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Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malorne-US Honorable Kills
1Crysis Bank Alts LoLMalorne-US206160Not updated
2Razle killers of the nightMalorne-US203969Not updated
3Randul killers of the nightMalorne-US201822Not updated
4Telematros The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US200959Not updated
5Raous Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US168394Not updated
6Specialneeds  Malorne-US152315Not updated
7Ashleybanks Good Girlz For Bad BoyzMalorne-US150602Not updated
8Fellspar Forever HordeMalorne-US139736Not updated
9Czaafum The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US139050Not updated
10Bricksmccoy VanguardMalorne-US135306Not updated
11Eclix ClassyMalorne-US131398Not updated
12Perses Light From AboveMalorne-US131227Not updated
13Angrybeefer Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US128139Not updated
14Octord  Malorne-US127792Not updated
15Gooniegoogoo NakamaMalorne-US127453Not updated
16Bedulah  Malorne-US125983Not updated
17Caydos Light From AboveMalorne-US124881Not updated
18Nightrezz Pvp GodsMalorne-US121721Not updated
19Omegus  Malorne-US121555Not updated
20Nehalem  Malorne-US119492Not updated
21Sam The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US118966Not updated
22Bchiamdaman  Malorne-US118614Not updated
23Dakind FaTaLiTyMalorne-US113617Not updated
24Goremael Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US111370Not updated
25Swanlake  Malorne-US110491Not updated
26Slyboots OMG DINGOSMalorne-US107763Not updated
27Epiceric Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US107673Not updated
28Slackster Dark InsanityMalorne-US106424Not updated
29Lyncia killers of the nightMalorne-US104329Not updated
30Adorapriest  Malorne-US104040Not updated
31Gameova  Malorne-US103691Not updated
32Facerole  Malorne-US102637Not updated
33Lucyford  Malorne-US102008Not updated
34Riddíck Point Zero EightMalorne-US101552Not updated
35Shamaneater OMG DINGOSMalorne-US101363Not updated
36Frostburnt A Violent ReactionMalorne-US100301Not updated
37Athorha  Malorne-US99788Not updated
38Cynikar  Malorne-US98277Not updated
39Senca  Malorne-US96998Not updated
40Ragemuffin The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US96472Not updated
41Lornn StaticMalorne-US95689Not updated
42Àkuma UndercuttersMalorne-US95438Not updated
43Lunarstitch WickedMalorne-US95306Not updated
44Whopas Lone GunmanMalorne-US94470Not updated
45Unseendeath killers of the nightMalorne-US93998Not updated
46Dewwmeh Point Zero EightMalorne-US93261Not updated
47Mickfiler The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US93211Not updated
48Thatalious Its ElementaryMalorne-US93042Not updated
49Muffe The AutobotsMalorne-US92710Not updated
50Saymoo Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US91637Not updated
51Tazeely FaTaLiTyMalorne-US91258Not updated
52Saristin The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US90905Not updated
53Asphyxiåte  Malorne-US89170Not updated
54Nastydog  Malorne-US89139Not updated
55Assasinátion Mimirons HeadacheMalorne-US88987Not updated
56Tokadin TitansMalorne-US87359Not updated
57Telmatros The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US86561Not updated
58Drewbrees  Malorne-US86308Not updated
59Rike i wear a cape irlMalorne-US86024Not updated
60Shadowskull  Malorne-US85980Not updated
61Tzal  Malorne-US85288Not updated
62Xforce  Malorne-US84573Not updated
63Spaghettier  Malorne-US83446Not updated
64Ursoulismine Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US83444Not updated
65Theshøw  Malorne-US82163Not updated
66Sharkbaitt GankstasMalorne-US80762Not updated
67Vespara Pvp GodsMalorne-US79192Not updated
68Mirsha Nom Nom CakeMalorne-US79003Not updated
69Licentious Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US78830Not updated
70Cursèd  Malorne-US78275Not updated
71Wildleef  Malorne-US78153Not updated
72Ironsight  Malorne-US78147Not updated
73Chëw  Malorne-US78061Not updated
74Skeksisauce  Malorne-US77337Not updated
75Weakling Bunnies Are My FriendsMalorne-US77225Not updated
76Ajchunter Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US77147Not updated
77Mássácre Pvp GodsMalorne-US77042Not updated
78Newglet  Malorne-US75993Not updated
79Brundel Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US75432Not updated
80Maboya House of Ill ReputeMalorne-US75401Not updated
81Charlamange  Malorne-US75262Not updated
82Breadcrumbs Cotton Field ChampsMalorne-US75152Not updated
83Viotox  Malorne-US74551Not updated
84Executrix Army of the DeserterMalorne-US74531Not updated
85Blacknapkins  Malorne-US73909Not updated
86Archcaingel  Malorne-US72881Not updated
87Pastafactory  Malorne-US72209Not updated
88Wolfzburg Point Zero EightMalorne-US72046Not updated
89Scarvin  Malorne-US71550Not updated
90Docrubright Tribes of DarknessMalorne-US70895Not updated
91Mireille killers of the nightMalorne-US70352Not updated
92Hellorin ValkyrieMalorne-US69834Not updated
93Sombraa  Malorne-US69828Not updated
94Sammiches  Malorne-US69767Not updated
95Zoreia Sounds ComplicatedMalorne-US69652Not updated
96Moi The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US69644Not updated
97Ice  Malorne-US69547Not updated
98Validi  Malorne-US68981Not updated
99Thesummoner  Malorne-US68608Not updated
100Shoclate The Bad and the UglyMalorne-US68124Not updated

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