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Malygos-US Honorable Kills
1Risen Morbid CuriosityMalygos-US556767Not updated
2Quiken Morbid CuriosityMalygos-US283661
3Bethany Blades Of RageMalygos-US276360
4Bukchea Elitist EffectMalygos-US260156
5Sigemund forevermoreMalygos-US240147Not updated
6Yodaddy  Malygos-US235068
7Azshará  Malygos-US206508Not updated
8Kurg the electric walrusMalygos-US196146Not updated
9Verantic Banned and CensoredMalygos-US190253Not updated
10Darkdeath Armed an DangerousMalygos-US189819Not updated
11Maxxim MutinousMalygos-US186437Not updated
12Odon Naked Dancing GnomesMalygos-US170346Not updated
13Magswarrior SkittlesMalygos-US168594Not updated
14Aluvia forevermoreMalygos-US167056Not updated
15Siliconista HellMalygos-US165581Not updated
16Elrohiric MetricMalygos-US157568
17Stelhead SeveredMalygos-US154282Not updated
18Velure EquitasMalygos-US150765Not updated
19Noixi Order of AncìentsMalygos-US150440Not updated
20Darkviader Magic PotionMalygos-US149212Not updated
21Shanxilla Well EquippedMalygos-US146634
22Malso  Malygos-US144117Not updated
23Maynerd Poison ArrowMalygos-US141215Not updated
24Tootz  Malygos-US140558Not updated
25Foolishloc ETFMalygos-US137190
26Chaoshogun Elite ShadowsMalygos-US134708Not updated
27Palatow The Order of the PhoenixMalygos-US134544Not updated
28Bonadan  Malygos-US131958Not updated
29Drakewings Mad VigilantiesMalygos-US131027
30Hathaths  Malygos-US129043Not updated
31Agnomesdeath Veterans of the PhoenixMalygos-US128640Not updated
32Soulprince Mad VigilantiesMalygos-US127630
33Amaretta FortisMalygos-US127196
34Garu Powerful MojoMalygos-US125833Not updated
35Foolishelf ETFMalygos-US125643
36Infernal  Malygos-US123766Not updated
37Kayethor  Malygos-US122277Not updated
38Dranl Champions of EluneMalygos-US122056Not updated
39Daemeos LightbearerMalygos-US120814Not updated
40Steelerjoe Epic MisfitsMalygos-US117243Not updated
41Pafierra ETFMalygos-US115406Not updated
42Garama Wasted EpicsMalygos-US114900Not updated
43Jamil HellMalygos-US113907Not updated
44Gerdts  Malygos-US113462Not updated
45Adô  Malygos-US111466Not updated
46Fiki League of the SoullessMalygos-US110227Not updated
47Cryptopsy Cake WranglersMalygos-US107646Not updated
48Andorina Alliance ChampionsMalygos-US107631Not updated
49Onzai  Malygos-US107532Not updated
50Screamerr Last CallMalygos-US105749Not updated
51Urtley ETFMalygos-US105396Not updated
52Ibez PhiascoMalygos-US103588Not updated
53Burningonion  Malygos-US103443Not updated
54Namelessword EquitasMalygos-US102846
55Inframan  Malygos-US101031
56Samoth  Malygos-US100582Not updated
57Samersun BEWITCHEDMalygos-US100578Not updated
58Ollerus Red PhoenixMalygos-US100084Not updated
59Frankkie  Malygos-US98263Not updated
60Eldarius SRS BZNSMalygos-US97700
61Falcorne Reagan SmashMalygos-US97646Not updated
62Quicktime Circle of SwordsMalygos-US97023Not updated
63Evolpep  Malygos-US96749Not updated
64Fearmaster Mad VigilantiesMalygos-US96327Not updated
65Massdevistat Children of the DarknessMalygos-US92581Not updated
66Endosu  Malygos-US91329Not updated
67Merlinus EquitasMalygos-US90366Not updated
68Skils DualityMalygos-US90038Not updated
69Jellyfish Ibyish ClanMalygos-US89435
70Roguezu Elitist EffectMalygos-US88095
71Flipinkrazy Malygos SoldiersMalygos-US87853Not updated
72Borrus SRS BZNSMalygos-US87836
73Pegaso  Malygos-US87502Not updated
74Bderp  Malygos-US87382Not updated
75Soull  Malygos-US86873
76Ferta  Malygos-US86136Not updated
77Abdour  Malygos-US86084Not updated
78Eltontin Ibyish ClanMalygos-US84655Not updated
79Ramitdown DreamTeamMalygos-US84389Not updated
80Carlito the electric walrusMalygos-US84085Not updated
81Thorga Casualties of WarcraftMalygos-US83619Not updated
82Börrüs  Malygos-US83266Not updated
83Amakusa Grand Theft KodoMalygos-US82747Not updated
84Edanakaie Resolute KnightsMalygos-US82313Not updated
85Fundew The Silent HandMalygos-US82097Not updated
86Demetriuz  Malygos-US82041Not updated
87Fetal Wolf PackMalygos-US81990Not updated
88Ewoc SeveredMalygos-US81815Not updated
89Ghostwolfz Dragons Of The MistMalygos-US81788
90Tiffamous Make Warcraft Not LoveMalygos-US81126Not updated
91Adoreller DrivenMalygos-US80529
92Stickyou Silent LucidityMalygos-US80444
93Restalker Poison ArrowMalygos-US79398Not updated
94Rgok FracturedMalygos-US79367Not updated
95Çow  Malygos-US79081Not updated
96Raw Lobster SquadMalygos-US78903Not updated
97Daisy Order of AncìentsMalygos-US78705Not updated
98Alarichenry Forsaken LegionMalygos-US78694Not updated
99Hathathn Poison ArrowMalygos-US78628Not updated
100Chrous Instruments of NightMalygos-US78186Not updated

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