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Mannoroth-US Honorable Kills
1Fliponovic Slash HugMannoroth-US188437
2Ilusionx Slash HugMannoroth-US132567
3Doctavice Slash HugMannoroth-US125149Not updated
4Pwnercycle Slash HugMannoroth-US85541
5Syphyn Slash HugMannoroth-US72164
6Dwoggurd Slash HugMannoroth-US63183
7Lacen Slash HugMannoroth-US54683Not updated
8Auddax Slash HugMannoroth-US54406
9Todyn Slash HugMannoroth-US54243
10Corexar Slash HugMannoroth-US47553
11Elandora Slash HugMannoroth-US46198
12Diatenium Slash HugMannoroth-US45910
13Farkor Slash HugMannoroth-US45649
14Brokenone Slash HugMannoroth-US39539
15Shadowboxin Slash HugMannoroth-US38756
16Psylant Slash HugMannoroth-US37379
17Tribulations Slash HugMannoroth-US37039Not updated
18Ellamist Slash HugMannoroth-US36793
19Gallaxy Slash HugMannoroth-US33818
20Fuzody Slash HugMannoroth-US33651
21Jazdia Slash HugMannoroth-US32551Not updated
22Yolo Slash HugMannoroth-US32012
23Ruut Slash HugMannoroth-US30790
24Geriputo Slash HugMannoroth-US30569
25Nosis Slash HugMannoroth-US30555
26Gohugurmama Slash HugMannoroth-US29705
27Gladly Slash HugMannoroth-US28834
28Gohugurxwife Slash HugMannoroth-US27454Not updated
29Mjrpayne Slash HugMannoroth-US25980
30Hotelwhiskey Slash HugMannoroth-US25957Not updated
31Ravendare Slash HugMannoroth-US25474
32Vynedraa Slash HugMannoroth-US25358
33Jice Slash HugMannoroth-US22215
34Divamuffin Slash HugMannoroth-US22113
35Gohugurleper Slash HugMannoroth-US21522Not updated
36Kulpajr Slash HugMannoroth-US21074Not updated
37Dubzerø Slash HugMannoroth-US20631Not updated
38Religionless Slash HugMannoroth-US20210Not updated
39Joojeelay Slash HugMannoroth-US18608
40Varshylx Slash HugMannoroth-US18590Not updated
41Twintop Slash HugMannoroth-US18451
42Shadowsong Slash HugMannoroth-US18375Not updated
43Pudgeywudgey Slash HugMannoroth-US17928
44Yojo Slash HugMannoroth-US17458
45Xate Slash HugMannoroth-US17359
46Gohugurpope Slash HugMannoroth-US17258Not updated
47Taimishu Slash HugMannoroth-US16815Not updated
48Arthasnokkov Slash HugMannoroth-US15764Not updated
49Myostatin Slash HugMannoroth-US14147
50Kharzud Slash HugMannoroth-US13924
51Specty Slash HugMannoroth-US13064Not updated
52Mortlevnar Slash HugMannoroth-US12922
53Ashindar Slash HugMannoroth-US12838Not updated
54Fivehands Slash HugMannoroth-US12813
55Drugo Slash HugMannoroth-US12798
56Cymist Slash HugMannoroth-US12399
57Skeetïcus Slash HugMannoroth-US12264Not updated
58Lynnah Slash HugMannoroth-US11960
59Agamemnan Slash HugMannoroth-US11164
60Xulira Slash HugMannoroth-US10822Not updated
61Rhapzody Slash HugMannoroth-US10560
62Rainbowz Slash HugMannoroth-US10551Not updated
63Zavri Slash HugMannoroth-US9999
64Sleezbag Slash HugMannoroth-US9719Not updated
65Andromedah Slash HugMannoroth-US9618Not updated
66Kattelyn Slash HugMannoroth-US9510
67Plinker Slash HugMannoroth-US9229Not updated
68Cerfcheg Slash HugMannoroth-US9195
69Sunset Slash HugMannoroth-US8997
70Adamwii Slash HugMannoroth-US8855
71Andices Slash HugMannoroth-US8838
72Zandy Slash HugMannoroth-US8201Not updated
73Flameasaur Slash HugMannoroth-US8068
74Conspire Slash HugMannoroth-US8044
75Madamewii Slash HugMannoroth-US7650Not updated
76Slayersmma Slash HugMannoroth-US7645Not updated
77Hexagon Slash HugMannoroth-US7593Not updated
78Kynnes Slash HugMannoroth-US7300
79Kohsin Slash HugMannoroth-US7220Not updated
80Fwosty Slash HugMannoroth-US7198Not updated
81Harvärd Slash HugMannoroth-US7112
82Quen Slash HugMannoroth-US6508
83Flopster Slash HugMannoroth-US6425Not updated
84Vxt Slash HugMannoroth-US6358
85Shivvalry Slash HugMannoroth-US6339
86Peanut Slash HugMannoroth-US6279
87Gohugurteddy Slash HugMannoroth-US6229Not updated
88Hohenheim Slash HugMannoroth-US5821
89Onslaught Slash HugMannoroth-US5706Not updated
90Lolí Slash HugMannoroth-US5689Not updated
91Vargh Slash HugMannoroth-US5537
92Rutrut Slash HugMannoroth-US5317
93Emony Slash HugMannoroth-US5130Not updated
94Gohugurself Slash HugMannoroth-US4275Not updated
95Dodecagon Slash HugMannoroth-US4189
96Anomaly Slash HugMannoroth-US4177
97Ellaida Slash HugMannoroth-US3911
98Cauterdies Slash HugMannoroth-US3861Not updated
99Liljoker Slash HugMannoroth-US3836
100Hardline Slash HugMannoroth-US3769

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