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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mannoroth-EU Honorable Kills
1Zufallmagier Gruppe KuchenMannoroth-EU485812Not updated
2Líghthammer EntropyMannoroth-EU424296Not updated
3Evovii Aale vs RolltreppenMannoroth-EU410438Not updated
4Ayyljamur SchwarzdrachengardeMannoroth-EU281722Not updated
5Havoc Farming and the FuriousMannoroth-EU269988Not updated
6Pfeíl We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU238160Not updated
7Gargoyle Hauptsache Zergen INCMannoroth-EU232904Not updated
8Qlimaxx fat kids cant LoSMannoroth-EU231863Not updated
9Vogel Farming and the FuriousMannoroth-EU225112Not updated
10Rulskar BlutsturmMannoroth-EU197031Not updated
11Stoud  Mannoroth-EU181213Not updated
12Anigma Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU174714Not updated
13Schaky Warriors of WarcraftMannoroth-EU173624Not updated
14Chiakí  Mannoroth-EU170615Not updated
15Melia  Mannoroth-EU167007Not updated
16Erdbeerguy  Mannoroth-EU162897Not updated
17Shenun Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU160109Not updated
18Zodd Thanatos ErpetosMannoroth-EU159793Not updated
19Jinbeam  Mannoroth-EU156243Not updated
20Billhagus Knights of AzerothMannoroth-EU152791Not updated
21Schuft couRageMannoroth-EU152300Not updated
22Hosenmatz Selection of the HordeMannoroth-EU147419Not updated
23Tanis belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU138717Not updated
24Jashin  Mannoroth-EU137391Not updated
25Beenot WitchhunterMannoroth-EU134547Not updated
26Schams  Mannoroth-EU133149Not updated
27Pawnerlol  Mannoroth-EU132991Not updated
28Sennfeld  Mannoroth-EU132835Not updated
29Xéndor The FightclúbMannoroth-EU132514Not updated
30Dippi  Mannoroth-EU131668Not updated
31Hida  Mannoroth-EU130040Not updated
32Shux BettnässerMannoroth-EU129561Not updated
33Skadii Bloody SunMannoroth-EU128416Not updated
34Torkel  Mannoroth-EU128024Not updated
35Fauxy  Mannoroth-EU127124Not updated
36Arturion Warriors of WarcraftMannoroth-EU126576Not updated
37Aury couRageMannoroth-EU125632Not updated
38Palaletti Libri belliMannoroth-EU123990Not updated
39Doomnanny  Mannoroth-EU123763Not updated
40Marily We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU122095Not updated
41Nidra  Mannoroth-EU121129Not updated
42Zyrika  Mannoroth-EU117688Not updated
43Nippon conspiracyMannoroth-EU117652Not updated
44Yuniqt  Mannoroth-EU117330Not updated
45Zórck  Mannoroth-EU117151Not updated
46Tenshox BettnässerMannoroth-EU116678Not updated
47Metanandos Failure is Not an OptionMannoroth-EU115582Not updated
48Almonjin  Mannoroth-EU115198Not updated
49Leguan  Mannoroth-EU115033Not updated
50Exorzist  Mannoroth-EU114864Not updated
51Achapimou NATIVESMannoroth-EU114645Not updated
52Amoxx BoandlkramerMannoroth-EU114453Not updated
53Ironstorm Lokale VerteidigungMannoroth-EU113962Not updated
54Grobi DisturbedMannoroth-EU113554Not updated
55Honey  Mannoroth-EU113358Not updated
56Erzelektor  Mannoroth-EU113299Not updated
57Zirien DisturbedMannoroth-EU113181Not updated
58Hartnud  Mannoroth-EU112023Not updated
59Inorá incomingMannoroth-EU111985Not updated
60Scorned AFK Bier holenMannoroth-EU111513Not updated
61Elonduin  Mannoroth-EU111232Not updated
62Gedama  Mannoroth-EU110053Not updated
63Choru Think PínkMannoroth-EU109802Not updated
64Xéraphine belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU109615Not updated
65Kattera  Mannoroth-EU109240Not updated
66Bloodnîght EvokeMannoroth-EU108381Not updated
67Mercurius Fussel des TodesMannoroth-EU107911Not updated
68Ollowain The Bro CodeMannoroth-EU107680Not updated
69Léa Shoma KyoMannoroth-EU106945Not updated
70Terok Legion of DawnMannoroth-EU106615Not updated
71Marilynn We are UnbreakableMannoroth-EU106405Not updated
72Earthkiller Lokale VerteidigungMannoroth-EU106152Not updated
73Anno  Mannoroth-EU105952Not updated
74Gdi  Mannoroth-EU105265Not updated
75Riikku  Mannoroth-EU104774Not updated
76Wizzy  Mannoroth-EU104350Not updated
77Boêndil SchwarzdrachengardeMannoroth-EU103979Not updated
78Killjou PowerForceMannoroth-EU102975Not updated
79Stinga  Mannoroth-EU102827Not updated
80Bugseline  Mannoroth-EU101723Not updated
81Finkrek Mercenaries of the HordeMannoroth-EU100294Not updated
82Sícarío  Mannoroth-EU100196Not updated
83Balljunge Militia OrgrimmarMannoroth-EU100019Not updated
84Evilyn belehrungsresistentMannoroth-EU99514Not updated
85Dustyrx die legendeMannoroth-EU98195Not updated
86Zetes Hordentlîch aufs maulMannoroth-EU98128Not updated
87Thunderblood BoandlkramerMannoroth-EU97795Not updated
88Chânge  Mannoroth-EU97016Not updated
89Lopota Break ya NeckMannoroth-EU96347Not updated
90Angíe SchwarzdrachengardeMannoroth-EU96002Not updated
91Kuhmador ALL HAIL THE MUFFINMANMannoroth-EU93935Not updated
92Monálisà BlutsturmMannoroth-EU92986Not updated
93Araya Lokale VerteidigungMannoroth-EU92852Not updated
94Magel  Mannoroth-EU92306Not updated
95Føøse ALL HAIL THE MUFFINMANMannoroth-EU92063Not updated
96Sahkarri Die SchichtarbeiterMannoroth-EU91841Not updated
97Xorxine pig incMannoroth-EU91582Not updated
98Irré die KAFFEEBRAUNENMannoroth-EU90996Not updated
99Meandyou Knights of AzerothMannoroth-EU90404Not updated
100Dalera  Mannoroth-EU90267Not updated

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