haunted SoulsMedivh-US96799
70Ceadore  Medivh-US96373Not updated
71Runit MedivhMedivh-US96335Not updated
72Zhuug Acid BurnMedivh-US95687Not updated
73Wipeebs HaloMedivh-US95431
74Trueaim ApocalypseMedivh-US95405Not updated
75Moriendor ApocalypseMedivh-US95363Not updated
76Gladewolf The Esoteric OrderMedivh-US94640Not updated
77Kyllis ApocalypseMedivh-US94527Not updated
78Jariuster Dirt StarMedivh-US91895Not updated
79Pádron Start the SteamrollerMedivh-US91893Not updated
80Demeter ApocalypseMedivh-US91209Not updated
81Vinciga  Medivh-US90734Not updated
82Greaterheal  Medivh-US89616
83Thalia Sugar and SpiceMedivh-US88704Not updated
84Beachbum  Medivh-US88330
85Devilen DarknessMedivh-US87236Not updated
86Karnos ImperiumMedivh-US87089
87Kazecap Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US87073
88Sizzleicious  Medivh-US86861Not updated
89Stonefang Dark TrinityMedivh-US86470Not updated
90Ambiance  Medivh-US86050Not updated
91Minn Sugar and SpiceMedivh-US85979Not updated
92Bludstorm  Medivh-US85840Not updated
93Vulgartaste  Medivh-US85712
94Movina Merry Men of MekalotMedivh-US85685Not updated
95Deathcharge Death Dealers EliteMedivh-US84784Not updated
96Nerfheals Silent WatchMedivh-US84689
97Scherzo Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US84317
98Murderess ApocalypseMedivh-US84195
99Holybubba Brotherhood of TraevantMedivh-US84144
100Karisuki ArroganceMedivh-US84040Not updated

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