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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mannoroth-US Honorable Kills
1Chakkaa MalevolenceMannoroth-US539364Not updated
2Megadeths  Mannoroth-US428181Not updated
3Larken The ComediansMannoroth-US333801Not updated
4Troopper  Mannoroth-US322016Not updated
5Lysistrata  Mannoroth-US286928Not updated
6Pyrometheus SynthesisMannoroth-US274110Not updated
7Zevahcotineb RektMannoroth-US272691Not updated
8Lothy Templar KníghtsMannoroth-US264729Not updated
9Vasku AchievementMannoroth-US256316Not updated
10Cronnin LacunaMannoroth-US231865Not updated
11Drjonez tdot goonsMannoroth-US231659Not updated
12Hesabeast  Mannoroth-US230622Not updated
13Sloanez  Mannoroth-US229414Not updated
14Michedica Show us your CritsMannoroth-US223109Not updated
15Misturclean  Mannoroth-US220707Not updated
16Girlz GGMannoroth-US217382Not updated
17Maureenn AchievementMannoroth-US212202Not updated
18Sketchtastic  Mannoroth-US212073Not updated
19Krintario HonorboundMannoroth-US210813Not updated
20Turtle MacabreMannoroth-US210420Not updated
21Midlo Blades of VindicationMannoroth-US208096Not updated
22Klugheit InfinityMannoroth-US207879Not updated
23Vile frown townMannoroth-US207123Not updated
24Skummy dtwfMannoroth-US206612Not updated
25Zorthi We Raid ArenasMannoroth-US205738Not updated
26Shashashasha Oh YeahMannoroth-US201381Not updated
27Wezz AggroedMannoroth-US200439Not updated
28Cåseyanthony  Mannoroth-US199385Not updated
29Lothie Templar KníghtsMannoroth-US198744Not updated
30Wastedqt  Mannoroth-US194964Not updated
31May OhMannoroth-US194313Not updated
32Zelest uhhMannoroth-US193133Not updated
33Gorkameer  Mannoroth-US193076Not updated
34Lurkers The PitMannoroth-US193011Not updated
35Necrophagia  Mannoroth-US192198Not updated
36Jurgwena  Mannoroth-US191080Not updated
37Necropnad  Mannoroth-US190479Not updated
38Fliponovic Slash HugMannoroth-US190295Not updated
39Vuluptuous ReckoningMannoroth-US185658Not updated
40Jumpstartz  Mannoroth-US185007Not updated
41Slynt AchievementMannoroth-US180735Not updated
42Pãllÿ HonorboundMannoroth-US179069Not updated
43Savec  Mannoroth-US177993Not updated
44Nocritforu Thats Not My StashMannoroth-US177842Not updated
45Nevergrip  Mannoroth-US177828Not updated
46Apriandis Do You Even Lift BroMannoroth-US177756Not updated
47Burial  Mannoroth-US177106Not updated
48Tdawgz  Mannoroth-US176459Not updated
49Lothlòria Death to the HordeMannoroth-US175999Not updated
50Swagshocklol Savage FuryMannoroth-US173162Not updated
51Leinahtan PvE is HardMannoroth-US170147Not updated
52Mythdor Live Free or Die HordeMannoroth-US170116Not updated
53Battlestorm uhhMannoroth-US169014Not updated
54Purpleflow  Mannoroth-US166718Not updated
55Alphamale  Mannoroth-US166171Not updated
56Constantine Woot ProgressionMannoroth-US165371Not updated
57Bloodcraze InciteMannoroth-US165344Not updated
58Faelthas Kick MeMannoroth-US165164Not updated
59Pharisees AggroedMannoroth-US162694Not updated
60Perius  Mannoroth-US161255Not updated
61Badboris  Mannoroth-US160114Not updated
62Zeno Takusan no KozuchiMannoroth-US156254Not updated
63Skyyth  Mannoroth-US155182Not updated
64Banard Eternal LifeMannoroth-US154909Not updated
65Rogelius  Mannoroth-US154757Not updated
66Grimghoul Chaotic TendencyMannoroth-US154672Not updated
67Farshaw Chaotic TendencyMannoroth-US153858Not updated
68Recubi  Mannoroth-US152768Not updated
69Trypt  Mannoroth-US152324Not updated
70Stpauligirl  Mannoroth-US149120Not updated
71Jormungandr Asgarths VanguardMannoroth-US148857Not updated
72Sould Dedicated FewMannoroth-US147225Not updated
73Chicks Teufel HundenMannoroth-US145910Not updated
74Sushi InciteMannoroth-US145801Not updated
75Picaboo  Mannoroth-US145558Not updated
76Infamous  Mannoroth-US144661Not updated
77Goronic Vengeful AddictionMannoroth-US144343Not updated
78Xunknown SnPMannoroth-US144125Not updated
79Jengko  Mannoroth-US142389Not updated
80Däfonze uhhMannoroth-US141852Not updated
81Buellr El DiabloMannoroth-US141816Not updated
82Kaisen ReckoningMannoroth-US141044Not updated
83Drezzen  Mannoroth-US140817Not updated
84Xlord AchievementMannoroth-US140053Not updated
85Bandola Fine HunniesMannoroth-US140018Not updated
86Meltonn ReckoningMannoroth-US139146Not updated
87Absurditee Honey Badger Dont CareMannoroth-US138566Not updated
88Superseb Clutch PvPingMannoroth-US138345Not updated
89Hetfield InciteMannoroth-US138271Not updated
90Stigmatizer  Mannoroth-US137616Not updated
91Varnius ReckoningMannoroth-US136550Not updated
92Ates  Mannoroth-US136128Not updated
93Eyerot VSKMannoroth-US135800Not updated
94Terroz PrimeMannoroth-US134605Not updated
95Bunkie Templar KníghtsMannoroth-US134479Not updated
96Psycosislol  Mannoroth-US133804Not updated
97Vorn ook em in the dookerMannoroth-US133775Not updated
98Alfred MacabreMannoroth-US133640Not updated
99Drquann AnimaMannoroth-US133522Not updated
100Spinkler  Mannoroth-US133434Not updated

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