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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Mal'Ganis-EU Honorable Kills
1Hermannxx  Mal'Ganis-EU499444Not updated
2Methusaarlem RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU405409Not updated
3Cashmaster Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU318041Not updated
4Synron RedRocksMal'Ganis-EU297415Not updated
5Focús LunatiícMal'Ganis-EU285603Not updated
6Mythos  Mal'Ganis-EU258018Not updated
7Meisai GrandMastersMal'Ganis-EU255282Not updated
8Wâldschranz  Mal'Ganis-EU253640Not updated
9Smylodon The Highrule CarosMal'Ganis-EU252320Not updated
10Valek VanityMal'Ganis-EU247887Not updated
11Ricta ChronosMal'Ganis-EU235664Not updated
12Ciak THIS IS SPARTAMal'Ganis-EU235467Not updated
13Dreecnai Rise of BalanceMal'Ganis-EU234647Not updated
14Bador Another Cold DayMal'Ganis-EU233275Not updated
15Dudecrusade Dudes IncMal'Ganis-EU232478Not updated
16Abysmal RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU229135Not updated
17Rapclin BloodyHeroesMal'Ganis-EU208517Not updated
18Daliborr  Mal'Ganis-EU208220Not updated
19Arap FaradrimMal'Ganis-EU206818Not updated
20Tígerherz Souls of InfinityMal'Ganis-EU203904Not updated
21Madrexx AbdulMal'Ganis-EU203335Not updated
22Guisan  Mal'Ganis-EU202748Not updated
23Fragile mom calls me random dropMal'Ganis-EU202427Not updated
24Borak NihilistMal'Ganis-EU201928Not updated
25Stonwall Forsaken MindsMal'Ganis-EU200198Not updated
26Kíngwood The Few The ProudMal'Ganis-EU199138Not updated
27Larah  Mal'Ganis-EU197647Not updated
28Xylehek Nerf ME for balanceMal'Ganis-EU197355Not updated
29Lyshandris VanityMal'Ganis-EU196271Not updated
30Segment  Mal'Ganis-EU196047Not updated
31Hänz Imbalanced AGMal'Ganis-EU194542Not updated
32Pürzelchen epochMal'Ganis-EU193410Not updated
33Creex releasedMal'Ganis-EU192504Not updated
34Ankaluna inRageMal'Ganis-EU188078Not updated
35Onos RaidasylMal'Ganis-EU184998Not updated
36Beástløl  Mal'Ganis-EU184805Not updated
37Peachangel SynergyMal'Ganis-EU182136Not updated
38Dreec  Mal'Ganis-EU181534Not updated
39Stannis Winter is comingMal'Ganis-EU179066Not updated
40Xardárs Imbalanced AGMal'Ganis-EU177576Not updated
41Makzi  Mal'Ganis-EU177137Not updated
42Samaela Nerf ME for balanceMal'Ganis-EU176891Not updated
43Crimsonhaze  Mal'Ganis-EU176567Not updated
44Autopanne Royal INCMal'Ganis-EU175572Not updated
45Raime  Mal'Ganis-EU174254Not updated
46Ombre DieSpitzohrenSchlächterMal'Ganis-EU172122Not updated
47Donluemmel BlackheartedMal'Ganis-EU168865Not updated
48Røwðy Unknown FateMal'Ganis-EU166818Not updated
49Tønks LawrenciumMal'Ganis-EU166506Not updated
50Nolis VanityMal'Ganis-EU166040Not updated
51Faqz  Mal'Ganis-EU165391Not updated
52Béastlol  Mal'Ganis-EU164789Not updated
53Pmv  Mal'Ganis-EU162476Not updated
54Stelo Sons of AnarchyMal'Ganis-EU161718Not updated
55Wazalol ApocalypseMal'Ganis-EU161137Not updated
56Srawe M D KMal'Ganis-EU158577Not updated
57Elektrospy VanityMal'Ganis-EU157754Not updated
58Flinkeklinge Fordragons ErbeMal'Ganis-EU157550Not updated
59Valas SynergyMal'Ganis-EU157025Not updated
60Reox  Mal'Ganis-EU156385Not updated
61Squirrels MythMal'Ganis-EU155120Not updated
62Morzul inoxaMal'Ganis-EU155002Not updated
63Aargore excidioMal'Ganis-EU154560Not updated
64Vajrt Frozen ExperienceMal'Ganis-EU154241Not updated
65Xilas  Mal'Ganis-EU154049Not updated
66Hawik Psycho KlinikMal'Ganis-EU153391Not updated
67Carusella ZauberfötenMal'Ganis-EU151761Not updated
68Achim  Mal'Ganis-EU151187Not updated
69Excezz De la MuerteMal'Ganis-EU150502Not updated
70Bärendame  Mal'Ganis-EU150082Not updated
71Panda The Disciples of DeathMal'Ganis-EU150071Not updated
72Galiusx virtuoldhordMal'Ganis-EU149149Not updated
73Celleste BloodyVengeanceMal'Ganis-EU148934Not updated
74Scheki BlackmambasMal'Ganis-EU148731Not updated
75Gurfowns  Mal'Ganis-EU148461Not updated
76Sâfe crit him like a truckMal'Ganis-EU148187Not updated
77Golèm SinsemilliaMal'Ganis-EU147488Not updated
78Aleôna Die TempelhamsterMal'Ganis-EU147437Not updated
79Korgac nutZMal'Ganis-EU146633Not updated
80Discostue InitiumMal'Ganis-EU146124Not updated
81Schwickie A C EMal'Ganis-EU145935Not updated
82Snyxx PrideMal'Ganis-EU145354Not updated
83Nôksy moNstrouZMal'Ganis-EU144855Not updated
84Groughord  Mal'Ganis-EU144597Not updated
85Hijt Sons of AnarchyMal'Ganis-EU144460Not updated
86Zyrøus wipe incMal'Ganis-EU144014Not updated
87Whiteorc  Mal'Ganis-EU143609Not updated
88Cethis BloodyHeroesMal'Ganis-EU143397Not updated
89Skýnet  Mal'Ganis-EU143371Not updated
90Holykoolkev ShowbizMal'Ganis-EU143276Not updated
91Xagia Lex SuperiorMal'Ganis-EU143242Not updated
92Dragonair SchattenlichterMal'Ganis-EU142735Not updated
93Malagade freAky murloCsMal'Ganis-EU141270Not updated
94Barenga excidioMal'Ganis-EU140839Not updated
95Crunkman M D KMal'Ganis-EU140609Not updated
96Loú  Mal'Ganis-EU140445Not updated
97Woolthan Heat of WarMal'Ganis-EU139908Not updated
98Aykariz SinsemilliaMal'Ganis-EU139697Not updated
99Kpxy  Mal'Ganis-EU139662Not updated
100Gregorius devil may cryMal'Ganis-EU138921Not updated

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