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Mal'Ganis-US Honorable Kills
1Korngrock Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US25329Not updated
2Direfang Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US23288
3Bulldexter Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US21259
4Johnforest Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US16699Not updated
5Jhzamjin Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US15826
6Deafgrim Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US15129
7Dárkria Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US14482
8Putts Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US12747
9Ryzpally Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US11007
10Chìcosexí Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US10214
11Reapersz Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US7921
12Ryzpriest Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US6290Not updated
13Cutts Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US5873
14Eyetakelife Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US5295
15Hugetotems Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US4459Not updated
16Rutts Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US4169
17Ryzun Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US4029Not updated
18Blackblast Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US3256Not updated
19Caesarsolo Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2854Not updated
20Puon Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2703Not updated
21Sentri Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2011
22Deafstorm Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2002
23Medivyn Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1828
24Invokana Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1570
25Vandre Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1556Not updated
26Blackdeth Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1400
27Strutts Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1144
28Blackhelsing Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1044
29Sìlvìa Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1012
30Jacksshaman Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US986
31Lobacura Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US807Not updated
32Maluf Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US731Not updated
33Odahz Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US715
34Chicosexi Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US361
35Cannabagoth Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US287
36Sentrius Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US275
37Ryzdruid Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US267
38Ryzhunter Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US184Not updated
39Cyndell Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US155
40Blackchi Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US135Not updated
41Velavyn Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US115
42Dextriker Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US113Not updated
43Krisalya Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US85Not updated
43Deafdealer Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US85
45Buzzles Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US78Not updated
46Chìcosexi Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US58
47Blackbutcher Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US49Not updated
48Ryzwar Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US41Not updated
49Arelindri Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US27
50Blackarcane Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US20Not updated
51Putricles Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US15
52Faelyin Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
52Elysrazor Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US10Not updated
54Anubilor Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US8
55Xangpu Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US6Not updated
56Wapapow Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US5Not updated
57Jhasmine Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US4
57Blacksorrow Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US4Not updated
59Chicosexì Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2
59Srutts Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2
59Cramunhao Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2Not updated
59Iasmin Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US2Not updated
63Pusta Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1Not updated
63Awokenearth Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1Not updated
63Bertkun Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US1Not updated
66Veloren Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US0Not updated
66Arizanna Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US0Not updated
66Ahtí Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US0Not updated
66Blackserpent Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US0Not updated
66Ryzlock Should be StudyingMal'Ganis-US0Not updated

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