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Guildox Is Moving!

Guildox now has a brand new look. Over the next few days, we'll be copying the remaining database data to the new server. Until the data has copied, some pages will still show this old site. There is also a reduced functionality on the new site until all data is copied to ensure data integrity.

Magtheridon-US Honorable Kills
1Drdoak At least im guildedMagtheridon-US487147Not updated
2Goruu The Censored HeroesMagtheridon-US456110Not updated
3Rynegiest Banned from eHarmonyMagtheridon-US347177Not updated
4Tinystomper The ZergMagtheridon-US299309Not updated
5Hayten  Magtheridon-US281999Not updated
6Madizm The ClementinesMagtheridon-US275166Not updated
7Bigjuicy ImmortalMagtheridon-US272200Not updated
8Tinypounder The ZergMagtheridon-US251180Not updated
9Tinybasher The ZergMagtheridon-US249174Not updated
10Vindicator SpireMagtheridon-US243383Not updated
11Tinycrusher The ZergMagtheridon-US242619Not updated
12Lifecycles Call it KarmaMagtheridon-US241383Not updated
13Tinymasher The ZergMagtheridon-US235835Not updated
14Valana  Magtheridon-US233556Not updated
15Thaorn The SuperfriendsMagtheridon-US220503Not updated
16Tigerstone AsgardMagtheridon-US217792Not updated
17Splinx WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US213248Not updated
18Wolfcookie  Magtheridon-US205365Not updated
19Gsjjashik  Magtheridon-US203732Not updated
20Brooks WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US201945Not updated
21Darksim Horde VeritasMagtheridon-US195807Not updated
22Resa Is EpicMagtheridon-US193887Not updated
23Beardgasm EventideMagtheridon-US191931Not updated
24Zelion WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US184262Not updated
25Immortalmage Goof TroopMagtheridon-US183290Not updated
26Kussir Knights Of ValorMagtheridon-US182648Not updated
27Ionzz  Magtheridon-US182008Not updated
28Ruffkilla Happy Treant FriendsMagtheridon-US178737Not updated
29Stormwild The EarthbrotherMagtheridon-US176822Not updated
30Sarkasmos WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US176557Not updated
31Shrawg AnimosityMagtheridon-US173115Not updated
32Brickshot  Magtheridon-US172798Not updated
33Johndively Knights round tableMagtheridon-US169942Not updated
34Toolnomnom  Magtheridon-US169699Not updated
35Moves PandamoniumMagtheridon-US169569Not updated
36Dignitarian DefiantMagtheridon-US169269Not updated
37Itdoor At least im guildedMagtheridon-US162315Not updated
38Notpnut  Magtheridon-US162193Not updated
39Imfeesh  Magtheridon-US161543Not updated
40Zionna WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US161487Not updated
41Warwield RezMagtheridon-US161406Not updated
42Kalinajj Disciples of RavenholdtMagtheridon-US159953Not updated
43Theos  Magtheridon-US159242Not updated
44Peachey  Magtheridon-US158749Not updated
45Bellaparati  Magtheridon-US158454Not updated
46Breener  Magtheridon-US158264Not updated
47Nautilus RévolutionMagtheridon-US156297Not updated
48Flameshokk The ZergMagtheridon-US156088Not updated
49Perseus ÐefianceMagtheridon-US155853Not updated
50Voore WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US155560Not updated
51Flaymeshokk The ZergMagtheridon-US155512Not updated
52Cashious  Magtheridon-US154856Not updated
53Windshokk The ZergMagtheridon-US154377Not updated
54Toppz KingsMagtheridon-US152128Not updated
55Madmaxo F U NMagtheridon-US151564Not updated
56Hepburn AnimosityMagtheridon-US150618Not updated
57Stoh Show Me Your NoobsMagtheridon-US150601Not updated
58Unbreakable ILL NASTYMagtheridon-US148922Not updated
59Pisces Rebel ScumMagtheridon-US148767Not updated
60Vinimøng  Magtheridon-US148031Not updated
61Valist Disciples of RavenholdtMagtheridon-US147217Not updated
62Sachiel Knights Of ValorMagtheridon-US147113Not updated
63Delfuego  Magtheridon-US146985Not updated
64Titoo AnimosityMagtheridon-US146859Not updated
65Farfnyd Lord DefenderMagtheridon-US145231Not updated
66Shamantwo The ZergMagtheridon-US145199Not updated
67Shamanthree The ZergMagtheridon-US145101Not updated
68Shamanfive The ZergMagtheridon-US145049Not updated
69Shamanfour The ZergMagtheridon-US144753Not updated
70Frostshokk The ZergMagtheridon-US144686Not updated
71Shamanone The ZergMagtheridon-US144438Not updated
72Slamms ShizamMagtheridon-US144149Not updated
73Earthshokk The ZergMagtheridon-US143998Not updated
74Narukagami FragmentedMagtheridon-US143971Not updated
75Wankster WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US143835Not updated
76Disgrace Violent By NatureMagtheridon-US143532Not updated
77Greynan  Magtheridon-US142007Not updated
78Baturen  Magtheridon-US141296Not updated
79Wackytobacky AnimosityMagtheridon-US141232Not updated
80Barreltroll WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US141137Not updated
81Sheleine Guildless NoobsMagtheridon-US140775Not updated
82Zorop WHATEVER WERE AWESOMEMagtheridon-US139968Not updated
83Nastytoo High WarlordsMagtheridon-US139690Not updated
84Colddevil DooMMagtheridon-US139383Not updated
85Doubletake Last AttemptMagtheridon-US138967Not updated
86Polluxredux  Magtheridon-US138843Not updated
87Dromancer Ready CheckMagtheridon-US138741Not updated
88Frazorea  Magtheridon-US138482Not updated
89Resedia  Magtheridon-US138230Not updated
90Cirenitram  Magtheridon-US137873Not updated
91Terhune The Purple FallacyMagtheridon-US137474Not updated
92Rageöholic Limit BreaksMagtheridon-US136417Not updated
93Calmon  Magtheridon-US136280Not updated
94Vironnica Banned from eHarmonyMagtheridon-US135253Not updated
95Shamanten The ZergMagtheridon-US134122Not updated
96Grother sCHEMING JUICESMagtheridon-US134080Not updated
97Trentsteal The Manhattan ProjectMagtheridon-US134050Not updated
98Shamanseven The ZergMagtheridon-US134025Not updated
99Thicel Fatal DynastyMagtheridon-US133861Not updated
100Shamannine The ZergMagtheridon-US133585Not updated

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