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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Malfurion-US Honorable Kills
1Blzi Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US254744Not updated
2Sshazz ZeitgeistMalfurion-US252461Not updated
3Biggadabedda Holy EmbraceMalfurion-US239516Not updated
4Warrlord GraystokeMalfurion-US225542Not updated
5Juggerknäut Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US225403Not updated
6Pineclone Hyjal Kids Hyjal WifeMalfurion-US225282Not updated
7Jolïnär Kill SwitchMalfurion-US223735Not updated
8Skiloc Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US206828Not updated
9Nuclearasslt Lords of WarMalfurion-US192530Not updated
10Nasar the fight clubMalfurion-US180647Not updated
11Selindia ChiaroscuroMalfurion-US173638Not updated
12Eddyspagetti NecronomiconMalfurion-US170698Not updated
13Snertz MimicMalfurion-US167719Not updated
14Sinex SubparMalfurion-US160177Not updated
15Fafniel Eternal VigilanceMalfurion-US156593Not updated
16Narcsis  Malfurion-US146821Not updated
17Demodecus ZephonMalfurion-US145960Not updated
18Kaylarain Azeroths MisfitsMalfurion-US144590Not updated
19Losteros  Malfurion-US144511Not updated
20Index  Malfurion-US143940Not updated
21Hemo Never Odd or EvenMalfurion-US140634Not updated
22Kuasta  Malfurion-US136074Not updated
23Diemian BlackOutMalfurion-US134120Not updated
24Woopie Carpe ImperiumMalfurion-US133966Not updated
25Guidance  Malfurion-US133346Not updated
26Vanidy Colorful MetaphorMalfurion-US129085Not updated
27Cozmos DauntlessMalfurion-US128155Not updated
28Planéswalker  Malfurion-US125416Not updated
29Awel LithiumMalfurion-US125162Not updated
30Ethologus Underground NetworkMalfurion-US124436Not updated
31Slarz Endless NightMalfurion-US123643Not updated
32Cozmarcc Rohans RidersMalfurion-US122502Not updated
33Prro DeathbringersMalfurion-US121308Not updated
34Bulanar Going CommandoMalfurion-US121298Not updated
35Verbum Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US121272Not updated
36Notrepere playdoughMalfurion-US120419Not updated
37Poisoneye NecronomiconMalfurion-US119045Not updated
38Abrasion  Malfurion-US118750Not updated
39Snowdancer Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US117214Not updated
40Khandius GraystokeMalfurion-US116235Not updated
41Dynodan UniqueMalfurion-US114609Not updated
42Orizon  Malfurion-US113840Not updated
43Ebtorr RedundantMalfurion-US112677Not updated
44Fatãl  Malfurion-US111720Not updated
45Stryxmaly Azeroths MisfitsMalfurion-US111301Not updated
46Bridien IfoundanickelMalfurion-US110886Not updated
47Mournbringer Azeroths ArmyMalfurion-US109093Not updated
48Dkript  Malfurion-US108381Not updated
49Periwind SlackerMalfurion-US108261Not updated
50Nesser Ride the LightningMalfurion-US108170Not updated
51Infallible  Malfurion-US107259Not updated
52Hawksflight  Malfurion-US106512Not updated
53Eerif  Malfurion-US105528Not updated
54Eruanna  Malfurion-US105065Not updated
55Healixer Veni Vidi ViciMalfurion-US104431Not updated
56Zulos Ride the LightningMalfurion-US104374Not updated
57Banzhee DeathbringersMalfurion-US104369Not updated
58Tquol  Malfurion-US103909Not updated
59Dosko  Malfurion-US102757Not updated
60Angermgmt  Malfurion-US102574Not updated
61Drec  Malfurion-US102539Not updated
62Sims Derps Found HereMalfurion-US102190Not updated
63Chadsworth Evolution of EntropyMalfurion-US101581Not updated
64Nàvi  Malfurion-US101345Not updated
65Huntersmoon  Malfurion-US101254Not updated
66Vendoralia Fort BriggsMalfurion-US101031Not updated
67Denare Rollin With My GnomiesMalfurion-US100882Not updated
68Rumbarrels The CloudMalfurion-US100314Not updated
69Klaraxis AltoholicsMalfurion-US100238Not updated
70Zapita Rohans RidersMalfurion-US99904Not updated
71Vecksy  Malfurion-US98740Not updated
72Shuken BirdIsTheWordMalfurion-US97816Not updated
73Shrivek Stonards MentalityMalfurion-US97365Not updated
74Acelovemel playdoughMalfurion-US97046Not updated
75Mysharamybaa Rohans RidersMalfurion-US97021Not updated
76Mundifari UniqueMalfurion-US96176Not updated
77Dudenheim  Malfurion-US95557Not updated
78Crabehr Dread KnightsMalfurion-US93833Not updated
79Asheraven fear is the mind killerMalfurion-US93683Not updated
80Rayge  Malfurion-US93141Not updated
81Retharic Dont Be That GuyMalfurion-US92626Not updated
82Warfury Eternal KnightsMalfurion-US92011Not updated
83Latex DeathbringersMalfurion-US91947Not updated
84Hasbin ZephonMalfurion-US91753Not updated
85Zhabow Ethereal ResonanceMalfurion-US91716Not updated
86Conquerer DeathbringersMalfurion-US91599Not updated
87Icedragon Lethal DosageMalfurion-US91284Not updated
88Gurkha  Malfurion-US90727Not updated
89Reaprheathen  Malfurion-US90678Not updated
90Hedrice Slow ReactionMalfurion-US89820Not updated
91Thinkagain  Malfurion-US89305Not updated
92Jaadone Goblin MafiaMalfurion-US89190Not updated
93Spoodz  Malfurion-US88827Not updated
94Darccfog Rohans RidersMalfurion-US88573Not updated
95Mikky Kill SwitchMalfurion-US88394Not updated
96Aeostorm Four LightsMalfurion-US88363Not updated
97Bratus  Malfurion-US88346Not updated
98Shamaynaisé  Malfurion-US88325Not updated
99Ocelotx  Malfurion-US88286Not updated
100Acrilamide The Atlas RaidersMalfurion-US88146Not updated

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